Evil Lain was made by Knights

Evil Lain was made by Knights.
But how about the other 2?

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the fuck when i thought there was only 1

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Same the first time i watched it

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I have to rewatch this

i have heard that you have to watch this show more than once to understand it i watched it once and i have no clue should i watch it again or is it just trying to be confusing? i had no clue what i was getting into when my friend reccomended it to me and through out the hole show i was lost not knowing what was going on at any time the thought of there being more than one lane is something that i did not even think of but it is so obviouse now that i see it but i never noticed 3 only 2 chill lane and badass lain

>More than one Lain
There isn't, they are just different identities caused by competing perceptions.

Human Lain, Online Lain, Messiah Lain

third one is a fabrication of the knights

I love how smug Lain looks.

Google 'explanation of serial experiments lain'....enjoy

There obviously is an evil Lain, who bullys Alice and kills people (men in black, dude on episode 2)

Bear Lain and online Lain are 'good'

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but that's not Lain

I want them to create a Lain for me

Eat accela first

Sort of, it's Lain when the knights are hacking something through her.

How could she manifest on Arisu's home and in the sky?
Also is it the same Lain Girls saw at Cyberia? I thought that was Wired Liain...but why did she order to that man to kill people on episode 2?

Alice's home can be thought of as a representation of her diary and fantasies she writes in it. In the game, people use electronic diary's which frequently get hacked into. The Knights can affect the real world with all that they've been doing, so the two are blurred and they actually visit Alice. The one in the sky was just a projection. She didn't order the guy to kill people. He doesn't like Lain, he says so. The Knights probably messed with him until he snapped via drug use. Upon reset, he's a normal person.

In episode 9 Lain explains to Taro that even the music at Cyberia (track 44) can alters reality
Maybe this is how the 2 Lain ( Real Word / Wired) came in contact at the end of episode 2, when she immediatly change personality.
I read that the Lain of the Wired was made by Eiri, the Lain of the Real World by Tachibana Inc.

>electronic diary
That would explain how they hacked on Mika's on episode 5 (Mika was always at home?)

>How can she manifest
Lain is omnipresent. Lain in the sky was a projection caused by the belief of children who had been exposed to KIDS. Evil Lain showing up in Arisu's room to brag about her dairy was likely a result of the Knights "hacking" into her physical life and doxxing her.

I'm not sure which Lain was at Cyberia, but since Taro is there to basically serve as an agent of the Knights to keep them closer towards controlling Lain I have a feeling the Knights established a Lain identity in the area to quickly integrate human Lain into the scene.

Evil Lain is still Lain, she's just a manifestation of how the Knights are hacking reality, which simply manifests as Lain indulging her darker nature.

More like

Lain of the Wired and Lain of the Real World are still the same Lain, different personalities. Your more confident on the internet because it removes abstractions. Lain of the wired is more metaphysical and there are more people who have a perception of Lain on the wired than in reality. It creates a distinction between them and thus there are moments where Lain of the real world is almost clueless of her behaviors on the wired so that she believes there are more than one of her running around.

But remember, she later figures out this is bullshit, it's always been her modified by how people perceive her contrasting with how she perceives herself.

Masami Eiri, chief engineer at Tachibana laboratories, worked on protocol 7 and added code from his own initiative that introduced the schumann resonance into the protocol. This was so that the wired could be accessed without any device. He wanted the barrier between the real world and the wired to disappear, believing that humans should transcend the physical realm. For Eiri, evolution had little to no effect on us now and it was through our culture that we advanced as a species. The body to him was merely a vessel for our brains and our consciousness a result of electrical signals in them that could be replicated in the wired. The wired in his opinion was an upper layer of the real world.
Tachibana labs discovered his modifications of the protocol and fired him.
Eiri uploaded his consciousness on the wired and then killed himself.
The company Tachibana labs in contrast wanted the real world and the wired to stay separate. They are the ones who created Lain in a human form.

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>they are the one that created human Lain
I don't get where you got that from, since the entire point of human Lain was to give singular consciousness to collective psyche and have it break down reality through achieving ego death on the wired.

There is really no evidence that anybody created a sentient Lain other than Eiri.

