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Does Lulu represent automation of the workforce?

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She automized my heart.

Is this the precure thread

I don't know

Yes because it's dead and it says Precure in the subject.

What did they mean by this?

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Combat declining birthrates by jumpstarting little girls hormones early.

The other one is more fun, so yeah.

Hey nee-san. Is it worth watching Charge to hear Matsui Naoko's 52yo voice? She is the one voicing that fairy precure helper in charge.

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I accept this thread as legit..
Is she the lewdest one in the precureverse? Maybe.

Precure 1-hour draw: #424

The theme for today is the 'Princess of the Twinkling Stars! Cure Twinkle!'. By day she's Amanogawa Kirara, the donut princess! Or maybe that's at night..

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Hana dad pillow WHEN?

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Sweet Dreams!!

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I want to die

Is Hugtto still good? I haven't been able to motivate myself to watch any since the first episode

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>Implying you can fit HuGMaN in only one daki

I love krr

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Why do you never come in anymore, little one?

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>precure thread
precure thread
There you go user.

She's just the bitchy HR lady.

Go Go Gokigenyou


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Hi /pc/ nee-san! I was on the twins' twitter page and came across one of the tweets that they retweeted from Comiczin of their new mangas that are coming out! Here’s a link to those I can’t wait to read these a long with the previous ones and the hugtto ones when they get scanned here they are and I also came across the ones on Amazon JP!

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I want to die.

Come on, give us Bunbee.

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Let me guess, future purple?

Lulu represents the sexy secretary who fucks her boss

Yukarin could never become a Cure.

Wait is Lulu a robot

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>Hana and Saaya are basically screaming the ED
>HMR is the cutest in it

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Reminder that Nono Hana is only 13 years old so keep it in your pants.

This but unironically.

I need more Saaya in my life.

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Reminder that Nono Hanna's navel was made to used as a semen basin.


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Rate these dresses

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Please, no spoilers.

The movie was crazy, I loved it. There is one thing I did not like Mahou cures appearing. I am worried we will get them in every movie until 2020

Latest Precure Novel is Max Heart,Right ?

You should be able to answer this.

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Pablo Honey=Kirakira PreCure a la Mode
The Bends=Smile PreCure!
OK Computer=Fresh Precure
Kid A=Hugtto! PreCure
A Moon Shaped Pool=HeartCatch PreCure!
Help me with the rest.

Why would Joker let Candy back into the Sloth Ball when she JUST got out of it?

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>Hana and Saaya are basically screaming the ED
They don't scream it, they just sound actually excited, which is the better fit with this kind of ED, Homare actually sounds boring during it
>HMR is the cutest in it

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Saaya no

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i wanna be minamin's fingers

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This is already more interaction that the girls ever had with Charalit

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What the fuck are you talking about

Stupid saayaposter

Official Hugtto meme power rankings:

1. Huge dad
2. Drill Saaya

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Who the hell names their cake pupple?

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>Reika sees Mahofags and Gopricks arguing

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Moonlight seems a lot less majestic when you realize she's transforming with a jar of fairy poop.

I wish they had done a flashback episode of mini-Moonlight, that would've been cute.

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Gave yourself away.

Please don't feed the trolls.

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Fluttery skirt

The classmates who talk trash about Yayoi behind her back might be the biggest pieces of shit classmates in all of Precure. Seriously, I can't think of anyone worse.

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it introduced a hostess themed villain

No, we all just woke up this morning like this

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Wow Nao-chan! You never told us you had a clone!

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0. Saaya being useless.

Still angry at pixiv for never drawing these guys.

Reika show me your panties.

Click here if you're a sick fuck

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Was it autism?

The hell, the first time I read that I swear it was 'Purple'

>actually implied lewdness with male pillows
>while never ever lewding any girls
I knew they are faggots at heart.

As sad as it may be, they are trying to market this to little girls and not 20+ male neckbeards. And little girls want to fuck ikemen and not the cures.

Christ you're retarded.

I bet they all want to fuck Mana though

Bitch what? Look at Aoi here slyly lifting her hemline and shushing you about it and tell me exactly how the girls aren't being lewded.

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>lifting her hemline
Isn't doing that, you retard, that's so not lewd it's painful and pointless to even have it, Mr Boylover.

So after a half year break going to start Dokidoki soon.How much am I going to hate it if my least favorites seasons so far have been Max Heart (genuinely hated) and Smile (didn't hate but found very average)?

You sure you're not the one seeing random boy love in cute bodypillows?

Here come the tears.

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Looks like you're having a blast with Smile.