Anime Recommendations

Howdy Sup Forums, I got some free time and I haven't watched any anime in a while. Post some kino anime recommendations for me. If I've already seen it, I'll rate it out of 10.

Otherwise general recommendation thread if that's a thing here.

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Recommendation/request threads belong on the appropriate board, Lurk for 2 years before posting.

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Fuck off and kill yourself.

Fuck off lurk 1000years shitface.

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Girls last tour
for some kino

Kill yourself on the double

check out boku no pico

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Boku no Pico

k bye weebs. just shows that i never come here.

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Excuse me?

Also, inuyashiki

Oh shit.

now we're talkin!

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mods can you please wake up


10/10 but ive seen it already


Today was especially bad, probably had 10 rec threads at least.

my bad Sup Forums I literally just felt in the mood to watch some anime but I've seen most of the typically suggested stuff. I'll go back to /lit/ and /fit/

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lurk more instead of posting

>anime board
>anime rec threads aren't allowed
I'll never understand this. It's like you guys can't function

I recommend you check these and then get the fuck out newfag

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>I'll never understand this

I know right? This board is so shit. You should probably stay away from it.

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This is why you have to lurk the fuck more.