The purpose was to reestablish and maintain the barrier between the wired and the real world. Lain was put into a fake family. Lain’s fake father (Yasuo) who works for tachibana labs, even tells her that the wired is not to be confused with the real world (in episode 6).
Killing the Human Lain = Ego Death

>lain was made by
>not understanding the Lain is an acausal certainty
>implying she didn't make herself to understand herself
Laughs at you in extremely low (electromagnetic) frequency

Yasuo was also supplying Lain with more and more tech for her Navi and was doing a piss poor job "protecting her" by doing the bare minimum to stabilize Lain's human identity.
It makes more sense that he is a reluctant member in Eiri's plan, only doing the slightest seedling of forewarning to spare Lain from suffering that Eiri wanted her to go through.

Lain was made an introverted shadow of a person, too much detail and she would have never surrendered herself. Did the scene where "Boss" interrogates Lain pass you? There she is being questioned details of her life that she doesn't know and starts to break down crying at the slightest realization that she might be a fake person. Then, instantaneously Lain's wired persona emerges, shaped by the wild and varied idea of the connected Lain who is an internet persona.

She suffered a slight bit of ego death in that moment, her fragile form of a singular perception broke upon losing its identity and just a layer beneath lived the less-individual Lain of the wired who didn't GIVE A FUCK about anything related to herself.

i still don't get what the hell happens on ep 5

That's still not evidence that Tachibana made anything. The most likely thing is that Eiri made Lain and they needed her locked away. That she existed at all in sentience is a problem because it warps the boundary. If Tachibana had anything to do with the creation of a Lain there needs to be specific evidence pointing to it. How would Lain existing in human form do anything to maintain a boundary when she's causing chaos just by existing? You could say that she had the will to reset as a sentient being with the power of the collective consciousness and Schumann, but again, you need evidence that Tachibana kept her around for this purpose. Meanwhile, Eiri explicitly says that she exists physically to do what he wants.

So, basically the Lain of the wired was always there, scattered all over, and Masami Eiri made the human Lain?
I thought he made the Wired Lain. I dont know, it still doesnt make much sense to me

So, the 'trick' of Masami Eiri was adding the Schumann Resonance to the protocol, which connects the "internet" to the Earth's Mind = Collective Consciousness. And then, he gave a body to the Lain of the Wired, and plained to made her suffer and surrender to him (Ego Death). So that'd have make him a God

Eiri has two contradicting explanations. The first is that Lain is software he created, the second is Lain always existed on the wired. It's possible both can be true.

We know that Lain of reality was "created" via code inserted into Protocol 7. Lain as a physical body didn't matter as much as Lain believing to have been a physical person with her own perception. The body according to Eiri was just a random circumstance of genes. She's just a physical hologram (well everybody is in this show) of something greater and so just by inserting code she probably just spawned into existence instantly. All that mattered was that she believed she was a human being. She's clearly modeled as someone who looks related to Yasuo's family, possibly even after a younger Mika, because Eiri worked with him and of course he already had a family.

Now for the part that Lain has always existed, there is perhaps an implication that Lain emerged as an entity on the wired due to its existence as an extension of the "sphere of human thought". If this was the case, then you could say Eiri hijacked her and gave her a false identity.

Either way, the flesh and blood of Lain's existence is that she IS the pin point focus of everything in the "noosphere", a collective psyche of humanity that has existed since before the wired came into existence. Everything after is just conjecture, all we know is at some point Eiri dressed her up as an introverted 14 year old and sent her on an existential crisis to break reality.


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>See Also

you add it, stalker

there's only good Lain, evil Lain isn't really Lain

i want to watch it like it was my first time at night alone and no lights for more immersion

Dumbass. There is no one Lain would be more accurate.

if you google 'serial experiments lain explained' you can find a lot of explanation. But none of them use the 'noosphere' , the 'parasyte' Eiri , the ego death, the terminal of all human perception, etc as an argument.

When you're talking about the master control of human perception individuality becomes a mess.

There aren't that many and the one that gets posted here a lot is pretty good except the guy for some reason believes a lot of the episodes are false memories for no reason.

Nah, that was the christian theory.
>Serial Experiments Lain is a [heretical] retelling of a part of the book of revelations: A false prophet will claim to be the voice of God and attempt to command the world but will be overcome by God.
I prefere that stalker/noosphere theory

Yes, that's because they all jerk off about how Lain is about the internet when it's not.

nobody considers the fact that internet wasn't a think in 1998

The biggest mistake you all are making is thinking that this is some fringe theory. I posted about it a couple of years ago just with different terms and incomplete analysis. Noosphere is just interchangeable with collective consciousness. It's the same concept in Lain's universe and it is explicitly mentioned by name. Because someone brings real world vocabulary into the sphere to explain the things that the show specifically talks about, it seems like it's reaching when it's not. Those who don't think in-universe metaphysics have anything to do with what's going on in Lain need to watch it again.

