ITT: Post things normies you know say about anime that annoy you

ITT: Post things normies you know say about anime that annoy you.
My mother always comments on my "Japanese girls" with this poster and it makes me fell bad.

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Why do you have anime posters if you live with your parents retard


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I thought they were above taunting.

What kind of comments?

Stuff like "Why can't you get a job instead of masturbating to your Japanese girls all day long?"

She just describes it as Japanese girls and even though it's technically correct it feels insulting.


I normally like short hair, but Yozora looks better with long hair.

What a coincidence: they thought you were above being a kissless virgin.

I agree completely.

i think its cute


nigger detected

Nice blog thread.

Fug I didn't notice that.

I thought that it was a good forum topic.

m8 the fuck else is she supposed to call it?

>My mother makes me fell bad

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Cool blog

Punish her by putting this one up instead.

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It always annoys me when they bring up tentacle rape like it's some big inside joke despite the fact everyone knows it.

It's at least better than the constant trap threads.