Boku no Hero Academia

To those anons from last thread stop this nonsense. Momo is for tender loving and raising a happy family with.

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what are their quirks?

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Moms is for pumping and dumping!


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can someone explain this meme to me?

Momo deserves to be cheated on

Sure, she would be a great mother

You're my sunshine
My only sunshine

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who is gonna take care of this moffo during the prison break?

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Everyday until canon

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I don’t like this one

Stop posting this meme this is what really happens

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>Sir survived Overhaul but he still died
Press F for Sir Stephen Nigtheye

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How's everyone doing tonight?
May he rest in peace

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>overrated trash that everyone is supposed to pretend is great
Makes sense

If he died from his Overhaul wounds then he didn't survive Overhaul

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F for Stephen hawking


Does the manga still hold up or did it fall apart like Attack on titan? Anime only guy here

we're going trough a SOL arc right now. I'm ejoying it quite a lot.
Also, SNK is as good as ever.

>Does the manga still hold up
what season 3 will cover is probably the best arcs of the manga, then the 2 arcs after that have being "meh" but not bad, current arc is good

For anal.

I dropped AoT when they revived Armin instead of Erwin, and a few other reasons, how’s it looking now?

which guy faps to mindbreak

I hate Gentle Criminal, wtf Horikoshi the payoff better be worth it

This reminds me of Tokyo Ghoul for some reason.


Is that Shinso?

Monoma, either that or humiliation porn
Shit taste

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I think the answer is obvious

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post rare mights

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Kouda, it's always the quiet ones

kachan doesn't fap that is why he is always so full of energy

>usless faggot that didn't know when to keep his mouth shut

Sir probably had some

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is sir unironically the worst character in the manga?

why did nightowl have to die again?
what was the point of introducing a green haired otaku like Deku if he never taught him his predicting skills?

Have a Half Might

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Why is ochaco so damn thicc?

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I think she’s got my favorite costume out of the girls

Can this guy draw decent non-thicc girls?

Someone please get Jirou to punch him

Literally made for breeding

Ochako stirs my desire to impregnate her and take responsibility

Possibly. I still don't know exactly what his character IS other than a bunch of contradictions He's Super Serious. But he demands his employees be goofy. He's an All Might Fanatic. He's also his ex-boyfriend who strongly disagrees with him on multiple issues.

If he hated Deku so much why did he save him? What's wrong with this kid?

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I used to think all his girls looked kinda fat but looking back at Hori's old style I much prefer his thicc style, even for the guys

Yeah, they ain't bad at all. It's just the skinny kids that get lanky.

is this /ss/?

The girls were still amazing though

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Ochako looks like a cow

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He's hating him less and less

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Because heroes rescue people.
You think Baku would allow Deku to drag his reputation down by dying under his watch?

I'd milk that cow if you comprehend my intention

>now he has been isekai'd with Aniki
>archmage and barbarian
The party is growing stronger, may they rest in pieces

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This lady right here needs some more damn screentime.

This just makes me feel ill. If I can't have Todoroki's children, she shouldn't either. She should be barren because of her qurik

Because he’s a salty bitchboy. Imagine Deku with his natural analytical skills, interning under him.
But no, he would rather pick All Might-lite, trying to hammer in analytical skills into him

Bitch she's not real

she's going to win the beauty contest and that will get her more screentime down the road

>All Might-lite
as if, mirio left a loli to suffer just because his master told him too he is even a bigger let down than deku

bad angle

>implying she can beat Nejire
Second place isn’t bad though

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Nejire will get fucked by Deku during the beauty contest (literally and figuratively) which will cause her to lose.

>Nejire will get fucked
And all was well with the world

i swear i saw a dope just now

>Converts body fat into materials
>Still chooses to be THICC

Momo is easily the hottest

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She could easily slim herself by turning her body fat into something and discarding it.
Instead she doesn't go overboard in an attempt to make herself skinny.

Nope, especially not a lewd one, that’s not allowed.

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What do the characters fap to?

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Yes, but not with Todo.

>Second place
She will be third at best.

Little did they know how much of a slut their mother was

stop making this kind of questions, las threads already shitposted on this topic retard

This, she's for me.

Their mother also has a penis so is momo mother also their father?

plot twist: their mother is jirou

Sorry I don’t read every thread

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plot twist: their mother is todo

Okay I’ll use this gif then

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you are both homos

mei will win the beauty contest by accident

Love you too user try contributing to the thread.

its yuro hours user

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Honey let's get rid of the red one

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if the red one pulled a cain and abel on the white one how would shoto react?