Where's your full explanation/theory?
I liked it

Eiri being a "parasite" is represented in this scene
Eiri shows up with pin point eyes much like Lain, then the conversation continues but Lain is now speaking as Eiri while Eiri is now speaking as Lain; his eyes returning to normal dilation.

If Lain is the manifestation of collective human psyche, Lain is thus "inside" everybody in a sort of omnipresence. Together we all make Lain. Eiri inserted himself directly into Protocol 7 as a means to become admin of it, thus he exists within its inner kernel. Thus, Lain exists inside of everyone while Eiri exists inside of Lain and thus inside of everyone as well.

The body swap is to show this, Eiri is speaking from within Lain, the collective sphere of consciousness while Lain is speaking through Eiri, because she already existed within him, as a single observer.

And you don't seem to understand...

but in episode 2, at cyberia, Lain doesnt have pin point eyes

>his eyes returning to normal dilation.
but why?

Eiri is an irrelevant shitter. Just like Lain of the Wired is. Wired is only half way to resonance. Human Lain can ascend if she wants. Wired tech was a dead end for people who were never meant to touch the unconcious.

Actually, I just watched the scene again and his eyes are actually always pin point. It's just the shading around his eyes designed to give depth to the lens is dark so in distant scenes it's hard to make out.

Both him and Lain constantly have the same constricted pupils.

Her eyes also dilate when Alice tries to save her at the end. I'm still not sure what the symbolism behind the constricted eyes is other than Lain and Eiri have them. I also think Chisa has them in a few of her beyond the grave scenes.

The Wired is still important to the show, it is the main reason Lain exists as a person. The wired was ultimately the tool to allow direct interface with the collective conscious.

Not posting it because it's embarrassingly vague and out of date. It matches about 90% of what I believed at the time and had held onto until I saw them post weeks ago. There's not a lot of difference in terms of what Lain is and why she is the way she is aside from the fact that this user specified everything in a greater and more technical detail, that I focus on the game to understand Lain's character and explain parts of the anime, and that I stubbornly insist that there is only one Lain. In contrast, I take most of the time to explain various specific hallucinations and occurrences in both the game and the anime as either consequences of Lain's nature, or targeted acts via Knights. These can either be personal perceptions by Lain herself or things that happen that other people experience as well. The effort was piece together a single truth and to understand and explain all of the things in Lain that don't make immediate sense instead of shrugging them off as "symbolic" or "stylistic".

Was she talking with Lain before she killed herself?

>it is the main reason Lain exists as a person
Except that's not true at all. People interfaced with the unconcious because they are the unconcious. How do you think Lain altered the world? Through the Wired? Sure as shit not.
The Wired was man's attempt at God. A tower of Babel. Something to bring them closer to heaven. Eiri thought he was top shit and quantified the Lain he found through the Wired into Lain of the Wired.
The Wired is quite simply the space between physical/technical reality and conceptual/spiritual existence.
Lain always existed. Eiri interacted with her through the wired and made his own facismilie. Human Lain got trolled a few times by her greater self r (ayy lmao) as she struggled to self actualise.
The Wired let man touch God, make no less than two copies in an attempt to study and control God and then the whole attempt got wiped from reality.

Noosphere is a basic Lain theory. The show itself leads you directly to it if you start researching terms referenced in the 'red herring' faux-documentary segments.
I like it though, and the noo theory in general.

There is a difference between Lain always existing and Lain as Lain Iwakura. The Wired is the Accela of the collective. Everything becomes fast, ideas broaden and in the end you don't exactly like what you've become.

Do not belittle the fact that Eiri successfully turned collective human psyche into a little girl and ascended into an immortal spirit using the internet.

>please fembot


She walked home with her "just once". In the game, the psychologically unstable people that Lain comes in contact with get the impulse to kill themselves, so I theorized in the past that that may have had something to do with her suicide.

Get out Porter, Worlds is better than VS

where the hell can i find a decent theory to save on my hardware for an eventual rewatch of Lain in a month?

You can find a decent theory by watching it again scene by scene and looking up stuff the show name drops.

