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We all know Benji will job to Tserriednich, but how badly will he job?

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Ben will job so fucking hard to best prince despite probably having 4 of the best nen abilities available to him from his bodyguards by the end.

I think he will lose to Cammy

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I want them to get on the boat and gon will fall in love with katty and then she dies and then he realises she was fem!killua all along and he was hallucinating her and that hes in love with the real killua and then they kiss and killua cries from happiness and they legalise gay marriage in kakin and do a double wedding with ging paristion and cheadle

i literally hope this happens


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Wonder what Tse's nen ability is. It's kind of hard to see what's happening to the water. It looks like it's boiling but there's black shit in it too and it smells bad. Maybe something related to decomposition or something (even though water doesn't decompose like organic matter).

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So we've seen Gon-san and know how Gon will turn out. What about Killua? Will he become a muscle wizard like his dad or a twink? The latter would be a good contrast to how Ging is a bum.

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What was his game plan and end game before he knew about nen?

I mean, compared to Benjamin and Cammy the was outgunned and in the dark, he was more or less equal to 3 others... He was definitely not much of a factor until nen came in.

He is a specialist, so get ready for something nonsensical yet terrifying.

o my rubber farts

I can't wait for the spider to die and Shizuku be severely injured in tier 3 so Leorio can save her and then make tons of babies!

My money is on necromancy, or Togashi doing another boring nen theft ability. Why do I say the latter? I could picture Tse stealing Benjamin's guards' hatsu and taunting him. I really hope he's a necromancer.

Killua can't be super muscley with his godspeed ability, it will only slow him down. So probably well built but not bodybuilder type

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Hiatus this week

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It can be anything as long Tse imagine it, so basically once this baby hit HATSU you are going to see some shit.

I bet it's going to be something with a corrosive/corrupting theme.

Will Bateman honor their alliance?

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I want to fuck Kachou

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why are hisokafags still delusional

why are chrollofags still butthurt

Fuck off dumb frogposter.

why are all chrollo fans fujoshi?

Dropped as children.

Hisoka killed two spiders who didn't have there hatsu

im chrollo fan and im notfujoshi

No. She'll be the first person Bateman tests his new hatsu on. It's pure poetry.


Why do you like him? He's a boring character with zero personality and no unique abilities. The only appealing aspect is him being handsome.
You guys always get the catchiest songs.

I'm scared to click on that

Hold on, so Zeno have a brother? Where is he?

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he is in your pic

Ehhh I honestly can't see Tse defeating Benji just like that. Every single specialist we've seen has either had a non-combat ability or tried on their sheer strength to win fights. Kurapika is an exception, as his is basically the only combat specialist hatsu we've seen.

So either Tse defeats Benji through sheer combat ability (lol) or he has a hatsu with a whole bunch of weird conditions that won't have time to work against Ben.

>no unique abilities

Pitou is my wife

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It doesn't say that. Are you okay?

he copies the abilities of others

it's technically unique but come on, he's a boring blank slate, the protagonist of a persona game

Dayum, sounds legit.

What are you reading? it says five sibling (zoldyck kids), mom and dad (Silva and Kikkyo), grandparents (Zeno and his unseen, otherwise unmentioned wife), and great-grandfather, later retconned, Maha.

Maha > Zzigg > Zeno > Silva > Killua

So where is that wife!
>inb4 Tsubone

That's the point of his character though. He has no sense of self, so he relies on his leadership towards the rest of the troupe to give him that. Even his ability is stealing things from other people because he has no originality or personality to come up with his own. He's also a fairly mysterious guy, leaving some of the viewers to be more intrigued in him.

Kurapika's specialist abilities aren't offensive either. Emperor time raises his abilities in every nen category and stealth dolphin allows him to analyze stolen abilities.

pitou's terpsichora
skill hunter

I wish I could give you a medal, cause that taste is world class!

Chrollo, Ging and Illumi are probably the most important characters and with most build up expectation as they are central to Pika, Gon and Killua's motivation.
Hisoka is merely a plot device to help level up the protagonists, other than that i don't think you can be interested in Leorio's medical books as characters.

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How can somebody with an identity crisis lead a group of exceptional individuals? Chrollo is pretty cool.

Hisoka is central to Gon's character.

he can't thats why they are going to die

for the first two arcs

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Wtf was that

Whereas those three are devices used to drive the character development of the main cast, Hisoka is a genuinely entertaining character. Rather than being some goal which ends up being horrendously bland upon reaching, he provides some of the most memorable moments in the whole series. Sure he's less important for the story, but the merit of a character isn't tied to that.

Unless they have a phobia of clowns I don't see how anyone could prefer Chrollo.

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ugly af

Hisoka isn't a clown you idiot, he's a magician. Good job swallowing Chrollofag propaganda.

Silly Sup Forumsnon, Hisoka is a main character and has inherited Chrollo as his primary goal from Kurapika. Kurapika's new goal is Tse for his eyes

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He used to be, but there's only so much you can take of a generic psycho before it wears thin. At least he allows better characters to go through some development.

how'd he become a meme?

