Is Shinka a well designed character?

Is Shinka a well designed character?

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Kumin is an example of a well designed character

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They're both ridiculously good-looking.

Shinka is the most beautiful girl of all time.

Nice shapely backstory.

Why the fuck do people post this bitch so much?

Because she's hot, probably

We are paying our respects

It might be a single waifufag.

The wait for Shinka's movie is killing me

SEA manlet waifufag constantly posts worship threads about her or how he wants her to kick his ass because he's 5'3

When is the BD coming out again? I need more Shinka.

I wish I knew user.

We truly Kyoani fans are watching old Kyoanishows instead of VEG.


Yes, she has huge appeals to many within man and dog kind.

I respect Shinka's design.

I don't think she likes you, user.

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To call something "well-designed", it must be possible for it to be poorly designed. Shinka transcends that petty duality. Truly, she's more than a mere character. She could be no other way than as she is. To see Shinka is to experience the divine.

Sento is the best designed Kyoani girl

it's one guy + some others who think it's funny, or hoping to achive mommyposting/milkyposting tier recognition

>Sup Forums doesn't know what Shinka's character archetype is
>Sup Forums doesn't know why she still gets threads

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