Muh rub my breasts and suck on them like a kid: The show

>muh rub my breasts and suck on them like a kid: The show

Who actually faps to this? Truly underage shit. Its the exact same shit all the time.

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You know what's worse than a closet faggot? A vocal faggot. Go back to the closet, and don't come out.

Sounds like a series with a good plot and excellent animation with pristine manga detail art.

The anime actually did adapt the LN art pretty well, IIRC.

DxD is better

HxH is better

I love Kurumi.
I mean, just look at that face, it makes me diamonds.

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Kurumi is a whore, how can anybody like her? She is 13 yo... wtf

Silly OP, that's not Seikon no Qwaser at all haha

Kurumi is ugly af lol Zest looks like a slut


I wish I was Basara

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Post more Zest, Zest is Best.

That's because the anime is toned down

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>who faps
ME! Cause the doujins are god tier.

Lewd succubus is a cute white hair loli most of the time.

Love this trope.

>>muh rub my breasts and suck on them like a kid: The show
Wrong show.

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>fapping to still images with no sounds
Better off with your own imagination instead of living like a prisoner

He's not wrong. 90% of the lewd scenes are basically this. Sometimes he rubs their ass.

>wedding rings

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Read the LN

why instead of that shit not just have them fuck
>le blueballs
is shit, isn't japan suppose to mass advertise sex/childrens to weebs?

>reading porn

What are these sisters doing with their hands?
>She is 13 yo... wtf
That's the point, user.

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He fucks them, just not in the anime for obvious reasons.

That reminds me, what was the name of that LN battle school with Salomon Seals and he gets 2 of the girls pregnant at the end of it ...

Even in the LNs that's a recent development. It was pretty much what OP is describing for about the first 8 novels, with the occasional paizuri.

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I think you're referring to this one; Magika no Kenshi to Shoukan Maou.

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Thats the one.

It should've been full on hentai instead of this crap.

muh dick

why do faggots like this always miss the point of ecchi?

what series is this?

OP filename

god, were these animated with a nokia brickphone?

Maria was great. no idea if she had her own animator but she moved in really amusing ways throughout S1.

Rubbing breasts is divine, the problem was that with a few notable and extremely hot exceptions it was rubbing painted balloons instead.
Animating softness and weight is hard i suppose.

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