You're Under Arrest, Sup Forums!

You're Under Arrest, Sup Forums!

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I still remember liking the trap for years when I was a kid, then I eventually discovered that it was a guy.

>You will never be a repeat offender for the sake of getting Natsumi to use you as a punching bag and Miyuki to trample all over you

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good thing I'm not black.

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Did Ken ever get to bone Miyuki?

Is getting my penis handcuffed by their mouths and jailed in their pussies while I am forced to serve my semen-tence one of my rights?

What happened to you A.I.C....

herp derp it was Deen that did this one.

>herp derp
What an odd feeling this is to read this now.

Did Nakajima tap Miyuki?


What happened to Studio DEEN?

Currently watching this.
A shame that this genre is so rare.

>my face when he can’t even meme properly
>my face when I have nonface

Epic fail

I would literally watch a 1000 episodes of the same thing with this. Soap opera style etc. I want to see the characters go about their daily lives too as well as interesting lowkey traffic police stuff with the end of arc serious danger stuff. The movie was fucking great too.

Post more pls

There's criminally not enough fanart of the series never mind any porn.

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Well, at least noone has to read any Natsumi x old dudes doujins.

The English version of the first volume was the first manga I ever bought. Always liked cop shows, thought this would be cool. Was not disappointed

>you're under arrest
We need more anime about cops doing cops thing.

She accepts Ken's proposal in the last season of the anime
They manga isn't fully translated, so I don't really know

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>then I eventually discovered that it was a guy.

They reveal it in literally minutes of his arrival

>it's an Strike Otoko episode
I fucking love this guy.

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YUA is criminally good stuff
All of the girls, hell, and a few of the guys are top tier cuties
The writing of the anime was also years ahead of its time in terms of jokes-- a surprising amount of the humour holds up very well today, we've had a coincidence of cultural changes that have even made some of it much, much funnier

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I just wish they remember Tokairin was a thing.

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Hitler was too rare, though.

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To be fair, it IS hard not to fall in love with this man

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>no one has remux the dvd subs with the proper BD rips

They really need to reprint the first season of DVDs. Christfuck those things run high.

Natsumi is mai waifu

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Natsumin and Toukarin were truly an excellent couple

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I remember masturbating a LOT to the episode where Miyuki trained to ride that little bike that Natsumi used. I should download this show.

There are BD's?

I got a 9 for her

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I wish more episodes had them in their winter uniforms
This show made me into a uniform fetishist

It'll be better than you remember it

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This has been in my back log too long. Who has the best subs for this?

>This show made me into a uniform fetishist

I blame that particular little quirk on Patlabor myself. Lady cops be sexy.

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>I got a 9 for her
Jesus. Am I even allowed in the queue with my 5?

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I think any you grab these days would probably just be the R1 DVD rips.

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Patlabor never really worked its magic on me for some reason

I watched it first but YUA turned out to be what I expected Patlabor to be like but without mech (at least until that one episode where Myuki DOES get a mech, which was pretty fun)

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The 4 OVA episodes still look great, though.

>great basketball player
>better woman than a normal woman
>turns into a trap to catch molesters
>builds plamos
Aoi is too good.

>more feminine than all of the other women on the force
too pure for this world

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I want a big boobie police girl to arrest me and trample over my rights and balls.

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Did someone say lady cops?

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Can you just kill me instead?

Did that page get mirrored?

It was an early Dark Horse release so probably

I see what you mean.

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this, and they stopped translating it shortly after

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YUA is one of the few times I will whole-heartedly say that the anime was a complete upgrade from the source material
Comparing these panels to the frames of the episode is one good example, but the voice acting is great and the animation are tied together really nicely, along with a better overarching plot

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A lot of stories where printed out of order too. It was a very sloppy release.

What was your favorite OP/ED?

I really liked the second TV season STARTING UP theme myself

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I am guilty of Miyuki Love speed overlimit.
Where is my violation ticket?

Myuki's abject horror and disgust and Ken sulking in the corner for 5 episodes

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Eh, I'll take what I can get.

OVA OP and TV OP 1 are super jams.

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>it's a "someone tries to rape Aoi" episode

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What happened to Myuki to cause her to go from this...

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>tfw a remake might happen
>more yuri moments are added

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No sequel where the girls annouce their retirements where they can look over their rookie cadets to train and motivate them until they are ready for the future of joining in part of the police.

Missed opportunity right there and I don't mind having more yuri.

blu ray of the series is out? Or do you mean the movie which already has a BD

Why a remake? you can just pick up where season 3 left off. This is just going to result in repeating stories we already told because the first show covered so much ground even it started to repeat itself a bit.

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Natsumi is probably the reason why I love tomboys. Natsumi gave me boners before I understood what they were.

They still give me a boner after all these years.

I love hearing stuff like this. I like to imagine shota user's checking if anyone is in the house so they can watch girly cartoons alone and get a funny feeling. Sailor moon seems to be the most prominent for this.

Only if you're black.

I miss this.

I remember how I furiously masturbated to them when I got the VHS.

Sailor moon and Fushigi Yuugi for me. I really have no fucking idea what the local tv network was thinking when they aired Fushigi Yuugi.

>that lancia

>tfw if this show was made today they would be moeshit waifu pandering tsundere/airheads

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Favorite OP

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>it's a strikeman episode

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>back log too long. Who has the best subs for this?

Yeah but THIS particular cutie will suck you dry once and for all.

This is idiotic meme gibberish. Have you ever even watched anime?

This show had potential be amazing but there was too much of the mangaka's bullshit that brought it down. The 20 year old marrying some 60 year old was where I couldn't take it anymore and dropped it.
The characters are really good though. Soundtrack is underrated.

>Dropping a series because of a trivial sub subplot for a side character

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If it was a trivial subplot I wouldn't have minded but they stuck around and opening up that motorcycle shop so they keep showing up.

Trivial as in, it doesn't even matter. I think it's weird to have a pretty much disgusted reaction to it. Unless you've got some trauma related to it then my bad. But the obvious solution is just "Whatever, next episode". You can't just enjoy something so much to go and drop it so easily.

No trauma or anything, it's just absolutely disgusting.
And besides, there was other stuff that bothered me too. The on-going joke of "Aoi is about to get raped" felt really insensitive and a handful of episodes were straight up garbage (Aoi's intro, old lady on the scooter, the prince love interest to one of the girls and the kid almost dying in the collapsing building come to mind).

Do you assholes actually read the shit you're typing?

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Same guy you replied to here. My brother called me gay for watching Cardcaptor Sakura and I cried probably proving him right.

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There facial designs would be less angular, and their hair could potentially be more varied in color, but that's about it.

>dat sideboob

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>it's a "somebody pulls out a real gun" episode

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currently watching Full Throttle
I enjoy it very much, it warms my heart

Those facial expressions are so adorable