I have an idea about a rap battle manga about a Japanese kid who wants to become a MC and rise through the ranks of...

I have an idea about a rap battle manga about a Japanese kid who wants to become a MC and rise through the ranks of rappers a shonen battle rap manga

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So what do you guys think

What's his stage name?

MC the wordsmith

Or maybe j the genius

Not like it could be any dumber than standard shounen battle manga

When you're at bottom you can't get any lower

If Nujabes didn't die something like this might have happened

Well dam

rap and its hard urban culture surrounding it is considered a little delinquent

japan as a whole rarely ever put it in any pedestal let alone something positive to pursue as an interest unless the lyrics themselves portray a positive message

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>copy/paste 8 mile


It'd be pretty hard to do well, because any victory is going to have to come from an objectively better rap "attack", so unless the writer wrote the whole thing before he published any of it, it would suffer from an illness of where the rapping gets objectively worse as time goes on, while the writer will have to think of non-rap related reasons to why the rapper deserved to have won the rap-battle.

It could be based around clever ryheming crowd hype and overall flow

Why not?

I think a battle manga with hip hop astethtics would work better or probably something like block heads

You could have it like if the rapping can cause real-life effects or damage the of the Mike type deal Mikes and magic

sure, but if the rhymes and wordflow that win aren't cooler than the ones that lose, you're going to piss off a lot of fans.

A single writer can only think of so many good rhymes and such, so the writer would probably be out of better and better rhymes if the show dragged on.

Luckily the show wouldn't have that as a problem, because it'd be canceled after one season.

Pitch it to Netflix OP. They're dumb enough to greenlight an Anime like that.

I hate to /r/, but is anybody old enough to have a copy of the screencap about a Magical Girl Anime starring Jay-Z?

Pretty Santa Inoue made more than one manga with similar premise


The anime is called "Trigger Nigger" (トリガー・ニガー[Torigā-nigā]), and it is about a Japanese school boy called Luther, who on his 6th birthday gets gifted a G.A.T. (Gun of African Teleportation). This revolver like device contains six chambers, each chamber can hold a 'BULIT' (Black Undead Low-calibre Instantaneous Teleporter). These BULITs contain the spirits of black people throughout time and space. They may be just common ones, like Tyrone who lives in Atlanta or Bongani the Zulu. But the powerful ones that the protagonists seek are famous ones like Steve Urkel, DMX, Malcom X, Precious, Al Jolson, Queen Latifah, Trayvon Martin, Oprah Winfrey, Tupac, Biggie, Benjamin Sisko etc.

The main arc follows Luther and his friends as Luther tries to become the ultimate Triggermeister. In this it's sort of like Pokémon, with Luther acquiring new BULITs and battling other Triggermeisters. The primary antagonist is Nathaniel Ahmed Alan Charles Paton (also known as NaAcP). His goal is to amass all the BULITs in the world, and trigger them at once, completely destroying mankind with the equivalent of a billion LA Riots all over the world. Luther and his pals will confront NaAcP frequently, as the series progresses.

The Opening theme is 'New Slaves' by Kanye West, but covered by SNSD.
The closing theme is 'I'll Be Missing You' by Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs.

Anyway, any ides for how I could tweak it? Any suggestions to improve it? I reckon it could be the best shonen anime, as it mixes the great music of hip hop, with fascinating black culture, and with the always popular 'monster battler' format of show.

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Aren't Japs biased against blacks or some shit?

Why would they be? They barely have any black people there, and they do have their stereotypes regarding foreign countries, but there's a pocket of nips that even fucking worship them and their culture. The nips don't really hate them.

Full version of Big Shooter by Rip Slyme is the absolute peak of japanese rap flow.

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