I miss Tanya (male)

I miss Tanya (male)

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No the whole (male) thing is if they're biologically male, she's just a girl who happens to remember her past reincarnation. If everybody is reincarnated like her in that universe that would make them all (male) and (female), would it not?

Also I know they made her duck lipped and weird faced to stop the porn but she's ugly as shit, why couldn't they at least make her hair not look like matted shit

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Spending 14 years as a girl would undoubtedly overwrite any past experiences you had as a male. Fact.

someone post the panel where after getting medicine from the doc she gets really worried because she thinks that being x's plan is to slowly make him believe he's a girl and rages out about him being a man. I'll be darned if he isn't at least confused

Tanya Hurrdurrgenschaf

Tanya Deburachev
did that from memory was I right

Found it
(S)he's been confuzzled
also she willingly dressed up for the propaganda photoshoot

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I want to see her raped by russians

She can't fight the chemistry in her brain forever.

Will she be able to beat the cock?


Rest in piss in piss sweet salaryman

how long until she attempts to use her ovum to breed the untermensch?

Can't beat the cock, man.

happy nazi loli is best grill

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aslo tanya is biologically female so honestly it would be the same as a girl that thinks she's a man

breeding untermensch would take her off the battlefield for too long, it would have to be ubermensch to justify the time off

Isn't she going to get pregnant soon in LN?

I miss the rains down in africa

I thought the point was to get off the battlefield, all she needs to do is get pregnant or become a mother post-war so she can't be recruited.

yeah but getting knocked up with just anybodies kid would look bad for her

A shota is fine too.

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>no aristocratic take over arc
>no scheming and power play arc
>no queen tanya leading the troops arc
why did i even read this?

what a dork

My dick would surrender to those young teenage hips

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I just want Tanya to be happy, is that so much to ask for?

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Toei did Marisa better tho.

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that's a cute pic, do you know who did this


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I will never not be mad that they avoided both the manga and concept art designs in favor of the ugly shit

all in the hope that people didn't r34 it

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