Get a character and
>rate of suffering from 1-100
>how much they deserved it from 1-100
And why.

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An Odd Man with a Stand

There was an Odd Man, with a stand,
Who said, "It was just as I feared!—
One half of me is here, the other half there!”

I stared at him in confusion,
he looked on with perversion.
I demanded what he meant,
He smiled and said,
“Shh . . . Soft and Wet”


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He suffered a lot. Even after losing his dream, he got screwed over by Human and Rock alike. You can tell it with lot of his early dialog with Jobin. Feels like someone who really tried to get back to Jobin's "0" and even then got used again. In terms of Jojo suffering it isn't that must but it's still pretty high. Depending on harsh you see Jobin, it could have been possible that Jobin would never surrender the branch of give him a fruit. If he knew what Rai knew about it wilting under scientific investigation, it might be possible that he'd just have screwed over a lot of people and be abandoned again. Not to mention that I'm half expecting to see him be found dead at one point.
Depending on whether read the start and that he accidentally sent the other woman towards the electrics or not. Regardless he still believed and went with Jobin's plans for selfish reasons and ratted him out. Despite him getting his confidence and smugness back for his dream, failed to see he was going to inflict the same damage directly on Gappy. It's lower than 50 because I feel it's understandable why Dolomite gave the tooth to Jobin and knew him so there was already yurts established. I doubt he'd do the same for any random stranger. When he gets his confidence back and talks to Gappy, it's clear with the relight ed dream of his girl comes back his thoughts and morals. Including outright protecting Gappy but yelling that they don't know anything and giving Urban false info while alerting Gappy to his presence.

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Oh that art is adorable.

shouldnt he have the Doppio hair style tho

Longer than that but no spots.

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Deserved 1-100
This was all because Pucci was a fag and didn’t say anything. He hesitated and joined Dio and no one was happy in the end

>Brother kills his dog by burning it alive
>Kisses his only love
>Tries to kill his father
>Turns into a vampire
>Just wants to start a family with Erina
>Gets ambushed ON HIS HONEYMOON
>Gets painfully hit in the neck
>Can't breathe and bleeding to death
>Still comforts his wife and dries her tears, and asks her to save some child because his mom did it for him
>embraces Dio even after EVERYTHING he did, holding him tightly as the brother he wanted to love
He did NOTHING wrong and suffered horribly.

Pick a stand you want to have, any stand (no G.E.R.)
Post your Tarot card.
>Killer Queen
>The Star
Do the positives and negatives describe you at all? Does your stand reflect it?

All these prompts are too much work.

Which Jojo would you lewd and how would you lewd them?

The dude’s body gets used for some evil ass shit by dio as well, even in death, he still suffered

Would you a female DIO?
You have to be a vampire though.

Stone Ocean was fun_


>he wouldn't a big tiddy vampire
wow fag

But that's just OVA DIO
Accept no substitutes

>Wanting any Dio
Disgusting. But frustratingly understandable, that bastard is gorgeous.

Also, what said. OVA Dio had huge, still stolen and therefore awful, tits.

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for me i think Diavolo got a solid One-hundred since he had to re-Play his deaths over and over again, Perhaps if he didn’t try to snake doppio and cause him the Injustice of his death, then araki would have not Offed him so harshly. he definitely Got what was coming, and i hope Everday he never forgets That he’ll Suffer forever due to his betrayal. so yeah, he Majorly gets a 100/100 for deserving his Eternal and Unending damnation. People like diavolo get my blood boiling and People like him deserve to rot in the seventh circle of hell for Impinging on the lives of innocents and commiting such awful Offenses.

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Doppio wouldn't want you to hate Diavolo. He'd forgive him because he loves his boss.

fucking this

Sorry, we don't suck. Only kisses and cuddles!

Bossu was fired and I'm his replacement.

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You just insulted Jonathan's body in your tsundereness, user. How rude.

Did Araki predict Alexander McQueen's death?

no, but he predicted 9/11

The body is fine when attached to a decent person, but it was stuck to the head of a degenerate, slutty, vampire for 100 years, so by SC it's been Dio's body longer than Jonathan's.

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Which main villain is the biggest dick?

Which main villain has the biggest dick?


Valentine for being the biggest dick in my book, he probably has a microdick though which he compensates for with rape.

Kars is the ultimate being so he must be hung. Never uses it though.

Valentine isn't a dick.

i feel like joshuu is actually a pretty great character, all things considered.
yes, he is a stupid clown that makes retarded decisions, but he does it either because he feels its fair or because he really doesnt think that what he is doing is wrong. Shit like the milagro man arc made me realize that from his point of view, he is getting punished for nothing and noone seems to love him, just imagine:
>4 balled chad steals your childhood friend and beats the shit out of you
>chadsuke steals your room, photo spot and the love of your dad too
>he also seems to get along with your older brother better than you

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Joshu IS a good character.

SBRtards need not apply to being correct

Yeah, but that's life.

The strong survive and the weak perish, that's why Jobin hates Joshu so fucking much.

Valentine is pretty much a dick just because, there's no reasonable explanation for why he's such a prick

Give me a good reason why haven't you bought it?

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He was willing to fuck over the entire world just to have power.

i'm poor

but he only wants some brotherly love, why would he get all horny over josuke when there is a perfectly good joshuu that wont try to make you shave your eyebrow and steal your car

I'd accidentally break it for sure

I'd be scared of having the ink run out. Are there refills for this?