Hisoka isn't interesting for people who enjoy pondering on the reasons/moral beliefs on why characters are motivated to a certain goal. Fighting for the sake of itself is pretty fucking boring, Toguro was much of a better character because he was pretending to be a jerkass cause he hated himself and wanted someone like his past self to prove him wrong/punish him.
Chrollo, while Togashi hasn't written him wholly, i't obvious there are moral/political reasons that motivate him consistely, maybe revenge to political enemies of Meteor City, you name it.
I'm not the type of person that would find a character whose sole interest is fighting interesting.
>Hisoka is a genuinely entertaining character.
Depends on what you value in a story.

Character development isn't even his primary role. He's used by togashi to add excitement and unpredictability to otherwise dull stretches of the story, which was done during the boat. None of the main cast harbour any strong feelings towards him because he's as likely to save as he is to murder them. As a magician, he exists to bewilder and captivate the audience.

Favorite moment in the series?
Mine is pic related. Felt like both characters really showed their true selves to each other.

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As a chrollofag, I agree with this

I miss Gon and Kurapika

Would nanika get jealous if Killua had a female friend?

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gon's friendship with the others is genuinely adorable

Digits don't lie

no because killua is a gay

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Me too.

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“Hey killuas Gf, give me a handshake!”

There's got to be some consequences for Killua bypassing the consequences. What could they be?


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Who will win? The Phantom Troupe, or the entire first floor Bodyguards, Princes, Nen Beasts, Hunters, etc.

I cant really take Hisoka seriously now that i know he has a little dong.

that pic looks like it came straight out of jojo

I think making him go extreme clown mode is the most boring thing imaginable to do with his character, I wish he wasn't in this arc.

The troupe might win but basically wont be the troupe anymore since they most likely will lose almost all their members if they try and take the first floor.

The troupe, its not even close,they are all world class nen users, they dealt with a chimera ant infestation effortlessly when the average ant is stronger than most pro hunters.

Except it started to become stale after his antag to protag shifting.

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What does he listen to?

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Can’t believe Hisoillu ship is canon, on a ship. Hisoka and Illumi are fucking engaged; they’re now a couple. Looking forward to their death marriage. Hisoka is confirmed gay and Illumi is confirmed gay. Hisoka and Illumi are gay for each other confirmed. Hisoka proposed to Illumi and GAVE HIM AN ENGAGEMENT RING. Hisoka is queer/gay enough to do that in settling that kind of agreement. He settled that agreement with a touch of his queerness. Hisoka is a madman and is crazy enough to have Illumi, his husband, kill him in exchange for his wealth. That’s twisted love right there. All of Hisoka’s money goes directly to Illumi once he dies. Old people: grandmothers, grandfathers, who are close to dying choose to give their wealth as inheritance to someone they love, like their children. Hisoka chose Illumi to give all his money to because Illumi is the closest thing to him. He’s the only person Hisoka considers as a friend. They’ve known each other for a really long time. Illumi has known Hisoka longer than Chrollo. Hisoka and Illumi are both insane and mentally fucked up people. They have a give-and-take relationship. They’re meant for each other, are gay for each other, are perfect for each other, and are one true pairing. I can see why this Hisoillu ship is so popular and plenty of Hisoillu fanart is getting pumped out because of that prenuptial agreement. They’re not “literally” married, but Togashi made it seem that way. He ships Hisoka and Illumi and is pro LGBT. Togashi is pushing the gayness out in a really creative way, with a play on words.

gay furry music

Tserriednich got 5 of his bodyguards registered as affiliate Hunters. 2-3 are with him. The other 3-2 might be with him or waiting to assassinate a Prince in the other rooms.

He also got rid of Benjamin's guard by swapping him for one of his mom's bodyguards, this means the only people spying on him are men from the second and third Queen (assuming he doesn't have a bad relationship with his mom). That is a better position than Zhang Lei's and arguably better than Camilla's since military men are probably more dangerous than regular bodyguards.

The sound of Gon's breathing.

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I just hope Tse isn't going to be overpowered just because he is supposedly a genius. It should still take him months or years to hone his skills to match top tier hunters or the spiders.

Anyone who is not a retard knows that by now Hisoka is the character that Togashi will use to end the troup plot line, in fact, he made him come back after death to fulfill that, is the only purpose he has as a character because he is the only one who can and has motives to do it.

What I'm trying to say is that Hisoka as a character the only tie he has to the series is the troup, chrollo specifically (and well gon). So if he wins then what? He leaves the story to wait 10 years for gon? Obviously not, and that implying he will get his powers back. Other characters have much to offer than him at this point, like chrollo who still needs to get to a conclusion with himself.

Hisoka is done in this arc, in fact he already died, Togashi as a writer won't keep him alive for very long , it always feels wrong for a character to resurrect and achieve what they wanted or play a big role in the long shot.

Hisoka is the new MC and will join Leorio on the DC arc.

Yeah, send two inexperienced kids against someone stated to be stronger than Netero, what could go wrong.

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But Gon has so much potential...