Devil fruits

If you could have one devil fruit in one piece what would it be? I'd choose the Hie Hie no Mi, the Ice fruit.

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The one from that Yokkora doujin

None of them are that interesting to me. I'd rather just be super strong or whatever.

Literally any fruit at all.


I'd literally kill myself immediately if I got that one

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The fruit that the huge robot guy had, the one that repels stuff. I'd like to get rid of all my and other people's pain and suffering

The Pōtaru Pōtaru no mi

Pika pika no mi

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The suicide fruit

Nearly any Paramecia fruit. Most can become completely broken if trained.

Haki made fruits like logia less powerful than paramecia, imo.

The paw paw

this is filler shit

There's no Haki irl. Almost any Logia would make you a living god irl. Especially

I like oranges but the peeling process is annoying so I would have to go for a green apple

Law's swap fruit. I could swap into a hot guy, kidnap a hot girl. Whenever I wasn't using one of them, I'd keep them locked up in a room with no exit. If I got caught, I could just pretend to be the victim, then swap into someone else.

I'd be an immortal existence that could have the best of every world. No matter what someone had, I could take it from them. The life of ultimate hedonism.

The invisibility fruit from Thriller Bark is the only useful one I can think of

Whichever one offers endless regenerative abilities and eternal youth.

Either this for the same reason Sanji wants it or gomu gomu no mi or pika pika no mi

Psychopathic as fuck, but in a world where devil fruits exist and no haki would be nothing but chaos so who gives a fuck at the point. We'd all be terrible people

"I have nothing to discuss starter kit."

fruit that makes people fat and shit themselves?

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the question didn't ask if it was irl though.

enel devi fruit is still my favorite

That only happens if you do them in the shitter.

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I feel like the assumption in this thread would be that you'd also be in the OP universe


I'd want whatever fruit Mr.2 had

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The one that can turn you into a girl

Probably Robin's devil fruit for the same reason why Oda would want it, I'd get more shit done that way

But with just a fruit and no superhuman one piece level reaction time, you could die to a bullet just as easily.

same fruit, im obsessed with ice powers

The operating room one. The sheer number of applications it has is ridiculous.

As a youth I might have said Absalom's for perverted reasons but honestly, I'd probably go for it just because it would make life so much easier, stealing stuff I need to survive, being able to just go anywhere and do's probably the most convenient for my lifestyle and unlike the powerful ones which would cause way too much collateral damage and cause the government to hunt you down, it's not hard to use it without getting attention drawn toward yourself

In real life or one piece world?
Regardless, Goro Goro ni Mi.
So much fucking potential, specially in real life.

>Robin's devil fruit
I'd be the world's greatest masseuse/ puppeteer/chef/DJ/chess player/every sport player/ cat catcher/ thief. And it would make me the richest cuss in the world .

Also it's best girl Robin's power

Oda would use it to creat penises across the entire city, and that's about it

The darkness one back beard had. I mean if he jacked white beards shit whose to say you couldn't keep going? Just murder and throw a tarp over your desired kills and boom OP as fuck.

The age regression fruit.

Horu Horu no Mi
Ivankov isn't using it to its full potential
First order of business would be to get my ideal body
Second would be optimizing my body.
Improving muscle function and strength, bone density, mental functions, improving my metabolism, etc.
Imagine being physically stronger, faster, and more intelligent than the rest of the world. These are all things you could do, considering how powerful these hormones are.
You could learn faster, think more quickly, cure things like your depression, physical abnormalities would be fixed too.
The Fruit is really held back by its uncreative user. Who knows how strong it'd get if it could be awakened.

Goro Goro no mi.
Only instead of being super fucking autistic and using my magical fruit to blow up a sky island because "one of these things is ok and the other isn't" I would just sit on my ass eating bananas and groping handmaidens.

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You sound autistic.

sage sage no mi
theres already a one piece general

luck luck fruit from the gold movie

Whatever streusen's fruit is called. Fuck you big meme, the food doesn't taste horrible, you just have shitty tastebuds.
>all the anons wanting logia fruits
Fucking shitters.

Ito Ito or Ope Ope, both have the power of doing whatever's convenient at the moment, so they'd surely come in handy.

this is actually kinda interesting, i was gonna say the only ones that fit the bill are
>sugars hobi-hobi
>Bonneys age-age fruit
>Tamago and his stupid ass egg DF

all of which are trash, but then i started thinking and theres also
> Brooks DF gives you an extra life (but you gotta die first)
>Ope -Ope can allegedly grant some sort of 'immortality'to someone else (but at the cost of the users life)
>marcos regenration flames seem to be pretty broken, and he hasnt seemed to have aged since the flashback with shiki some 20 odd years before the current events?

either way Hana-Hana no mi is the only choice

Yami yami no mi. Simply because its concept in my opinion is fucking cool.

i want the one that lets me visect people and change hearts

man i stopped watching one pi after that fucking hafu hafu island with mr poison but that fruit is fucking cool

That's a pretty cool devil fruit.

