Dont mind me Im just the guy that can solo the entire narutoverse. also vegeta got my sloppy seconds

Dont mind me Im just the guy that can solo the entire narutoverse. also vegeta got my sloppy seconds

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search your feelings Sup Forums you know it to be true

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>Couldn't even make into the ToP

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Niether could Madara. And I'm not talking about Edo Tensei Uchiha Madara. No, I'm not talking about Gedou Rinne Tensei Uchiha Madara. Hell, I'm not talking about Juubi Jinchuuriki Gedou Rinne Tensei Uchiha Madara either. I'm talking about Kono Yo no Kyūseishu Futarime no Rikudō Juubi Jinchuuriki Gedou Rinne Tensei Uchiha Madara with the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan (which is capable of Enton Amaterasu, Izanagi, Izanami and the Tsyukuyomi Genjutsu), his two original Rinnegan (which grant him Chikushōdō, Shuradō, Tendō, Ningendō, Jigokudō, Gakidō, Gedō, Banshō Ten'in, Chibaku Tensei, Shinra Tensei, Tengai Shinsei and Banbutsu Sōzō) capable of using Katon, Fūton, Raiton, Doton, Suiton, Mokuton, Ranton, Inton, Yōton and even Onmyōton Jutsu, equipped with his Gunbai(capable of using Uchihagaeshi) and a Shakujō because he is a master in kenjutsu and taijutsu, a perfect Susano'o (that can use Yasaka no Magatama ), control of both the Juubi and the Gedou Mazou, with Hashirama Senju's DNA and face implanted on his chest, his four Rinbo Hengoku Clones guarding him and nine Gudōdama floating behind him AFTER he absorbed Senjutsu from the First Hokage, entered Rikudō Senjutsu Mode, cast Mugen Tsukuyomi on everybody and used Shin: Jukai Kōtan so he can use their Chakra while they are under Genjutsu. I'm Talking about sagemode sage of the six paths Juubi Jinchuuriki Gedou Rinne Tensei Uchiha Madara with the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, Rinnegan, Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, and Geass doujutsus, equipped with Shining Trapezohedron while casting Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann as his Susanoo, controlling the Gold Experience Requiem stand, able to tap into the speedforce, wearing the Kamen Rider Black RX suit and Gedou Mazou, with Hashirama Senju's DNA implanted in him so he has mokuton kekkei genkai and can perform yin yang release ninjutsu while being an expert in kenjutsu and taijutsu.

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How powerful would Yamcha be in the Narutoverse?

Probably would a competent Jonin.

maybe because he's fucking dead and Yamcha isn't brainlet

why would he want to join a soyboy tourament when he could play baseball and slay puss like a true chad

Theorically Yamcha could destroy a planet.

The problem with DBZ is that powerlevels are stupid and arbitrary and Toriyama doesn't do a good job of actually showing how powerful someone is.

Based on their feats in the anime, the humans are comparable to Naruto characters like Kakashi and Guy. Someone like Piccolo or Saiyan Saga Vegeta/Goku are probably end game Naruto Sasuke tier.

He could solo the 5 kages

Yamacha is much stronger than he was during saiyan saga. he took out racoom

>not canon

you're not canon

You're a fucking idiot, I hate you.
I can smell your unwashed asscrack all the way over here, if there is one law of the universe, it's that people who take shounen powerlevels seriously are disgusting scum.

people that don't care about there comrades are worse than scum

If it were Seth, he would be talking about how Yamcha is multiverse level.

sounds like an autist

You would be correct.

more canon than you, achmed

>also vegeta got my sloppy seconds
there's no evidence of this so no. bulma remained pure, end of.

>Yamcha remained pure
Fixed. Bulma was a slut who thirsted for every pretty guy she saw in the original mango, and she only shaped up once the manlet of all Saiyans started using her for training in the hyperbolic bedchambers.

Based on their feats, no.

Raditz blitzed the fuck out of both Goku AND Piccolo - One blew up an island effortlessly, one tanked the blast. They were both twice as strong when Raditz fucked them.

And Yamcha fucked a Raditz level being without a sweat (though he lost to a suicide attack) as of the Saiyan saga.

There's very few beings in Naruto that Saiyan Saga Yamcha couldn't blitz and destroy, though there's a few hax users that would probably give him trouble.

Now, if you're talking Tien or Krillin as of Buu saga, no, the Naruto verse is fucked.

She literally inserted a dragon ball up her vagina and constantly thought about guys. They fucked like rabbits m8.

Nevermind, not a dragon ball, just a pearl

Why didn't he learn Kaioken? Hell, why didn't Tenshinhan, the guy who was known to be incredibly proficient at learning new techniques?

Only if Yamcha is in the DBZverse.
Once he goes to Narutoverse, his ki becomes chakra and can be completely turned off/blocked off.

It's an extension of the Overpowered InuYasha theory: powers and power-sources transfer to their nearest equivalent when in another manga.

Chakra and ki are 2 different things user everyone can use ki if they know how to , you need to already have chakra in you in order to use it .

King Kai is an asshole maybe thats why

What about Musou Tensei

The worst thing Dragonball Super has done is make my fag friend who's obsessed with power levels and shit to always go on a tirade about how fucking strong Goku is.
I don't give a shit if he could fight Superman, I know that he'd beat my favourite shoenen characters etc.
I just wanna talk about plot and shit and it's constant power level wank.

Yamcha could be beaten by psychic hax unless he just like blew up the entire Ninja continent