Tsuredure Children

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I've been reading this series in Japanese. I would definitely recommend it to any user learning the language. The grammar is simple and the vocab is very accurate to how people actually talk. (With some exceptions, like the otaku friend and Miss Wabisabi)

oh god here we go

Yeah, it's a good simulation of regular conversation.

Man, after ReLife ended, I'm hoping to find more fluffiness here. I'm running out of fixes.

Who's getting their heart broken this week?

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Thanks, user.

Haha, good one.
Now post the Motoyama screencap again.
Seriously, the doom-and-gloom thing is boring.

[Title is Siren]

When the boy I liked confessed to me,
I turned him down.
"But I don't"
"Like myself that much...!!"

I'm too ashamed of my fat body,
So I can't go out with him...
"Morning Nashimoto-san"

"Good morning...!!"

And it feels awkward
To look at him.

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>The most recent chapters have the same names as the chapters where the couple first appeared, to signify that their stories have come to a close
>It's fatty's turn

I fucking swear, if he gives an inconclusive ending

I have to lose weight now
So I can get the confidence to face him!!
But I'm hungry.

"Do you want a piece?"

But I ignored him awhile ago.
He's so nice...!!
"Oh... no need..."
"I'm not hungry now, so..."

He found out I was lying!!

I'm sure Sonobe-kun
Also found it awkward to talk to me.
So there's a chance
He might end up hating me before I lose the weight...


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Not more. Not more. I want no suffering ;_;

Ok, I was lying. Give me more.

Oh shit let's go

"You have bento today?"
"Oh... sorry..."
"I have to go to the store now... (small) Eat first, okay?"

If Chiyo-chan found out this is all I'm eating,
She'd probably get worried about me...

Why exactly am I dieting again...?
Things're just getting awkward with Sonobe-kun,
So I'm sure he doesn't really care about me any-

"Why're you here...!?"
"I buy food from the store too, so I wanted to go with..."

So much shame...
So much shame...!!
"Oh... oh really...!?"
"Then I'll just go to the classroom..."

"Wait, Nashimoto-san"
"I'm dieting right now, so..."

"I like you"

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Yes! Come on boy, bring it home

You can use this instead, if you want.

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no thanks

Ganbare! Thicc-chan.

>"I like you"
This shouldn't go badly, right?

"You may hate yourself"
"But I like you the way you are now"

"And if you're not keeping your distance"
"Because you hate me"
"Then please go out wit me"

"Having a fat girlfriend is embarrassing, right!?"
"I might look better if I lose weight..."

"Other people's opinions"
"Don't matter"

"True, you're not thin"
"And your stomach is always growling."
"I know you're worried about that"

"I think all of that"
"Is really cute"

"The girl I like"
"Is the cute Nashimoto-san"
"Whose stomach growls every second"
"While she does her best to diet!!" [Rearranged bubbles a bit]

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Damn, he made Nashimoto extra cute with the expressions this chapter.

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>"Whose stomach growls every second"
that's some new fetish

"You like me fat...?"
"Well... no..."
"It's not that I like fat girls better..."

"But Nashimoto-san,"
"You hate how you look now,"
"So it might be awkward"
"If I say that's cute..."

"But I find it hard"
"When I can't"
"Stay by your side, Nashimoto-san"

"Now that I feel better,"
"I feel hungry again"

"Want some?"

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"It's good"
"Same here"

"It really does taste best"
"When I eat it with you"

"If you're gonna say that,"
"Then I might never ever lose weight..."

"Does that mean I can stay by your side forever?"


"Don't go on insane diets, okay?"
"Want one more?"

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Much thanks.


Thanks, guy.

>Does that mean I can stay by your side forever?

What would her kiss taste like?

>chubby chaser succeeds
About time.
Now we just need Onimusha to win please don't hurt him, he's a good boy

So glad that this couple survided, I really really like them, girls with fat complex are cute in manga.

You guys understand this victory only increases the chances for the next couple to get wrecked hard, right? Waka can't make them all wins.

Nice. Thanks for your work, TL user.
>Waka can't make them all wins.
Nothing wrong with that, though. I mean, as long as he wants do he can do whatever the fuck he decides to.

But he can.

half the girls don't even deserve their guys. When is it gonna be the other way around?