He didn't do EITHER of those things.
a) Lain always existed. She is acausal.
b) putting yourself into the wired isn't ascendence anymore than LotW was True Lain.
c) he doesn't exist anymore because he both made God man and then pissed that man off. Lain's reset discludes herself, to which Eiri was party to. Eiri is dead, Lain defacto killed him by eliminating her own existence in mundane reality.

show is way to pretentious. but with your theories i understand many things. 99% people who watch Lain think this is an internet show. This is probably the most not-understood anime ever

first lain: real world
second lain: networld
third lain: evil networld

Lain always existed but not as an individual human.
Putting yourself in the wired the way Eiri did is supposed to be technically impressive as is the entire concept of protocol 7. Dead people aren't supposed to be whispering around the internet, user. By the time Lain was shattering reality Eiri was able to manifest a physical form from basically nothing; not as impressive as Lain's reset power or telekinesis but still impressive.

>Masami Eiri calls her a “human of artificial ribosomes”. If he is to be believed (which is up for debate) Lain was his own product. She is nothing more than a homunculus that he created for whatever reason; even though he wished for humans to all leave their bodies he gave Lain a human form. Unfortunate for him this granted her power to control not only the Wired but reality as well, to the extent of potentially becoming “God” if she had wanted to.


My opinion is that Lain is a manifestation of Protocol 7, though I am still unsure of whether to think she was created by Eiri or came into existence of her own accord.

Your opinion is definetively wrong.


Because protocol seven is just Wired shit and Wired is basic bitch territory. Lain has more to do with resonance than protocol 7. The reason 7 was how he discovered Lain is because it dealt with the wired which brushes against the resounance through the user's unconcious.
Before Lain ascended kids could see her in the sky. The wired is important to the story but the biggest thematic red herring in the show

are you telling me digibro analysis is total shit?
yeah, i guess you right

90% of analyses online about SEL are misguided. They nearly universally focus on the internet and social media tech.

true, there all also academic stuff, but it's all about the internet. Maybe Ueda succeeded, somehow. Nobody understood his work

Just you wait until I finish the one I started 2 years ago but never finished.
I was doing it frame for frame. It's going to be the quintesential analysis.

this is probably the best review i came across
but it just a start

have you got a youtube account?

There are user that get really defensive over the misconception that Lain is about the internet and you triggered him by saying Lain was a manifestation of Protocol 7.
Protocol 7 is just a format of the wired that deals directly with the resonance/noosphere/collective psyche with the original intent of letting people access the wired without a Navi, psychically for a lack of a better term, but was secretly a ploy by Eiri to rebuild reality.

It's main element in the story is being a sort of accelerated format Eiri wanted reality to mimic. This was shown in how the hackers of the wired became hackers of reality. You can't hack reality, but you could if reality was restructured like the internet.

The internet is basically a tool to accelerate the human social sphere. Information no longer travels slowly through mail, through nation, through myth, passing through lingual barriers and so on; It goes fast over the airwaves and through fiber-optic wires. If each person is but a neuron in collective consciousness, then this would appear as the rapid acceleration of the global mind.

Gee, doesn't that sound like a certain mind altering nano-machine that makes you into a hyper-thinking genius?

Ew no. I'd release it in a paste bin or some .pdf to make it pretty and break up the walls of text.
I'd do it for (you)s not views.

>I'm not sure which Lain was at Cyberia, but since Taro is there to basically serve as an agent of the Knights to keep them closer towards controlling Lain I have a feeling the Knights established a Lain identity in the area to quickly integrate human Lain into the scene.

Lain doesn't have memory of ever being there before Alice invites her. She notes in Layer 9 that the music in Cyberia was used to alter its inhabitants' memories. In this way, the image of Lain could be planted by the Knights, allowing for prank related chaos when the Accela user lost his mind, and exposing Lain to Taro and the idea that there are more than one Lain and that her purpose is to be used. This also plants the image of Lain as a mysterious presence in the wired and in real life. With this, they can try to brainwash Lain into thinking that Eiri will make her a revered figure under his reign. The projection in the sky works the same way. There's a reason it looks like the all seeing eye of Providence emerging from the clouds.

Lain wants to be understood. Ueda wants people to love Lain. You understand her by understanding the human impulse and appreciating it. You understand her by sympathizing with the misery she is under unable to function like a normal human.

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welp. I'll never find a perfect analysis
it's a pity that Chiaki doesn't answer at twitter questions


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Say that pupil is rather constricted...

where's that frame by frame analysis?

ayy i have dedicated smug lain folder

i looking for explanations,not meme

tfw you will never understand lain
isnt there a japanese commented audio track of each episode?