So everyone died? What the fuck? What was the point?

So everyone died? What the fuck? What was the point?

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>A series is without value if people die

>What was the point?

babby's first David Lynch inspired anime

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Humans are horrible

>What was the point?

War and fighting only bring sorrow

The writing was horrible

Dumb characters that dont behave like people only bring sorrow

>everyone died so there was no point
this is the plebbiest of all pleb opinions

I didn't say that. But this particular ending felt really empty. There was no catharsis.
Everyone dies in Texhnolyze too, but it's not as depressing.

How are Crybaby and EoE Lynchian in any way?


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fucking spoilers of Texhnolyze, mate, I was going to start watching that next week.

Teaching Satan a lesson

>that dont behave like people
Are you saying people aren't capable of doing what they did to Miki and whoever else?
Fuck, sorry. Watch it anyway, it's worth it even if you know that.
What lesson was that?

haha it's almost like reality hahahahahHAHAHAAHAHAhahaha... hah... ha.

>what was the point
That was the point


God's way of saying "you can't win fag"

nice buzzword you dumbass.

Yausa has a thing for unnecessary, meaningless death.

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Don't trust gays. They can't even trust themselves.

Is there a reason why God was such a cunt?

His gay son disobeyed him to go party with demons.

The writers are japanese
They always depict the chirstian god as a cunt

The Jews did that first.

Just finished this, was very weird seeing so much tits and ass in an anime.

I feel very meh about the first half, but man if that double Miki kill at the end didn't get me. The subverted drop was really obvious, but still worked well.

>was very weird seeing so much tits and ass in an anime.
Know how I know you are under 20

Is this the lewdest Sirene has ever been depicted?

Didn't everyone die in the manga too?

>Humans are the real demons
Wow Go Nagai is a genious

>double Miki kill
Sorry for being a retard but could you explain

Literally not the point

The whole point of the ending of the original Devilman is that Satan realizes he's exactly the same as God, and in that he's brutalizing the weak

It's the last thing he realizes before everything is FUBAR.

In reality, everyone is the same in Devilman. Angels, Man and Demons.

The god literally did that to Satan in the Bible

Maybe you should try and think for a second about what led to everyone dying. Maybe if you think even a little bit about the 20 minutes in the last episode where it hammered into your head why Akira is the good guy and what Ryo learns form him.
Try thinking just a little bit OP

shit anime for idiots

The two Miki's get killed. The red haired oppai spider, and the brown haired cute runner girl. They had the same name.

Thats the only part the manga did better than the anime imo, stating more clearly that Ryo did the same thing as god and angels

>Masturbates to the thought of Amon's dick all the time.
Yes. Meanwhile Kaim was stuck being a cuck.

The fact that Akira never loses his humanity either.

Even at the very end, when he hated Ryo, he still wanted to understand him.

God fucking dammit. One of the few shows I was looking forward to checking out soon and you spoiled it.

I don't know, Read it. Everyone knows that Devilman is only good as a manga. No animation captures it well enough.

I do know that Yuasa is style over substance the director.

crybaby and the 90s ovas are better though.

Everyone will die.

This thread isn't too bad
Let's talk about the superior demon based Go Nagai series that also had a better anime update

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But the christian god is a cunt. Thats what he literally did to satan in the bible jsut because he didn't want his brethen to serve us lel

Not enough tits, the bee demon episode doesn't count.

God always win baby

The whole point is that ryo fucked hard and in his quest to make his BFF as powerful as him so he could enjoy gay sex as his demon army marched against God backfired hard, and now he is alone in a rock with no demon army, no BFF and God is about to rape him so hard he will be in a groundhog day scenario but for an eternal millenia instead of a day

It's about quality, not quantity

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There was no point because it was terrible, a show for literal edgelords. Has a reset button ending to boot. 2/10 garbage.

Amen. I'm in the Lord's house every Sunday and Wednesday now after watching the Devilman. It really hit home when I realized even though you don't notice him, he's always there, and he always wins. Once I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and savior I realized I was never truly happy before either. Now I'm back in school, have a career goal in mind, talking to a girl from my church, and have more friends than ever. So when people ask me what my favorite anime is now, I always tell them "Devilman". Haha I get weird looks when asked at church, but once I explained to them how it got me to go back into the Lord's arms well... Ya know lol.