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Funny Valentine. His patriot undertone is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of the First Amendment most of his references will go over a typical reader’s head. There’s also Valentine’s futuristic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation by taking the first napkin for his country- his personal philosophy draws heavily from Captain Valentine’s outlook of his father, for instance. Valentine fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depth of his character, to realise that he’s not planar- they say something deep about his LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Funny Valentine truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn’t appreciate, for instance, the humour in Valentine’s existential catchphrase “Dojyaaa~~n!,” which itself is a cryptic reference to a magic act. I’m smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Hirohiko Araki's genius and wit unfold itself on their computer screens. What fools.. how I pity them. And yes, by the way, i DO have an American flag tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It’s for the ladies’ eyes only- and even then they have to demonstrate that they’re able to recall the entire American anthem and as many amendments as they can in comparison to my own (preferably lower) beforehand. Nothin personnel terrorist.

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Jobin acknowledges Gappy's strength and Joshu's weakness. Maybe if Joshu tried harder then he'd get some appreciation.

I think there aren't

does jobin even know about joshuu's stand?

Then it's the kind of pen that I probably wouldn't use much, which seems kind of pointless. Then again, people buy it for the design, not the function.


Wait a minute
If Kira looks like David Bowie and all of his stands are named after Queen songs...
Does that mean Morioh is Under Pressure?

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He will when he kills joshuu


To me it seems more fitting for dead man's questions, whatever city he is in during that

Serious question for all the fags or fujos in this thread, how much does sex appeal contribute to you liking your favorite Jojo characters? Not at all? Only reason you like them?

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it didnt really matter for me, i already loved the character even before i realized i liked cock

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It's a mixed bag. For instance, my two favorites are Okuyasu and Joseph. I like Joseph primarily for his sex appeal and his personality is secondary. Okuyasu is the opposite. I like him because he's stupid and nice. Boils down to a character-by-character basis for me


Threads so fast now

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Have fun

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0. Although did have a mask fetish at one point.
My original husbando I kinda stuck with out of pity and outside circumstances.
Do you think Joshu has more of a death flag that Nori at the moment? I don't think anyone at the moment in the family would be worth killing. It'd be a mistake to just suddenly knock anyone off including Tsurugi.
I'd be really fucked off if Araki just bumped off Kyo or Mitsuba
How does Gappy take off his shirt without losing his hat here?

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why do people seem to think Kakyoin possess' people with Hierophant Green like its a ghost when it actually ravels its way through you like a rehashed Santana

They're retarded casuals and/or speedreaders.

why do people think GE's regeneration is lame when giorno is like a hamon/vampirism super baby

is Araki good at anatomy

Depends, sometimes I feel like some of his older style characters are hilariously enough more well portioned than his SBR-JJL characters at times, despite their obvious size issue.
It was more about the ease of drawing a large figure, I think Araki admitted

I didn't know it existed but now I know

aaaah thank you

This nigga gives muscles were there are none and the proportions are all over the place with poses that are practically impossible to recreate when you are a human being.
However he's my favorite manga artist, he's art is iconic and has a lot of personality something that is always appreciated in art
He's not a bad artist by any means

shit, i'm gonna cum

I love JoJo.

I love all of you.

Worst common things people ship:
Diego/Hot Pants

Best common things people ship:

Am I the only girl who thinks?

>None of my ships are in that list

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>tfw only one scanned doujin where Joseph gets PILLARED

What is your favorite OST track from the anime? Not counting openings/endings.

Mine is Noble Pope on 1.5x speed

Hook me up with the link.

The TV version of Welcome to the World. Or pretty much all of Battle Tendency's tracks.

Also requesting a link.

>that Kira song with what people assume are his victims screaming in the background

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This guy slaps your gf/bf or waifu/husbando on the ass. What do you do?

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I'd be sad because he'd probably absorb her○-po-oki-sugi-w-jp/

I hope you like stupidly large penises.

>tfw I just realized I'm probably going to have to wait like 5 years before I find out if my Invisible Zombie Jesus theory is correct

fuck me

>I hope you like stupidly large penises.
We're on Sup Forums, of course we do.

Thanks for linking.

based hairposter


Thanks user
>cover is Joseph looking slutty

You're absolutely right. It should always be DIO/Jotaro, not the other way around.

>TV version
What's the difference?
Also did anyone find out what's the track that plays when Vanilla Ice cuts off his head?

TV version doesn't have vocals. The OST version has a pretty awful vocal track. It's in English too, so I can't pretend the lyrics aren't garbage.

Great track otherwise.

I suppose the instrumental version was never released.

Damn, I underestimated how bad those lyrics were going to be.

Unfortunately no. Best I've got is a video on youtube that tries to filter out the vocals and it does its best. It's not great, but it's better than the real thing.

Truly awful.

Ask him to slap mine's

Get absorbed trying to save him

I want Lord Kars to kill me without him even realizing it.

You're right, it's Dio/Jonathan that's canon.

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Jonathan is for consensual vanilla sex with Speedwagon and/or Erina.

I like and appreciate both.

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Got buried in the last thread, does anyone have a translation for this? I can't read japspeak that looks like it was written under the effects of a grand mal seizure

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What this even real?
If so, where can I get one?

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