Be Ashitaka

>Be Ashitaka
>Two hoes want your dick
>Prime christmas cake
>Bratty child

Which one lads? The ending implies he goes back and forth between them.

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I bet sex with San is very animalistic and smelly

Yeah but she's a spoiled little bitch.
Aboshi is a prime woman, with one arm she becomes more dependent on you.

>The ending implies he goes back and forth between them
What? It's some time ago, but it seemed very clear to me that he's "taming" the wolf girl every night.

Also can we talk about what an utter badass Ashitaka is?

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Aboshi was right

This. I hope ashitaka dicked her down.

Aboshi wasn't right, but she was inevitably going to win (or lose, as both sides lost in the end.)

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I have an amputee fetish, so the choice is obvious.

>not fucking ALL of lady Aboshi's female workforce

You're both idiots. It's clear that him and San part ways in the end. He will visit her though.

"... You'll live in the forest and I will go help rebuild Irontown. Yakul and I will come and visit you whenever we can, alright?"

They part ways, but their relationship definitely isn't terminated. San doesn't want anything to do with the people that destroyed the forest, and Ashitaka- being the mediator in the conflict- feels as though he should help humanity as well as visit the forest to see San.

>Prime christmas cake
Finally someone else understands. I want Eboshi to subjugate my dick if you know what I mean.

She was more right than San's bestial screeching. For any shortcomings her plans where to make life better for her people.

And San's was to preserve the life within the forest. You missed the point of the movie. Both sides had excellent reasons to pursue their goals. The problem is when their interests clashed and death came for all of them. The bottom line was that when the soul of the forest died, all life would go along with it. That means not only the creatures in the forest, but also all of Eboshi's people. To be fair, San might have not known what would have happened when the forest spirit died, but in the end the immense loss of life was on humanity, not on the forest tribes. Nontheless, both sides were in the wrong and both sides drove the conflict downhill. The true villain of the movie was Jiko-bo, as he seeded the conflict between the two in a manner that killed almost everyone, all for his own greed.

sorry, scratch the second sentence. You may have not "missed the point of the movie", but saying one cause is better than the other is being negligent in understanding the other perspective. Eboshi and San were good characters driven by opposing forces.

Yeah, in terms of plot and characters this is easily one of Ghibli's better films. Hell Im a little shocked Miyazaki was able to make both sides compelling for a change.

Oh so he mainly gives lady aboshi his dick and san only gets it once and a while.

What really baffles me is that people claim this isn't his best film by far, shit like spirited away it's just so overrated for literally no reason.

sa is pretty good you fag. as are castle in the sky and a couple others

you can make a good case mononoke is best, but if you do, it is not best by a lot

Spirited Away is a decent film but the only reason anyone cares at all about it is because it had Disney pushing it. Is Monomoke his best? Maybe not, I actually like Nausicaa a bit better myself but it's sure as fuck better than SA

Disney pushes all the Ghibli films- it won an academy award, which doesn't indicate that it is better than PM, but does make it more popular to general audiences.

you don't have to like it, but nearly everything about it is on point, universal, poignant, archetypal

if your sole criteria is 2deep4u then fine. if you don't appreciate the metanarrative of foreign cultures, fine. if you don't appreciate anything that doesn't primarily relate to 'modern' moral sensibilities, fine.

but sa is undeniably great. not decent. great. not in every aspect, but seemingly the things it is good at you have little value for

Eboshi did nothing wrong

>more dependent

>Disney pushing it.
it was the highest grossing animated film in Japan for 15 years so it must have done something right.

San is cute!

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I think chihiro is a more emotionally nuanced character than many of the previous Miyazaki main girls and her growth is more beautifully done.

Maybe it's because I got tired of kids her age in most films(especially Hollywood) always have their characteristics stretched to annoying or unrealistic extremes.

I mean Chihiro at first starts out as a bratty kid but if you compare how bratty kids are portrayed in other films compared to chihiro you'll understand the difference.

I bet the main leads' descendants become creepy shrine-guardians. The weird family on the edge of the village.

Yeah but what happened to his sister?

They all died or were pushed out by the Yamato Japanese, the elders already said they were the last of the Emishi.

Fucking samurais they all deserve death.

There were some holdovers

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>Two hoes want your dick
Eboshi wanted him in that way?
I haven't seen the film in years, but I don't remember her wanting him in that way...

OP is projecting. Like those shippers on tumblr.

>more dependent
>a good thing
You think this will turn into her being dere-dere, always supportive, always willing, and never cheating on you. What it actually turns into is you being a second parent and a piggy bank as her crippling anxiety and lack of knowledge prevent her from doing anything beyond staying at home.
Which sounds great, until she learns to expect it, and then learns to demand it. That cutesy dependent, needy phase lasts until they realize you cannot afford to leave them, and then they become parasites.

You have to find an independent woman who is looking for a partnership, who is willing to work their ass off with you to achieve someone. Otherwise, both options of 1) spoiled child and 2) dependent woman eventually result in you being nothing more than a resource to them.

Mononoke is the best Miyazaki movie by far, not because his other films are bad (far from it), but because PM is a fucking masterpiece.