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Do the Charlottes have the best designs in the series?

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the chad perospero vs the virgin katakuri pic is somewhere

>Fucking Smoothie
Yes, yes they do.

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i hope you'll find it one day user

As far as character design go they're his masterpiece, that's for sure.
I'm worried Oda won't be able to maintain such a level in Wano to be honest. Kinemon, Momo and Kanjutarou kinda stiffled my hopes.

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Who's the baby daddy?

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It's gotta be me.

>Has a "tragic" past
>Former enemy
>Dreams of being the world's greatest scientist
>spent the most time with the Straw Hats post-timeskip
>Has a much needed logia devil fruit
>Will get spotlight, with Franky, in the inevitable Vegapunk arc
Chapter 900
The Ninth

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Shanks, but post yfw when its not.

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i wish kanjuro wasn't associated with the rest of the wano bozos, i genuinely like him

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I like him too, he's the only Wano character I don't hate. But his design isn't anything to call home about, same as the rest.

There are so many actually good designs and you had to post fucking Smoothie, I'm shaking my head

Don't be so hard on him user. The dick leads men astray, and men are sad things.

Smoothie has a fantastic design shut the Fuck up

What’s so bad about Smoothie’s design?

Yes they do.

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first of all, those legs slay me
second of all, fuck you

Not him, but I don't like her cap. I think it's stupid looking.

It's shit, her legs are bad and her hat is stupid looking.

>her legs are bad
Are you actually gay?

The hat is very odd the first time I saw her. I like her legs except the tattoo of course.

>"A woman's body is her temple and shouldn't have any impure tattoos!"
Fuck off Soyboy

Tattoos are shit

Her hat is cute and she doesn't even wear it now

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>one piece
>best design

She's just a nami clone with long legs wearing a scarf with a leotard. Like all conventionally attractive people in OP, she isn't too interesting.
It's too obvious the scarf is only there because Oda wanted her to look strong but didn't want to give a pretty woman muscles. Her face is a bit different than most Nami clones, true, but still nothing too interesting.

So both Cesar and Sanji's dad moved in the same circles with Vegapunk and (iirc) worked with him.

It would be a shame if they didn't share panel time.

Did Sanji's dad even react to Cesar during the wedding? It would be odd if Oda didn't link them up more

Yes she does speedreader. She put it back after the wedding.

Smoothie's design is fucking great

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>Nami clone
>But her face is different
You shitposters are getting harder and harder to follow

A Nami clone isn't just about the face, it's about the body too.

Still cute.

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He will join the strawhat lovehate club led by buggy, as the much needed replacement for the giant deserters

So any woman with large proportions is automatically a clone of Nami specifically? Ever heard of an artstyle? Fuck off

Okay, I think we can all agree this shitposter is a shitposter. Lets ignore him and post more Charlottes. Especially Smoothie.

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You fuck off soyboy. I just don’t like the tattoo on her legs.

Yeah, bet you don't. Bet you're also one of those fags that bitch about "used goods."

>woman with large proportions
Is there even anything else but that in One Piece? Come the fuck on, the exceptions exist, sure, but there is a reason we call them "exceptions".
> Ever heard of an artstyle
An arstyle is not an excuse for sticking to a single bodytype. It's just lazyness.

>Not writing ugly women into your story is lazy
Back to Tumblr. It's called being a good mangaka that knows what your readers want.

I’d still fuck Viola even if she fucked doffy. Stop acting tough soyboy.

Doffy shouldve impregnated that hoe

You forgot
>murders children

>tfw you are the most autistic Charlottefag of the thread and they tell you this
I'm hurt. But sure, let's post Smoothie.

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I want to Marry Smoothie

That way I can {spoiler]Fucking destroy all her holes daily and impregnate her

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I wanna touch that loli inappropriately

>different body type is obviously an ugly one
Back to Sup Forums and Sup Forums with you user. Complain about tumblr there.

I doubt that 3m tall giantess would even register you inside her

It is objectively ugly. Oda's not here to pander to your fetishes. He's here to make a visually appealing manga.

Pretty sure he tried but Viola must have kept a few needle beside her bed.

>used goods
Spotted the virgin

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Dont say that. If Streusen can impregnate BM, I can impregnate Smoothie.

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Im hoping that Snack takes off all those jackets and reveals that he too looks pretty cool, just like it happened with Cracker

Reread my post slower this time

And the basics of character design is to vary your designs user. Cry me a fucking river. Oda is the one who lets his fetish influence his work for the worst.

Any theories on Bonney's relationship to the government?

its complicated

I have accepted my fate, but it still hurts.

Daughter of BM and a World Noble.

>Is this mad he doesn't get his chubbies and flat chested 30 y/o lolis in One Piece
Sorry faggot not how the world works, Oda has taste

What fate?

I love her low voice.

Are they going to do anything relevant?

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>never draws a good ass
>never draws a flat chest
>hourglasses everywhere until you're sick of it
If that's taste then I'm a fucking astronaut.

Nah, unlikely.

>Sick of hourglasses
There's your problem, you're gay.

I don't dislike them, I just like variety.
It's like eating hamburgers everyday. Too much and you'll be sick of even that.