The one that gets me true friends T_T

I always thought the Supa Supa and Pika Pika fruits were cool.

Enel's devil fruit.

Not picking destructive fruit that would get me arrested.

Blueno's fruit would be useful. Fun traveling everywhere and getting places faster.

Healing would be nice, I don't remember how effective that one dwarf princess' fruit was though.

Maybe Viola's fruit, get to see naked people easier than the invisibility fruit, read minds, and can do other shit like cheat, etc.

So, Bonney's fruit?

Ivankov's. I'd announce its power to the public and make bank

Oh and turn all of Sup Forums into little girls with the help of whoever gets bonney's fruit
Only time I'd use my fruit pro bono

Oh and Bege would be nice in practical real life. like near infinite storage within yourself, and you can do whatever you want in your body. Just have a fetish sex dungeon in yourself

ganja ganja fruit.
All my enimies get the munchies

I want the one that tastes like cherry

Some kind of fruit that you can use to speed up or slow down your perception would be cool - imagine being able to meditate on a problem for 100 years in the space of 5 seconds, or react to attacks like they're going as slow as a snail.

I agree with "the hack" on wanting robin's fruit. You can't beat it's ability to multitask

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i want the gomu gomu one

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Anime is life-filler bro

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If you get it can you hook me up with some of that super serum and no depression? Thanks.

I would go with pika pika or hie hi,

Sure no prob
I'll make ya pay but I can do that

Half the one piece characters can do that shit anyway, sanji dodged an attack from a dude who can see the fucking future.

>eat any fruit that gives you the ability to create something
>the moment people find out, the whole world deems you to be responsible for solving all of the problems in the world or else
>you don't have super speed or teleportation or whatever in addition to your power so this is impossible
>mass hysteria ensues and you are sentenced to be executed
Bari Bari for me. It's not too complicated but fairly versatile for how simple it is

Water Logia fruit

There are so many good ones.
I guess you'll have to choose one of your fetishes.
Bonney's fruit for me.
You could stay on an island and train for decades or longer without aging. When you come back you'll be the most OP character ever.

for me, its the mc chicken

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>Amerifats get to have McChickens for $1 while for us a single McChicken hamburger is 4,90€
Not fair

Hope you’re ready for some FREEDOM

Ovens heat heat fruit

Heal Heal fruit

>back beard

You are fucking retarded m8

Why is he so happy?

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None unless I found it and ate it,
I'd just sail the seas and be the free-est man on the ocean with my trusty sword

But user we'd be fugitives and pirates anyway

Now, at first glance it would seem like logias are the best option for the real world, because no haki means no weakness, but then you have to realize that their super human reaction time is how they avoid damage. If you want a fruit that makes you near invulnerable, I believe there are two options. There is Marco's fruit, which heals any damage instantly, and the dice dice fruit, which seems to turn his whole body into steel. Of these I would go with the dice dice fruit due to the attack bonus. However, if you just want raw, destructive power, tremor tremor fruit and rumble rumble fruit are the best options

Anything that can give me immortality of any form.

What about the gomu gomu no mi

Any logia that makes me able to fly without accidentally destroying anything in my near proximity.

If you arn't, why are you here?

That renders you immune to blunt damage, however you'd still be susceptible to piercing and cutting. I assume many types of rifle ammunition will go right through you since they can be considered piercing

>Hey babe, wanna cum inside me?
>nono its not what it sounds like, I just have a mysterious dungeon inside of me that I want you to explore.

>user goes full retard
>makes his bones too dense do he can't even move to reinject himself with a different hormone
>also forces his brain to overproduce adrenaline and strokes out popping blood vessels
You'd have to be extremely knowledgeable about human chemistry to make it work.

I'd just take pic related.

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Its not worth the price difference I'm sure but your's is higher quality.

Guns shouldn't effect you since we see luffy costantly shoot them back. Maybe they dont use a high enough caliber?

O MY no mi

They appear to use musketballs, which are just balls of lead, the trend in ammunition for a while has been to make them faster, at the cost of a slight decrease in caliber. Now they have an aerodynamic design, which also makes them pointier