Did Oda already lowkey showed Luffy's mom but we don't know about it?

Did Oda already lowkey showed Luffy's mom but we don't know about it?

Who is she?

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There's literally a character named Big Mom.
Take a wild guess.

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Oda himself said that we already saw Luffy’s mom. We just don’t know about it


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Luffy doesn't register Dragon as his father, because Dragon wasn't originally a man.

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The translation of that SBS is vague. Oda didn't literally say he drew both his mom and dad, just that the next volume would satisfy the people who want to know more about Luffy's parents. And we got to see Dragon in the next volume. I hate this type of speculation so much because there's no way Oda would have her be in the revolutionaries and not bother introducing her at this point.


Oda doesn't care about mothers and has said so, there's no chance of her ever appearing, Dadan is Luffy's mother

I think introducing actual parents of the Straw Hats is difficult because they basically have to be shitty people or dead since they all abandoned their children, I think the only parents I could ever be interested in seeing introduced this late game would be Cutty Flam's since they were specifically said to be pirates and I'd like to know if they were killed by any big name pirates or something

I wonder when we'll find out.

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I don't think it will ever be specifically explained.

Oda must already know the fans figured it out.

Can someone explain this Crocodile meme to me? I only caught up with the manga a few months ago.

I can't picture Crocodile actually becoming relevant again anyway.

>old ally of Ivankov, they share a secret (they changed genders)
>Monkey, Dragon, Crocodile (animal theme)
>he wanted to the Pirate King just like Luffy
>Robin worked for him, then later worked for Dragon (it's pottery)

Just a few of the reasons.

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I wouldn't even know how to react if Crocoboy is actually a woman, let alone if Oda actually made him Luffy's mom.

When would we learn about "Croc's secret" anyway?

Ok, the Crocoboy theory is cool and all, but how/why would they not react if that was their kid? Wouldn't they know their own son's name / son of Dragon?

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It's just a meme. No one actually believes it's true.

>oh luffy i'm your stepmom i married your dad during the timeskip btw

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Oda said in an sbs that he didnt think of luffys mom, but if he did make her, she wouldnt be pretty.

>Dragon rejects the world, even it's societal standards of beauty.

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Father dragon. Mother must be phoenix themed. It's Marco

His mother is dandan. Biological mother is probably dead

What the hell are you people so unanimously referencing with Crocodile?
Why would it be Crocodile? Are you suggesting he's a FTM cunt-boy la creatura' created by Ivankov?
Because that'd be insane.

His mother is akainu

big if true

I'm surprised you're not familiar with Croc = Luffy's mom theory. It's quite popular.

Yeah I'm actually Luffy's mom. Go ahead, ask some questions, see if I give a fuck.


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How fat is dragons cock?

IDC anymore about one piece since oda Decide to erase BEST GIRL VIVI


Yes, Luffy's mom has been following him in secret for years. Her name is Pandamom.

It's merely a joke. While Croc being a woman is within the realm of plausibility, why would he nearly kill his child three times, among other inconsistencies? It's just a fun crack theory.
Of course, we all know he was training him to fight Logias in the future and never intended to kill him.

What the fuck are you talking about? She's been around all the time since the Reverie was announced, obviously she will play a role on it.

Please Oda. I'm begging you to make this happen.

There is always the possibility that Croc doesn't know that Luffy is her son.

Robin spanking Luffy for being a bad boy when?