Sure, that's why he made Miki into a literal Jesus Christ. The anime screams "all you need is love" as opposed to the manga, that doesn't have a single likeable character.

>"I made all of you, you have to obey me"
>"Nah fuck you dad, I do what I want, I am the hottest piece of angel ass in this cloud"
>"Fuck off from my kingdon, satan/lucifer/helel"
>"Fuck you dad I'll show you how I will become the best and beat your ass"

Read a fucking bible user, Lucifer eats shit because he was a cocky bastard and god has to remind him that he is a cock bastard every time

God is a chaotic neutral deity

Oh jesus I was just about to watch this. Does this get morbidly depressing as well?

Miki's dad was a trad christian as well. Look how it ended.

>Miki is Jesus
>The whole point of Jesus' death was to be an example of how one should be selfless and live and die for other even in the face of suffering
>Miki dies
>the world ends anyway and nobody gives a shit and her sacrifice means nothing, and will mean nothing for eternity
Yeah, they kinda fucked the whole point of the metaphorical significance of it in both cases

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He got see the Lord early?

His son probably wound up in Hell cause he became a demon and God doesn't want that shit in his Heaven.

>Got the lord early
>not be reborn into an eternal round of suffering as the world and everyone in it are doomed to die all over again because reasons

No, not really. Just confusing as hell

Sort of, the first 7 episodes are 10/10 comfy and sometimes sad. After the 7th Yuasa activates the PLOT button and the entire pacing is thrown into an autistic mess you won't understand unless you listen to the lyrics of the theme "The Tree" and even then it will make little sense and a bunch of characters will be left in the dust of unfullfillment. You will be especially mad about the girl I posted, really fucking mad.

Yuasa either needed more episodes or simply just sucks at writing stuff at his own, either way you'll be confused and disappointed especially when it really feels like the first 7 episodes of pure kino are made pointless as soon as they're over.

Just go one layer more meta. They killed Jesus, not like Jesus himself was killed, but they killed what Jesus represents, aka chance of redemption.

The point is that there is an alternative to violence, that people can be good, and you could solve problems with love not war, but cunts won't let you.

I really like the anime if only for the fact that it makes an attempt to showcase the alternative. Meanwhile in the manga Akira, who is supposed to have a good heart, is all good with slaughtering some hippies for the greater cause. I bet the drummer was a better person than any other cunt in the manga.

Was it ever explained why the kid was a demon? It seemed like the show couldn't decide if there were demons everywhere, or you had to do it yourself.

He says he loves demons from episode 1
kid probably just got turned into one because some demon found a easy way to get a body from a kid who was totally ok with trading his body/soul for a cool trinket

it was meant to be a tragedy, a test for anyone who cared.
akira failed to realise a war wouldnt mean a damn thing, and died as a half dog on alaska.

this is why the ending of the ova adaptation will forever be the correct ending.

Jesus am I glad I've already seen Texhnolyze.
At least delete your post or something, idiot.

He only suffers if he is reborn in a age where ryo realizes he is satan
Every decade before that are all good and kosher

I miss this show

that god is perfectly willing to forsake everyone just so he could torment one person.

God damn it you shouldn't have replied because I wouldn't have read that post if you didn't link it.

The penultimate style over substance series which has inspired many more. Would be better if they skipped all the character development entirely because it went nowhere. Don't read/watch Devilman seriously, even Bible Black has better storytelling, just enjoy the porn.

i'd FUCK that semen demon

The point is that one guy fucked everything up based on his ideology but was miserable in the end and ultimately lost anyway, even in victory. Had he realised what the MC had and listened to him everything would have been alright.
It's a cautionary tale; don't let ambitions or whatever blind you or you'll end up losing everything you care about or something, I'm not going to put any effort into articulating it properly.

