Animes whose openings are better than the actual show

Examples (Surprisingly a lot):

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soul eater was great. fight me

lurk for 2 years before posting

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Great until the last couple of episodes. Having Maka punch out the universe's form of cthulu because muh bravery is such a cop-out. Also defeats a ton of the theme of strength through cooperation and synchronization with Soul.

The anime also leaves moral issues out when it could have been much better if it went more in depth on the ethics of soul hunting, the good witch kid, etc.

World-building could've been much better as well, more explanation on the different races in the world, the formation of death city, witches, werewolves (is it just played by all myths are real?), meisters and weapons and their interactions with the general public (do they keep secret somehow? If yes, how? If not, how is their reputation?). More explanation on Maka's mother/Death the kid's mother.

Thanks for the correction, kind autist


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while i agree on the ethics part i thought the end was average when it came out i liked it more after the manga had a worse ending tho. As far as cop-outs go defeating the avatar of despair with "elemental" bravery is not the worst

where would that be?

I certainly hope you've read the manga and are just complaining about the anime since the anime ends at the halfway point of the manga.

I've not read the manga but I'm aware that many of the anime's flaws are because it is missing lots of material from the manga and was ended early. I am only criticizing the anime.

Fuck off and post openings

The whole lead up to Ashura being fred was fantastic, Medusa's machinations were awesome. Then they did absolutely nothing with him until the end and Arachne was shit
No game no life had a great opening, both music and animation

Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko
Katte ni Kaizou
Ookami to Koushinryou

Dimension W is probably the best example of this. It outclasses the series in pretty much every aspect: animation, music, direction, composition, and even story.
Can't find the original on youtube but the Punchline OP

Aldnoah Zero also had a good opening sequence, while it had many flaws as an anime. There is a lot of copyright protection so the closest I can find on youtube is a russian cover.

Personally I'd say Samurai Champloo was as good as its opening, but nice picks.
ED but still relevant

Busou Renkin is, like, THE example of this.

I only watched the whole thing cause having a reason to belt MAKKA NA CHIKAIIIIII at my TV was worth it

Soul Eater was fine though the manga was better. Ending was weak in both versions but that didn't negate the rest of the series.

But the opening is like one of my favorite openings of all time. It's very well animated, plays with perspective in very creative ways, and has catchy music. The opening is great/amazing and the anime is good/fine

>elfen lied
I'd almost go so far to say /thread with that choice
Dragonaut The Resonance
Terrible anime dragon romance?, but damn I love this OP

Both Guilty Crown OP's rock my shit

While the anime ending was terrible there were a lot of loose ends that had to be tied together that involved several story arcs in the manga. So yeah it wasn't good but I've also stopped hating on it, it is what it is.

I liked the end of the manga. It was an interesting consequence of how their powers were emerging. It was different without being a full asspull.

>Valkyrie Drive
>Dimension W
These, altough one can still get enjoyment from both.

>samurai champloo

c'mon or you are just posting good opening, or you really didnt see Samurai Champloo

Fuck off, cancer. If you don't even care whether you use words correctly then you're not old enough to post here, back to facefuck with you.

Aldnoah Zero
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Tokyo Ghoul

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I fucking hate when people praise Berserk 2016/17 openings. They're just as bad as the rest, the songs sucks and is unfitting and is looks like garbage. Are people desperately trying to find something to like about it or do they just have shit in their ears and eyes?

>If I don't like something it means its shit.
user please.

ChäoS;Child. No good uploads exist on YouTube.

Warau Salesman

If anyone with half a brain can agree the show looks bad why can't we agree this does too?
It sounds like a naruto opening expept bad, which obviously doesn't fit berserk. Half the thing is Guts flailing around like a retard but you can't tell how he's moving because it looks like a slideshow of unconnected frames. And the other half is generic panning shots of side characters.
Please tell me what you see in it because i've propably watched it a thousand times trying to get why people praise it and I'm fucking clueless.

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so much 'Re' this and 'Re' that
How long until some anime comes out straight up called Reeeeeeeeeee

More like

Animes are so cool


This ain't even the best version of the OP, since there were like 12 versions of it.

Why does Japan keep putting "Re" in their titles


It's funny how often i mistakenly remember a series to be good or even great because of the OP.

>I've not read the manga

Then your opinion means nothing at all.

Go read the manga and then come back to talk about Soul Eater's end (which is shit in manga, but less shit than in the anime).

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>you need to finish the manga before you can have an opinion on the anime.
Yeah, I don't give a fuck, this is an animes thread, I gave an opinion on the anime. I didn't give an opinion on the manga.

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I like the song, why are you so mad?

Because everyone but me is wrong.

Because Japan still used e-mail texts until fairly recently, which had RE: in front of replies. They just saw it a lot.

This is the best example in the thread. Prove me wrong.

How so? There is a metric fuckton of bad anime. It's not a surprise a few of those have bet-

Stop wasting my time.