I think I've fallen in love with a robot

I think I've fallen in love with a robot.

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I see one right there in the picture

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Jibril is better.

You know she was just acting in accordance with the parameters set by her master right?
literally any robot.

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The persona she adopted eventually fused with her emulation of human emotions. We don't know if she could adopt any personality and still act as she did in the second half of the movie, but my guess is that the answer is no.

I'd rather take the smug out of the elf.

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If you truly loved her you wouldn't degrade her by face fucking her.

Ex-Machina can rebuild themselves, and she did it to experienced true feelings. Her personality isn't reversible by the time she marries Riku. At least for this volume the LN adds some extra world building

Best girl is dead. Fuck everything.

There's more where that came from.

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So are we getting another season?

Or did brazilian art thief memes kill it?

Why does she ask to procreate if she knows her body has no holes?

I want a Flügel GF!

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LN is fine, who knows about s2

>Barely any character development
>I-I love you!
You can tell this is a LN with fanfic tier writing from a mile away.

I'd rather Flügel slave.

Girlfriend/wife/slave, it all works for me.

She'd prefer being a slave, if you're good enough to be her master.

Can't imagine we won't at this point. Unless madhouse hates money.

>fallen in love with a robot

Welcome to the club

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Chii then

Rwby now

There are many companies that appear to hate money, one more wouldn't be a surprise.

Worst case scenario they sell it off like all their other stuff and we get a S2 full of QUALITY

She wanted to start a good reaction image folder from him.

Reminder that Artosh is /ourgod/

Did she actually say procreate in Japanese?
>the subs I saw were different and I don't have a rip handy

She can make one, if she analyzes a real one.
Source: Novel.

here you go

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I have NGNL in my backlog, is now a good time to give it a go?


Smug Elf with good ass titties and a nice ass.

She is dead. Deal with it.

No bully

Here you go. There is one available.

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Well too bad.

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I know that feel user

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She's a robot that learns human emotion. These characters are made for development.

So has there been a decent rip and sub of the movie yet? Havent been im the loop for a while

>This robot broke my heart.

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Worst girl.

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>taking smug from elves

Yeah sure, and then I suppose you'll start plucking stars from the sky next?

Nothing wrong.

>has fluids and tear glands

Don't be rude user, Shubi may not be as good as Jibril but I wouldn't call her the worst girl.

You have to lubricate these huge eyeballs.

Shokugeki no soma keeps getting adaptations even when they are a huge flop, angel beats didn't get a second season even after being one of the best anime sellers of all time, and being obviously rushed.

Producers do whatever the fuck they want with a franchise even if it sells good or bad.

Japs are vindictive as fuck, they'll tank a franchise just to spite it's creator.

movie was too good, but im saying that as a guy who loves the "humans on the brink of destruction fighting against the big bad" genre

I love Jibril even more now.

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The movie ost was pretty good, for once they did a score mixing the kind of anime ost and the western movie soundtrack. The soundtrack was just as good as big hollywood movies.

is it a No game no life's movie ??

Shokugeki no soma isn't a bad anime


jib and shuwee best
i'll miss her.

Who is saying that?, im saying that the anime flopped hard, one season flops even harder than the last one, and still manages to get more seasons, and yes, i know its because the manga is selling well but my point still stand, while other anime that prints money doesn't get more seasons.

Seasonal waifu?

All waifu are seasonal


>seasonal waifu
Get out

Hypothetically, if I were to impregnate a Flügel what would happen?

From what I know you need to do something like mix your soul with theirs to have a child.

You physically can't.

Humans are nothing but robots as well.

Sure, natural ones, but that doesn't feel like it makes a difference.

Possibly nothing, if they don't want to.
But they can use your seed to merge with their own spirits, and create an offspring made of both your souls. Of course, the offspring would be a flugel.

The mermaid queen can create offspring like this by just using a strand of hair, but I'm sure a flugel can do the same with your deposited cum.

That's kind of romantic actually.

its not madhouse
its kadokawa

>draw a girl
>call it a robot

Jibril a shit