So do I. It was a treasure
Still haven't watched the 2007 OVA though

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Texhnolyze is like a million years old its not a spoiler

God is pretty stingy on shit that made him mad
Adam and Eve fucked up one rule and we all suffer because of it
Lucifer/Satan called out on god that he was favoring humans over angels, when humans were imperfect and angels were perfect and much better beings than humans, so god told him to fuck off forever
And no matter what Satan/Lucifer can do, god won't let him come back and will always condone him
God is pretty merciful unless you reealy make him angry about something, then you are fucked for the rest of your existence, and every one around you can also get fucked till death
Also god doesn't care much for collateral damage
Job's whole family, servants, workers, relatives, cattle all fucking died because god wanted to make a bet

but didn't job get better tho?

Sure, but only because god won the bet
And "better" is subjective
God did not resurrect any of his loved ones, just gave him new ones

Why would Lucifer/Satan want to make up for it? He's an asshole too all things considered

At least God warns you and has angels step in sometimes
Also he's still more benevolent than other mythologies "head gods". The Greek gods especially were spiteful dicks who would curse you and your land if you said something they didn't like

You are cancer. Kill yourself.

What 'catharsis' you expect? The main character is Satan.

In fujoshit's headcanon, but not in the actual canon.

I was just saying that even if Satan/lucifer tried to make things up, god would still deny him and tell him to fuck off

Yeah, greek gods can also be a dick, but at least they dont punish you if you take a fucking sit like Metraton was punished for taking a sit even though he was not only god's favorite angel, but also his favorite human before he was turned into an angel AND its technically God's second in command
There is also the fact that god hates figs for no fucking reason

That was still in the anime, that was his desperate image of trying to pass him the baton overlapped at his battle. He didn't hate him, despite of what he said, he was frustrated, angry and hurt. It's as usual.

Dude, Satan was a fucking homo in each and every incarnation. There's no skating around that

>read the Bible

Pretty sure Nagai doesn't give a fuck about the Bible, user. God's just an evil fucker who gets defeated in the very end of all his works about him being the enemy. Satan kicked his ass in the backstory of Devilman. He could ONLY get some upperhand because Akira distracted Satan. He's a coward.

In Saga, he's some evil boss who wants to conquer the universe but was stopped by heroic Satan and her demon generals Amon and Syren.

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There's no real canon to say one way or the other, and Satan/Lucifer/Beelzebub ect. doesn't really seem keen of repentance so there's no real way to say one way or the other.
And sure, God fucks things up, but no more than virtually every other pantheon that exists who sometimes just decide to fuck up the world because they were bored that day

>god wants to conquer the universe
>god wants to conquer something he created and rules over

>What was the point?
To not become evil people and allow something like that to happen in the real world. Without the literal devils, of course.

Miki being some spider-hugging Jesus figure seems to be a parody of her manga portrayal.

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Akira's not supposed to have a good heart, he's supposed to be a coward who got balls to do something for someone for the first time. He's a decent person but not a kicked puppy.

See? Shit like this is why each Devilman canon shouldn't be seen as connected despite what Go says.

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Because he is. Look into gnosticism, it's what most japanese media featuring judeo-christian themes/imagery is inspired by, whether they know it or not. Particularly in the case of every JRPG that involves killing god as the final boss.

I mean the whole "loop muh tragic cycle!" this shit was never in the manga or crybaby. That was from Amon. I know Satan loves Akira, it's not really homo when Satan's not a guy and the romantic feelings mostly come from the female half.

God's just a powerful ancient creature with cosmic powers. He does experiments with planets he seeds but it's not some Alpha and Omega being. Satan has been shown doing the same shit God does: create planets/bring the death back, manipulate time and space, by the way.

In Maou Dante, the precursor to Devilman (which is its spiritual sequel), God was a fucking alien invader and demons were the real humans. Satan there isn't an angel but a demon, former leader when God invaded Earth.

Don't listen to him, Akira is the Christ equivalent. The story doesn't have a crucifixion allegory, though.

Are you blind? Yes it was in both, especially Crybaby.
And Satan being a hermaphrodite doesn't change anything.