This girl might be more to your liking user. This is the variety you're asking for. Don't you like it? It's variety!

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>Flat chest
>good ass
See pic
>sick of hourglasses, the perfect women form

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I get it user: you like shit. No need to shove it into my face.

>see pic
What is this, an ass for ants? At this point I'd rather watch Yuri on Ice, they have better asses.

>Conventionally attractive women are shit
It's because you're bitter you can't score one, isn't it?

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Cuads of truth has spoken.

>Haki dick

Oda is not good at drawing asses or females in general. Mashima draws some good asses despite FT being shit though.

>I'd rather watch Yuri on Ice, they have better asses

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The needle isn't for the dick user.

I agree that Oda sucks at drawing women but i will defend the quality of Smoothie's bubble butt until i die

Depends on what she likes. Some girls barely ever get off on being "filled". It's more the pressure/stimulation on the clit.

Smoothie's ass is flat as a board compared to the average Yoi bubble butt.

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>Everyone worshipping her divine ass
>Ignoring her deific hips and saintly thighs

user y r u so Gaysexual?!

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I personally back the theory that she's the daughter of Akainu.

You gotta explore shit in life user. Go beyond your comfort zone and stuff.

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Good idea. You haven't killed yourself yet, you should try that, tell me how it goes

I said life user, not death. Nothing to see there.
You should work on that reading comprehension.

>user likes to take it in the ass
>That makes me so mad
Why user? Are you jelous of actual faggot user?

This discussion is boring as shit. Post your favourite Charlotte who isn't a Sweet Commander.

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>starting to watch the series through One Pace
>enjoying Syrup Village
>following arcs aren't Pace'd yet

would I be better off just sprinting the manga? I kind of prefer to watch an anime especially if I can watch it without disgusting pacing but I don't mind reading if it's better

Read the manga but don't speedread it, the journey and long term world building is the important part of One Piece so just enjoy the read and take it at a leisurely pace

The anime is not known for its pacing. You're better off reading the manga.

What do mean by pace'd? And if you mind things as spoilers, power level faggotry a fillers then yes, read the manga

Sweet, guess I'll do that then.
I see that there's a nice ensemble of main characters too. Would you say the series does a good job at making sure everyone besides Luffy stays involved? I can understand if the protagonist gets focused naturally but I hate how in some shonen every other character will get shafted hard for whoever the most powerful top two or three characters there are in the plot.

>Would you say the series does a good job at making sure everyone besides Luffy stays involved?
You'll get a lot of people saying no, but it depends on what you mean "involved." If you mean in terms of fights, then no. One Piece is horrible at that. Luffy almost always gets a big fight every arc and kinda leaves everybody else to deal with the big baddies' underlings as a collective, and usually only two to three people in the crew get a fight per arc. Even less often is it a good one.
With that said though, pretty much everyone feels at least relevant plot-wise, everyone on the crew is critically important and without them we wouldn't be where we are now, which is more than can be said for a lot of shounen series.
So if fights for side characters are what matter most to you you're gonna find a dry vein in this series unfortunately. The side characters are most often used to be beaten to show how strong enemies are.

That's one of the best parts of One Piece. Not only does the crew constantly get moments where they pull off crazy shit. But several side characters are constantly brought back into the story and are integral to the arc. Expect a large amount of characters to return later.

>Luffy almost always gets a big fight every arc
Well sure, he's the MC. The rest of the crew, and often other characters still get fights. Shit, most shonens just have characters on the side lines while the MC sweeps house. OP constantly has the crew, the whole crew, being pushed to improve themselves.

Don't give the newfag the wrong idea with your nostalgia goggles, user. Nami, Chopper, Robin, Brook up until this arc, half of the crew hasn't done shit lately and has a record of never doing shit. They get maybe one good moment every three arcs because Oda realizes "oh I haven't touched these guys in a while". One Piece does some character things well but including everyone in the action is not one of them.

Like said, the big baddies always fight against luffy, but i would argue that in one piece this not only makes sense but it is also. The crew have each their own role, so even they are forced to fight its not like getting stronger is their objective, so its not like they are getting left behind. And Luffy's only purpose on the crew, as he stablished himself, is to be their protector, since fighting is the only thing that he is good at. So its not like Naruto, or bleach or dragonball where most of the main cast are fighters that will become less and less relevant the more powerful the main character gets, in one piece Nami will shine at navigation and no one can steal that from her, the same goes to Chopper as a doctor and Sanji as a cook, and luffy stays the strongest in fights but without his crew, he is useless

Without a doubt

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Chopper and Nami were central to PH, an arc where very little went down overall. They weren't part of Dressrosa along side Brook so I'm not sure if you're counting that. Robin contributed plenty to Dressrosa even without having a big fight. Prior to that, they contributed as much as any of the other SHs in FMI and both Nami and Robin were relevant more so than other SHs because of their backstories.

I can go further back if you want to challenge me on how they contributed to other arcs.

>nostalgia goggles
I re read OP bimonthly. I simply find that characters can contribute much to an arc without needing to fight the big bad.

Amande and Yuen are close seconds though

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