Wtf, is this the 2017 equivalent of Samurai Flamenco? A gay low budget trainwreck that's absolutely fascinating?

wtf, is this the 2017 equivalent of Samurai Flamenco? A gay low budget trainwreck that's absolutely fascinating?

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S2 when? We need Topless Roberto writing in his own blood then chasing a hallucination of Hiraga through a occult seance house so he can jump from a window and be caught in Bill's strong arms.

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>Hiraga on the cross
Oh man this is so fucking gay and canon, I love it-


Did you know there are two manga? So many variations of thigh suck.

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Also in the manga Hiraga sucks the poison in a towel.

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Holy shit this is some top tier content, they ain't even pretending goddamn fuck. Did the author cook up this entire Africa scenario to get to the succ?
>Roberto with fuzz
Why did the anime deny me of this oh god

Translations when?

Look man, the first scene of the first book has this

>Hiraga appeared from the bathroom half-naked. His body was very slender and delicate. Being Japanese, he was pale, his ivory skin radiant. His straight black hair was exotic. His almond shaped eyes were hidden under his long eyelashes, and the bridge of his nose was high and narrow. His lips were surprisingly sexy and sensual. He had an appearance fit to be a woman. However, his seemingly strong-willed, straight dark eyebrows seemed to refute that.

>“Found them. I’m ironing them now.”

>When Roberto said this, Hiraga said “I’ll do it myself,” and took the iron from Roberto. Holding it with uncertainty, he began ironing. Roberto sat down in a nearby chair and gazed at the form of this young Japanese priest who he loved from behind. After almost an hour, he finished ironing.

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>I trust you now, and I will trust you forevermore
his perfect fuccboi voice delivering this line, this is too much please stop
That's almost too perfect, thank you user for blessing me with this knowledge of Roberto's fetish. Half naked ironing, what a patrician. I hope the books or manga get licenced so I can support this gay priest X-files wild ride.


Oh dear you aren't even at the gayest part of the episode. Romantic as fuck.

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>tfw you will never confess to your vatibro your inner turmoil and the demons that haunt you, only to have him tell u that his love for u has grown immensely and he'll always be by your side
>tfw your boss will never be happy that his gay employees are so devoted to each other
This show is killing me

Pretty sure Hiraga was getting turned on by Roberto's crying, yeah.

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please they are pure catholic priests, not a fucking harada manga

There's nothing impure about wanting to drink Roberto's tears. The author, anime director, cover artist, and manga artist all got together and indulged.

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On the one hand that's really fucked up and implies he's into some dark fujo degeneracy with like 20+ tags on the exhentai page. But on the other hand I'd p-probably get hard at the sight of Roberto crying too. Also if he's in shorts or boxers to expose those thighs.

It's okay. He's pretty when he cries.

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Is this anime intended to be gay or what? How gay is it from a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being Free! and 10 being Yuri on Ice?

Fuck, marry, kill: Roberto, Hiraga or Lauren?

go back and read every other post in the thread and there's your answer

This anime is a 500 on the gay scale, they are married in heaven and are just living their lives pure so they can shack up there.

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10, I'm not memeing in the slightest. Fujos oversell stuff all the time but this is almost...nonchalant in its blatant gayness? It's not even teasing. It's just there and who gives a fuck if the word gay is ever said, these men love each other and share a domestic life in between their globe-trotting adventures which each bring them closer together and involve at least 1 love confession. also quality boipussy designs everywhere

I love this thread season 2 when? Or novels?

There are translated novel summaries floating around, and they make S2 sound even more amazing than it has any right to be.

There's going to be an OVA, at least.

The summaries are exactly the thing that makes me want more seasons. But a proper translation of them would not go amiss.

>[monkey noises]

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Forget S2, we need a 3 for Lauren's replacement who hates Lauren for inadvertently killing his senpai true love via traffic signals but now lives with two talking wolf dogs created by a serial killer who became a super genius from getting a brain transplant from dead senpai.

And the cruise arc where Hiraga and Roberto drink 4 plus bottles of wine in a day then eat hot dogs while watching figure skating.

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I must admit that's a pretty accurate description. Both have a pretty gay last episode too.