Will you take the call?

*ring* *ring*

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Chrollo looks so ugly in the 1999 in anime.

Is Mr Tenmour there?


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10 more to go

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Hello, I'm Illumi.

Quick rundown on who this guy is please?


>Zodiacs bow to Chrollo

>in contact with mysterious beings

>rumoured to possess psychic abilities

>controls Meteor City with an iron fist

>owns castles and banks all over the world

>direct descendant of the ancient royal blood line

>will bankroll the first cities on the Dark Continent (Chrollongrad will be be the first city)

>own basically every NEN editing research facility on Earth

>first designer babies will be Chrollo Babies

>said to have 200+ IQ

>ancient scriptures tell an angel who will descend upon the Earth and will bring an era of enlightenment and unprecedented technological progress with them

>He owns Nenobot R&D labs around the world

>You likely have Chrollobots inside you right now

>He learned his ability in under a week

>Nation states entrust their gold reserves with him. There's no gold in Ft. Swaldani, only Ft. Chrollo

>he is 26 years old, from the space-time reference point of the base human.

>In reality, he is a timeless being existing in all points of time and space from the Chrollo bang to the end of the universe

Chrollo will guide humanity into a new age of wisdom, peace and love

Can you hear my raging erection through the phone, Chrolly-boy?

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But who was phone

Make over specialist

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Wtf? No way bro

>merely pretending

What a cutie.

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Jesus was a transmutation nen user
>healer (healing agents)
>bread and fish multiplier
Only out of place was weather control and walk on water, rest is spot on





he is the clown nightmare

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