Remember Character Songs?

Surely I wasn't the only one that enjoyed these. What happened boys?
Any current series would you want character songs of?

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also this was my shit

I too wish more series would bother with these, but I guess the age of character songs is long gone. Yuki, Muon, Madobe Nite is still top tier among overall anime songs. The series I'd love to do them most though is heroaca sorry not sorry

nah that'd be pretty good, actually. Characters are diverse enough despite there being so many
not a chara song but close enough

Character songs may be rare, but at least we still have character themes.

I really like Kyon version of HHY

I feel like the series was a gem that people forgot about too quickly.
The narration alone sold the series for me.

The ls ones were god tier.


I love character songs, any anime I watch, I always check to see if they have any. It's part of why I love idol anime.
Monmusu had some particularly good ones. So did Sabagebu, Bakuon and Prisma Ilya.
Dance with Devils' were great too.
I'm surprised more sports shows like Haikyuu don't have any, especially considering Kuroko is what got me hooked to them in the first place.

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Symphogear practically IS character songs itself.

I found the character songs in Kyoani's works to be cool because they were fun little things to listen to outside of the series.
Like, Stella Glow has character songs. but that's ony because its a game about singing - its not extra.
And it's almost always only women.

I liked the ones in SZS

Old shit, but nothing beat these.

Lucky Star released a lot of character songs and they were all good.
Maria Holic character songs were really good too.
A lot of those voice actors could seriously pass as music artists

There's no market for character songs in an age where the big idol anime franchises release new tracks every month.

Hands down personal favorite.

This was good too. Even though it was modified by the ending, they put a lot of thought into the different instruments for each character.
This was and still is my jam

>not available on youtube

Love it when the VAs sing their show's songs.

Karaoke is cool too.

Really nice.

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>like character songs
>series I like are made by people who like character songs
Absolute perfect state of being.

Character songs are carried by the singer/VA not the character itself.

Like Nana Midzuki

Thankfully, it's not always only women.

I unironically prefer SELECT? and Emiri Kimidori's song "Fixed Mind." Both are so calming. I still listen to them everyday:(

>5(+) seasons and a mobage of Symphogear

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All these songs I still listen to a lot.

>god suffers nanafags to exist
Surely we've suffered sufficient pennance. I don't know what we did wrong but it's time he took them back to where they came from. Like a plague on Egypt, I surrender.

Nichijou had some good ones.
My, Mai-chan sure had a sexy voice, didn't she?

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>A lot of those voice actors could seriously pass as music artists
Funny you should say that, talking about Lucky Star...
Poor bassist. Or perhaps he was the lucky one.

>dat voice
muh dick

>people forgot about too quickly.
People remembered and talked about it for years and years. It was huge on Sup Forums. Beyond huge. But nothing can last forever.

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Best girl

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I love that all the AXZ duets have the activation songs of the two characters in the intro. It's the small things, man.