Are you going to watch her 2nd season?

Are you going to watch her 2nd season?

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Bet on it. When the chips are down, I have to see what's in the cards.

Is her favorite anime Shuffle!, by the way.

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Why wouldn't you?

No, the first season was shit.

Yes but not for her.

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I didn't like the first season that much, but if there's more Midari, then sure

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>Skip yuritower ending
>Make a second season
I honestly can't fathom how anyone can be this retarded.

Of course. Unironically loved everything about Yumeko.
The story/gambles are pretty enjoyable, the over-the-top expressions are amazing and overall it's a pretty solid show.

Actually I'm amazed that people turned to not praise it more.

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I want to fug every girl in this anime.

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I dunno. I'm only at episode 6 right now. It's alright,but I just don't feel the tension. It's like the stakes don't matter and Yumeko herself said that she doesn't care and just wants to gamble. Every girl is crazy, everyone cheats, self insert-kun acts like he doesn't see this shit everyday, etc. I'm gonna finish this season up, just hope it doesn't get stale.

My nigga.

Suzui and Yumeko kiss when?

there are real life people that liked this, aren't there?

Still haven't watched the first, is it worth it Sup Forums?

hypelets from Sup Forums threads will probably try to fit in by telling you yes
the actual answer is that it's one of the worst anime of 2017 and beyond

I'm worried. There's not enough material for 2nd season.

I'd be surprised if she hasn't killed herself yet with her retarded antics

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That's the answer I looked for, thanks

no. i have no love for gambling sluts

Go back to your Kaiji thread. Oh wait. there is non.

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what does kaiji have to do with this?

Yes! But I'm disappointed that they didn't do the tower of doors, I hope they make it up with other gay shit

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>The diamond inducing antagonist psycho chick
>dubbed by Michelle Ruff

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>dat Spanish guitar

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> tower of doors
that shit was retarded and nothing is lost except for lesbo scene

why is she such a slut for gambling
what if I made her do a game of chance of playing the game correctly for completely random odds and without cheating

For more Sumeragi.

Post your best faces from this series, I don't have enough in my folder yet

Yes, obviously.

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I want to have sex with their mouthes

For more Mary.

did you not see the end

>going to 31 Flavors and getting nothing but water

I got bored with it before Yumeko gambled with Sugita, what happened after that

usually go for sherbet
but on mary, i like the development she gets in the manga.

This. The show is unironically boring. All the show has going for it is sexy poses and crazy eyes. Kaiji has actual tension and a real plot. The worst part is Yumeko has basically no character and is never developed.

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Well, there was that one episode with the MAGNUM gun. I felt the tension in that one at least.

Sure, although if the show continues to blue ball me like it did with the ending of the first season then I probably won't stick around long.


After MANyuda gets done with her

almost done with Kaiji 1 and the tension here is so weak compared to something like HxH or even fucking early SnK.
I'd call Kaiji boring over how predictable everything is, but Kaiji himself is the best protag I've seen in a long time.
>no development
developmentfags once again thinking character development is necessary.
Yumeko is a mystery, she doesn't need development yet. Suzui, Saotome and Sayka do.

To be fair, Kaiji is filled with sex appeal too. Hence it has the same amount of doujins as Kake.

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