Who was this?

Who was this?

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>caring about a watermark

Get the fuck off Sup Forums.

no u

Yui's legs are fucking delicious

One of the 7 school legends.

Looks like another student

Tamaki Mari

Looks like a ghost

Looks like Enma Ai from Jigoku Shoujo desu

user pls go and stay go

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This is no place for the likes of you

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Looks like me

and I give cunnilingus at the bathroom stalls just saying


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>imgur filename
Please kill yourself.

That's my wife


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Maybe one of the girls in the Occult Club?

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It is "Gokigenjou".

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Still wrong.


is this shit real? that's spooky

you don't need to guess English ambiguousness for romaji retard, either stick with "you" or "yo" for gokigenyou

could be the one who plays bass

Lurk the fuck more before posting, shitstain.


Can you give me a timestamp/episode?

Episode 1 13 ish minutes in.