Holy barnacles

Holy barnacles.

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Speaking of which, update when

Is he OK?

What kind of animal is the guy second from the left supposed to be, some kind of monkey?

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New chapter when?

71 and 72 are up.

That was last week, and the manga updates weekly. 73 Raws should be out

The 73 raws are out, now we've just got to wait for them to be translated

Yeah, I know the tl-user that comes here has RL shit, I guess its a bit hopeful to want a scheduled weekly release

I drop the manga when it centre around that shoujo manga slut rabbit,
but this page makes me interested again.

Does it get better?

You tell me user.

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The Deer heads the Lion Yakuza
Lugosi is working with a back ally doctor to hunt down carnivores who eat herbivores
Lugosi just confronted the guy who killed that one kid at the school

You missed a lot of good fucking shit.

Also: Legosi is a fucking halfbreed. His mom a slut.

Other half what?

Figured so, really want to see the translation. What day does the raw come out?

>sleep with literally EVERYONE in the bed
>somehow every chads in school wants her
>s-she done nothing wrong because she is weak!
Fuck this slut
She is obviously thr author's self insert
Legosi deserve better

The mystery and premise are cool but I hate that rabbit

* in the school

>somehow every chads in school wants her
Want her in what way? Almost every herbivore just wants to fuck her. Legosi and Louis were the only ones that actually cared about her more than just being a cumbucket

>She is obviously thr author's self insert
Funny enough, the moment when were shown that BOTH Legoshi and louis cared for the school bicycle is when i just knew the author was female.

I just saw this in the catalog and got curious so I don't know what this manga is but
Is this for real?

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and then the part where the "good" shit is immediately invalidated by garbage

You just posted your own size comparison, use it.