Post the best scientists you know.

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Isn't she a Mage

I refuse to believe that kurisu is intelligent enough to be some scientist. I mean we are just told about her qualifications and work and she makes plot devices out of think air thanks to writers and pseudo science nonsense but we never see/feel her being actually smart and intelligent. She's no different than your average stupid anime Character.

Is this what she looks like in the VN? If yes then thank God for White Fox

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No, it's fan art.

Speaking of which, isn't Hawking, who helped CERN discover making mini black holes and coincidentally discovered time travel in the process dead?

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Why do you think this thread was made?

>I refuse to believe that kurisu is intelligent enough to be some scientist. I mean we are just told about her qualifications and work and she makes plot devices out of think air thanks to writers and pseudo science nonsense but we never see/feel her being actually smart and intelligent. She's no different than your average stupid anime Character.
Kurisu is a genius

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read the VN, she completely trashed Okabe and his nonsenses with real science before the whole time machine thing

I know.
I just wanted to put it out there.
My point is that Hawkins is an evil man and is a CERN puppet who helped them take over the world

Those legs don't lie. Definitely scientists.

Time is convoluted in Akihabara

It's almost like the anime skipped the entire argument with Okabe and Kurisu about the science of time travel near the beginning.

Looks this is now a steins;gate thread.

New anime hype, hopefully it's as good as the VN

It has 13 episodes, that ship has sunk.

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Really? I can't find the info anywhere

>as good as the VN
I really fucking hope not, the VN was absolute irredeemable garbage.

It came out a couple days ago in a magazine and there were a few threads on it.

Can someone explain why 13 episodes is a bad thing? Come to think of it I've never watched an anime with less than 20 episodes...

Even in the somewhat abridged anime she's self-evidently intelligent, motivated and accomplished.

0 is far too big to function with just 13 episodes.

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Adapting a 28-ish hour story into 13 episodes means there is a ton of cuts and lost information, resulting in an extremely inferior product unless a 1 in a billion chance happens and it ends up somehow being good.
I think people exaggerate 0 being shit too bad, it isn't as good as the original but it's still good.

The only good thing about 0 was the fact that an anime is being made, which will hopefully get us some nice doujins and pixiv art. If it weren't for that, zero was a huge mistake.

It wasn't garbage - the first was pretty much a masterpiece and that's what it's getting compared to

You'd understand if you read the VN.

reading is hard though

It's just like reading subtitles retard

Yoshinoya-sensei and Aniki

I wasn't into VNs for a long time until I read S;G and now I am into them pretty hard.

That's going too far. Yes, 0 didn't quite live up to the hype built up by the JP readers, but it was still an engaging, fun read. It had the potential to surpass the original but unfortunately there were too many missed opportunities.

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Subtitles are accomplished with voice acting and animation though

I would like to get into VNs but I literally cannot sit through a VN. I get bored immediately

Missed opportunities is the biggest problem 0 had, there was a bunch of story lines that either went no where or were completely dropped. Otherwise the game is good and the endings are great.

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Well, S;G has voice acting (as do many other VN's).

Most VNs have slow intros but they pick up.

I'll think about it. Are the VAs for the VN the same as the ones in the anime? If I watched the entirety of Steins;Gate is there any reason to read the Steins;Gate VN?

I'm something like an hour into Tsukihime and it's just so boring. Will it get any better?

There is quite a bit of stuff in the VN that doesn't happen in the anime, and losing all of Okabe's internal monologue really undervalues him as a main character in the anime.

I'm not sure but there's no noticeable difference and yes there's some alternate endings that are worth seeing

Or you can just wait for S;G elite with anime animation and voice

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>there's no noticeable difference
They frigging cut the whole Tennouji thing in the anime

>no noticeable difference
I'm not so sure about that.

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Turning a loving father that try to protect his children into a fucking cold blood killer is a big noticeable to me

They fucked up so much shit. Literally the only person who would say this is someone who didn't even touch the VN.

I'd say it was overhyped because of the settings itself, with the whole deal with WW3 and dark mood.
If Distant Valhalla or Hyde of the Dark Dimension ever got its own VN, you bet your ass it will be overhyped to oblivion too.

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I wouldn't mind seeing an adaptation of Hyde actually.

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With how short the adaptation is, I hope Gehenna's Stigma is adapted, even as a Mahofag.

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Forgot pic

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If you rape a girl you can never go back

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>can never go back
Okabe can actually

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I wish she had more screen time. Seemed nice.

You'll never go back with the pleasure and lust of raping a girl, like a woman who's been fucked by a horse cock.

And what would you expect from it? A whole VN of Rounder Okabe and Moeka doing some Rounder stuff?
Of course we won't get that, it'll be 30 hours of Okabe running from everyone instead

It would irrevocably scar you.

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I'd love for a novel of gamma Okabe brainwashing Suzuha and send her back to the past to aid him in his dystopia quest along with Moeka actually

She's also dead.

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Kurisu is such a fucking NERD.

Can you STOP suggesting lewd things with Suzuha?

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You're right the time for suggestions is over. THe time for action is now.

Not really, she's alive and kicking well

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They already said they're going to combine Mayuri and Amadeus route, and that's it.

But she's so sexy user.

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Reminder Tennouji praises her for having god tier belly/navel

Reminder this sexy girl live by by eating bugs and grass on her daily basis


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I don't care if it'd be overhyped or mismanaged, I'd wish for an expansion to Gamma on a monkey's paw.

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What if people end up hating Moeka even more due to a botched job?

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I really didn't like Moeka for a long time until Twin Automata.

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That doesn't seem plausible but I would accept anything.

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>not a single post about Stephen Hawking
That's obviously why this thread was made in the first place.


Take it to /sci/, this thread is for scientist and scientist erotica

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Take this bigger one.

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You're welcome.

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I wish I could be reborn as Suzu-chan in my next life.

Is that so?

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You missed your chance, she was already born last year

The cast is so fucking hot.

Outrageously so.

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Suzuha, Kurisu and Moeka especially.

>Brainlets thinkin SERN had any power

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OK, just finished zero, need some need help on how the fuck can Okabe jumping between world lines with just accessing Amadeus alone. Sure, I can put up with the future dramatically changes cuz that AI is that big of a plot device, but how can it also literally change the past, it's not like he can do it just by exchanging information alone, like Dmail

drastically, wtf autocorrect

Because his use of Amadeus affects who gets what information when and consequently, who gets to fuck around with time machines.

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The best scientific genius in the universe.

Can anyone top this?

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She's more or less an engineer, inventor, or at worst mechanic.

That explains the sudden timeline change from that point onward, doesn't explain how the hell does the past also change, especially the fucking kagari plot

In a world where time travel is a thing, changing the future changes the past. It's that simple

You might want to think on that a bit more.

and okabe

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How does he bounce back to a different world line just by looking at Amadeus in WWIII world line then?

I'd imagine that either him gaining knowledge that Amadeus exists, or, more likely, the ones having control over Amadeus gaining knowledge of Okabe's existence shifted the scales in the race, thus changing the worldline to one more favourable for the new leaders.