Who is the true waifu of Guts and why is it slan?

Who is the true waifu of Guts and why is it slan?


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delicious brown

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its schierke.
any other answers are wrong the thread is now concluded no need to reply

This is the only correct answer.

Gattsu is gay. He has no waifu. His husbando is Griffisu.

Her competition is an underaged girl, a potato, whores and a literal semen demon

>a potato

next week cant come fast enough

Implying it's anyone but Griffith

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>No Donovan

.tfw when the whole reason Gut's started his journey was non consensual man love

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This user makes a compelling argument

What the hell is your problem with semen demons?

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I'd prefer Jill but Schierke works

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Farnese was ready to ride Guts and drain his testes of all the sperm in them, she's the only choice

Kill yourself, retarded crossboarder.

Will Griffith's last words include the feeling of regret? Will his overall death scene be melancholic or a rage-filled gorefest?

>That orange coloring

Damn, that takes me back.

Slan is voiced by Sawashiro. Checkmate loli witch-fags

he wont die though


sherkuh is my wife


If Gut's doesn't kill Slan while giving her the dick I'm going to be disappointed

Isma is cutest girl

Slan is legitimately the besto grill for him other than Caska. She INSTANETANEOUSLY realized how awesome he was. So much so that she questioned if he should be one of them during Griffith's own goddamn ceremony. Slan knows best. Best grill. When you're so awesome that a demon goddess ends up crushing on you instead of the new falcon demon dong on the block during its own goddamn crowning ceremony. Guts impressed her, laid that seed in her mind, and she was thinking of him ever since, masturbating in the ethereal plains to the idea of him piercing her with his drill. Crushing fodder demon heads with her vagina to the idea of his masculinity. That such and awesome, manly man can exist. So much so she manifested into troll guts just to go out on a date with him (that whole ogre/troll cave event was just how Slan dates).

Honestly being real here, if it weren't for Caska he'd should totally hit that.

Honorable mention to dicc lipss Farnese. She's pretty awesome too.

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