I agree with this man.

In case you're unaware, Motoyama and Shibasaki were exceptions to the rule. Bad things rarely happen in this manga, and all the "Waka is evil" shitposting has gotten old.

I still don't understand why Waka did this. It felt so fucking out of place.

Otaku guy doesn't deserve his girl. He should get dumped and join his bro in his quest for wizardry.

I agree it was out of place, especially Shibasaki, but I fully expect it to be resolved before the end. It certainly wasn't enough to warrant every thread dissolving into Motoyama-posting. I love this manga because it's cute and reminds me of high school, and it makes me sad that people only care about it so they can make the same shitty joke every week.

Onimusha is annoying when he is raping onscreen, for instance.


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A little cliche, but still a thumbs up in my book. Keep up the good work, Waka.

Still pissed about Motoyama though.

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Imagine the rapping in the anime. Ughh

I agree but it'll probably die in one or two week, don't think too much about it. Shitposting about something is generally more preferred over sincereposting so you just have to bear it for a while, unfortunately.

It could have been better if they gave them a couple of chapters more.

Maybe showing them going on a date to eat pasta or try to go jogging or to the gym together.

>die in one or two week
Why that number? Has there been an update regarding Motoyama's situation or what? Last I saw him Bato.to was still up.

I once tried meditation. Only lasted 2 days too. I know your pain.

Yeah you're probably right. Let me try and do some sincereposting myself.

My favourite chapter in the whole series is "Charisma". I think Katori's interaction with Takano is cute and hilarious. Does anyone else have a specific favourite chapter?

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Michief (when Suna is sick and Toda visits him)

Greatest love story ever told.

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The very first Gouda chapter with all the misunderstanding, or that chapter where Motoyama for once becomes the person wingman'd.

When this ends someone needs to make a list of all the couples that survived and all the couples that got rekt

Where's comfy Gotoubun thread ?

>couples that got rekt
>me x wakashibaya-sensei

Gone for a good 5 weeks or so now.

>5 weeks
I saw what you did there, and I don't like it

I just think people will lose interest finally, that's all.
Probably Ch. 140 Quiz, this panel melted my heart.

And I forgot to post the panel like a true idiot, amazing.

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I don't know why, but the thumbnail makes it look like she's the teacher from "We Can't Study"

Get rekt, fatass.


Do your best, little fatty

Or I swear to god

That face

I love Takano!

I'm sorry, could you repeat that? I didn't hear you over the W A V E S.

You can't be serious, you are just a shitposter, user

Best boy just got his shit together so next chapter will be the actual confession!

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Fat tears

>Fatty-chan finally together with Sonobe
Lay that good shit on me my nigga. The only fucking downside to this is we won't get to see them date and all lovey-dovey. Nice ending and all but still, I WANT TO SEE THEM AWKWARD DATING SHENANIGANS DAMMIT

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I feel like i recognize this artist

is it the same person who did that weirdass romantic comedy series with the one girl who wears a boys uniform and gets mistaken for a boy by this sexually confused guy who smells feet


Wow, it's not quite on page 10 yet.

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Fuck, 2000h again.
Hey everyone, look at the dipshit.

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>i like you
>th-that's not fair sugawara kun!!!
literally how can she be this autistic

>she spent 4 pages clearly signalling that she wants to focus on exams and is glad that they're friends.

thanks, user

What's a good place to get raws? No matter where I look, I can't find a place that just lets me get a single manga's RSS feed.

same thought, might be the haircut and the stare

I mean they can still go on dates and be awkward together.

thanks, TL and TS.
brotoyama is dead, isn't he

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>raping Yamada
I have the weirdest boner right now and i admit that i am ashamed in the slightest

Gouda Kamine chapter when?

I want neo Sup Forums to leave.

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The original Spica is still close to my heart. I would've thought the remake was a solid 5, maybe 6/10 either way on its own but just the sheer nature of it being a callback to my favorite bumped it up a notch.

Fuck you.

>drawn like maybe like 20% thiccer than other girls

>how people actually talk
What are you, a weeb?

I love the Japs and their unabashed fat shaming

Toda is a beauty

How do you want stoic couple's last chapter to go?

It seems that Sup Forums tends to bond together when it comes to bro or wingmen characters.


From the guy.