Darling in the Franxx Impatience Thread

When is the new PV coming out and why isn't it coming out sooner?
What will happen in the next episode?


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Zero Two dies hopefully


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More cute moments with 02 and Hiro.

Watching this show made me realize how much I want a girl to have a dumb pet name for me.
And that's sad

It will be a Chlorophytum episode
We'll learn why Milkman asked for a pen

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>this fucking soundtrack

Can someone PLEASE tell Japan that we don't actually like nigger music. They did the same thing on one of the BnHA tracks and it ruined the whole thing.

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>nigger music plays
>female bodies get revealed
Really makes you think

>the fluid only dissolves clothes
>not the skin of the pilots

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When i fist watch this i was amazed by the story and mistery of the klaxosaurs. Also want a alien GF who calls me darling. Hiro (a 2D virgin) cucked me...

The fuck? Manga is different from the anime. Did Yabuki not want to cuck Hiro or something?

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NTR soon.

It might be because of that, but it was probably more to condense some story to speed up the manga so Yabuki can get to that beach chapter he likely wants to do badly.

No cucking shall happen.

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The only nigger around here is you, nigger. That music actually pairs perfectly well with the scene, as if one of the pilots were playing it on his stereo or something.


Some tell me what the hell is going on with her left/bottom boob

anyone else got bored just waiting for something to actually happen like? knowing what happened to the world, or battles with a major outcome for the plot

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Reminder that the clothes are painted on.

>Have no expectations
>Get pleasantly surprised every week because I enjoy the characters and they are able to avoid typical romance cliches of the MC avoiding contact with women, the MC's bro doesn't hold in his confession for some roundabout reason, the tsundere is actually a good character,

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Not painted, 3D printed. There's a carbon fiber-like layer under the paint.

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That's definitely not how boobs work and it's a shame because it's a great pic otherwise.

>What will happen in the next episode?
Kokoro, Fatty, Ikuno, and Mitsuru time to shine.

For tsundere you mean Miku?

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She's Asuka without all the mommy issues and wanting to fuck older men.

If not for 02 she'd be top gal.

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Its his time to be loved by Sup Forums and to suffer.

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Older men? Enlight me, user.

What can they do with his character to make people give a shit about him?

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002 has been the pistil of Strelitzia for at least two years.
Strelitzia is a valuable piece of military hardware, so conservatively assume she makes two sorties per week on the front-lines.
Stamens with 002 in Strelitzia only last three rides.
52 weeks * 2 years * 2 sorties per week = 208 sorties with 002. 208 / (3 rides per stamen) = at least 69 stamens have piloted 002's ass.

How many stamens has 002 licked?

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Isn't her face a little TOO sexy for a mech?

Stop that, it's not funny, it's just stupid.

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Asuka always wanted to fuck Kaji so she would seem mature and experienced

Go watch Eva you chuckleshmuck

>Zorome says he wants to pilot with 02
>Miku says she wants to pilot with the P26 guy
They're just teasing each other

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Give him a backstory and characterization. Just like they did with everyone else in the show.

I hope they don't get tainted with unnecessary drama. I fear for the future.

So the blond is going to rape fatty to make a baby right? Is that where they find out that they are all sterile clones?

She's so easy

Backstory that will make me like this pathetic white knight fatass who won't stop stuffing his face?

-Has an existential crisis because of Kokoro and goes apeshit on Mitsuru
-Sacrifices himself for someone else Getter style
-Make him a double agent for APE HQ

Does this mean Kokoro knows about sex?

How do they take the suits off without destroying them?

What if they need to pee while waiting on standby during a long mission?

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I hope Futoshi is a double agent for APE HQ.

Timeskip with babies when?

Timeskip with mitsuru buried six feet under when?

Episode 24.

Are these from Trigger/A-1?

milkman is going to get himself a sweet ride to replace the crippled horse he's been burdened with, and show everyone how truly amazing he is just in time for the showdown with nonon's group

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I'm sure they just destroy/wash it off with something similar to the machine that prints them

In the OVA/Episode 25

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Yes. There's an exhibition going on where they're showcasing art from a few series.

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h-holding hands?!

how do I get gud at getting stuff from pixiv?

Okay but what if it turns out they can't have babies?

Why are most of the boys in Franxx fucking twigs, betas, edgelords, or homosexuals in disguise? Where is a real man? They're like 16 right?

There isn't a secret aside knowing what keyword to type in. Twitter is more tricky to find good stuff, which sucks because that's where all the best artist are posting their stuff now.

Fuck you.
My heart will be absolutely crushed

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he dead though

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he was a big guy

This show has been so boring the only reason I watch is due to pink haired dinoslut

Jesus christ somebody die already

>Impatience Thread
Everyone will die. End of the story. Now go back to your trashcan.

YOU will die

I thought she was grabbing an onion, but it was just a lamp

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For 02.

Goro and Ichigo
>Strict but loving mother and carefree relaxed dad of camping trips, probably the best parents overall. Balanced and happy kids.
Zorome and Miku
>That TV sitcom couple who are constantly arguing with each other but stay together. Kids have some issues from the constant fighting
Mitsuru and Kokoro
>Loving but excessively coddling mother, Somewhat cold dad who constantly pushes his kids to succeed hard. Kids have issues
Hiro and 02
>Kids required strong oni genetics to survive their mothers spartan upbringing. She loves them a lot. Hiro's a pretty cool dad too, and the sensible one in the relationship. Kids are happy but kinda weird.

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P26 should've kicked Hiro's ass.

When they first showed the spider above the sink hiro washes his face in I was like "why does that spider have a fucking bread roll in its web" when it had built it around a lamp

Mitsuro and Ikuno
>Been married for several years. Hate each other's guts but divorce is too expensive so they just tolerate each other for their kids sake. They sleep in different beds.

When will Hiro look like this?

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He has to lose a brother first...

See ya goro.

In two episodes this show managed to do something that took Toradora 25 episodes to pull off.
It's really refreshing to see a romance anime where the characters actually tell each other how they are feeling.

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You shut your filthy whore mouth.

She can lick my stamen, if you know what I mean

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Ichigo is the mother who'll be shorter than her kids by middle school.

>Hayamin voicing Kokoro giving birth

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>tfw Ichigo and Goro will never be your parents

Why live

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Don't joke about that. He just dodged all of his previous flags.

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Time for trigger to close up shop.

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I think he mean how to get the image on the original size instead of just "save image as..."

You just click on the image or on the arrows at the top left if it's a log. Pretty basic.

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Have you joined the CAF yet, Shitpost-chan?

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How many more hours till the PV?

after 02 dumped him, we can see fog in his mask, so i assume he was still breathing

27 hours.

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cant argue

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Cute. Do you have a webm of Ichigo's peace sign?


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