So what's their honest opinions and feelings about each other and also Kyon?

So what's their honest opinions and feelings about each other and also Kyon?

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Koizumi is jealous, the other two like him. And Haruhi owns Kyon.

Mikuru's thoughts on
Shes scary, this one actually has a bit of depth to it
Probably nothing
Wants to fug

Nagato's thoughts on
Wants to fug, also like the only person she trusts

Koizumi's thoughts on
She's evil
Probably a pretty high opinion actually
Wants to fug

Koizumi likes him too, the brigade members become closer after a while.

>Probably nothing
She tried tarnishing his good name for her organization though. Fuck this bitch, how would a god be a "time anomaly" anyway? Koizumi did nothing wrong i have so many things to take care of i can't even sleep right fuck you Mikuru

Koizumi wants to fug Haruhi, though. He just acts like a fag because Haruhi is a filthy fujo who's into that shit.

I was kinda just joking.
He gets pretty clingy with Kyon later on though, though that's probably because Kyon is his only friend or something

God, I'd love to have my way with Mikuru.

It angers me Nagato became my favourite character. I really wanted to watch this for Haruhi, but I just found Nagato so much more interesting and likeable.

I expected her to be some generic dandere, but she turned out to be so good.

Back off, Kyon, she's mine.

Basically this. user got it right.

By "wants to fug" does this mean the character wants to fug the kyon or kyon wants to fug them? Surely mikuru knows kyon wants to fug her right?

Well like everything not about Haruhi and Kyon in the first 4 volumes are devoted to developing her and showing off her godhax powers
Comparatively, Mikuru got like one short story about her and moment in the limelight until volume 7.

They want to fug him. They all do except Koizumi. Mikuru says they can't have relationships in the past but she wouldn't dare try cross Haruhi anyway, and Kyon basically rejected Nagato for Haruhi.

>They all do except Koizumi
Ai rabu yu.

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>Ai rabu yu.
Probably the best part of endless 8 is how they changed that scene up every time while never showing Kyon's face.
I'm curious what kind of face he made.

kek. my sides left orbit.

Does the bad blood between Mikuru/Koizumi at the end of Sighs actually get developed in later novels? because it pretty much didn't get nowhere on the show

Kind of yeah.

Nagato and Haruhi are both pretty good characters, I guess Mikuru gets better too but not so much in the show (at least future Mikuru leaves some hints)

They all hate each other

You feel for her analog hack if u actually think she wants to fuck

When will this shit end?

So is mikuru really a manipulative bitch or is she being manipulated the her future self/the time traveler organization

It kinda sucks the anime ended before we got character development dor Mikuru.

It doesn't help that her design was literally just a moeblob

>Everyone wants to fuck Kyon
Seems about right. He's best boy.

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Future one is manipulative, young one is just obedient and scared afaik, haven't read the whole thing

So is future mikuru being manipulative because some shit happens? I see no point for her to manipulate the timeline.

She's her own boss, basically. She deals with serious shit, so yeah.

I want to see a punished Koizumi arc. One where we learn his struggles of being a esper boy and losing his normal life.

Being your own boss sounds amazing really. These time travelers know their stuff.
Since you know yourself pretty well you can manipulate your younger self quite easily as well.

I mean, what happened for her to want to manipulate the timeline.

Or is this shit just a giant stable timeloop for her?

This series would be greatly improved if some arcs were narrated by other characters, kinda like Monogatari

>the novel will never be finished

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>Tanigawa dropped off the face of the earth

I will never not be mad about this.

Mikuru is in love with Haruhi
Yuki is in love with Kyon
Koizumi is in love with Kyon
Kyon is in love with Haruhi

It's really sad to see, the writing was top notch and on point. The best character (Sasaki) never got a chance to get animated.

There's so much left hanging from the novel

I think deep down they all see each other as enemies except purple because she most likely just sees them all as ants. How did the story end guys? Was there a manga or LN?

There's some time traveller shenanigans, and Kyon gets thrown through time before finally dropping into Haruhi's bed one night.

There has been nothing since, except for a little short story about the brigade visiting a shrine.

I wonder if the author got cold feet.
Haruhi became something so big he became scared of falling to meet expectations, so he kinda dropped it.

I don't think he finished any of his series. Wouldn't even follow up on BRS.