Admit it, you cried

Admit it, you cried.

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I did, me mum and siblings still make fun of me on family functions.

I still don't understand why the boys didn't run a train on Mimi.

Of course I did, user. Of course I did.

How could I not cry? I loved Digimon, it was so sad that it was over, or so my 2 yrs old self thought

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Too much of a bitch, user.

God damn, how will I ever find mine?

I know it was meant to be a nice thing, but the world would end in a matter of days.

I've been curious of that as well. Like, would it be a Digimon which we've seen exist on the show? Or would it be new and specific for each of us?

They wanted you to go out and buy the latest version of the v-pet, whichever it was at the time of airing.

I know Tri is garbage, but I hope they retcon this.

That would be pretty neat.

Well most of the examples we saw (The kids from the finale and the children of the digidestined) had duplicates.

Yeah, that's true. The only exception to this would be Growlmon/Guilmon from Tamers.

My best guess is, it is one that compliments your personality and/or challenges you to grow in a certain way. If I got to pick one for myself it might be Bearmon or something, haven't really thought too horribly much about it.

Fug I forgot my pic.

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When this show came out I fapped to Mimi and I'm still fapping to her, man how time flies

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with love and faith.

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I'd want Palmon for a shot at it evolving into Bancholilymon.

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Based Konaka. Tamers 2 when?

I cried when I watched it on the first time when I was 11 years old. I cried again when watched it again when I was 21 years old.


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I did and I'm proud of it.

no but i cried when wizardmon died

That moment hurt like a bitch as a kid.

>My best guess is, it is one that compliments your personality and/or challenges you to grow in a certain way.
But, I just want my tittimon

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>The entirety of Confession
The tears won't stop

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I've had this downloaded for atleast a year now so I start it.Also have tamers downloaded and much more interested in it but want to watch in order of release even if the seasons aren't directly related.

Man I'm glad we got the dub based on original nip version. Butterfly in this scene still breaks me.

Watch out, 02 might bore you a little.

>dub based on original nip version

As in, something not with murrican localization. Should've been more clear

Rewatched it recently for nostalgia and enjoyed it a surprising amount. It's one of only four isekai shows I've ever watched that were decent.

Is Tri and S2 worth watching?

I don't have to admit to something I didn't do.
Especially when I knew there'd be another season (which I ended up ignoring anyways)

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yep i did

No, they will kill your nostalgia.

We got one of those?

English speakers didn't

It's such a good scene.

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Tamers is pretty incredible. Written by Konaka J. Chiaki (Lain, Texnolyze, The Big O).

It would've been too good to be true.

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well they did in the phillipines, but the voice actors are hilariously bad:

Only on the Japanese version

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digimon was too good

only sometimes.

This show made me have autism

Yo, me too!

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You don't have a crest, so it won't go beyond Adult.

>Taichi can only get his shit together when he has someone he needs to care for, so his partner is the most childish and functionally helpless
>Yamato is plagued by feelings of inadequacy, so his partner provides him with constant positive reinforcement
>Sora is bad at expressing her feelings so her partner freely expresses them.
>Jou was bad at showing initiative and was constantly worrying about shit, so his partner is a go-getter who never frets about anything
>Koushirou is overly logical and stiff, so his partner is apparently from digital Osaka.

What's the veredict on Tri?
Should I watch it or consider it non-canon?

shut the hell up

And the others?

Takeru's the youngest, so his partner is especially strong at protecting him from evil. Mimi's a spoiled brat, so Palmon has enough sense to question some of her worse issues. Hikari is heavily dependent on her brother so Tailmon is stronk independed womanz.

>i'm a living plot device
Oh look someone who read the english translation of the tamers manhua.

Digimon used to have a really old, rich and diverse online community of people who believed they were real, that person was not alone. Don't know if they still exist but they were huge.

>Omegamon Blanco

>not crying to this

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Cried with angemon and wizardmon's deaths and the ending fucking destroyed me, the music didn't help either.

more like omegamon wing zero endless waltz.

The little sister ruined the moment by screaming and crying like a little bitch while the other 2 small toddlers were acting normal and not being completely autistic

You know, Digimon really did deserve better than pretty much everything it got
For a Tamagotchi rip-off, the directors and writers put a lot of heart and soul into it.

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Was he the top of his class?

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>Not posting Leomon.

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Hey at least it beats Pokemon in power levels everytime.

digimon are based off internet things. What digimon would represent Sup Forums?

unless they start taking on literal children, even though claiming digimon have too few moves is wrong.

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He dies all the time so really nothing new

You do know that the season OP posted is the first time he died right?

Not only when first seeing it, but on every subsequent rewatch, usually around August 1st marathons.

I have zero shame in admitting it. It's a good, bittersweet feeling only a true great anime is capable of filling you with.

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Yeah, but the tradeoff is that you didn't get HEY DIGIMON HEY DIGIMON CHAMPIONS OF THE DIGITAL WORLD in your version.

>Caring about powerlevels

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What did they mean by this?

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The funny thing is that they are both awful for completely different reasons.

I wouldn't watch any of then since neither builds up on improves on the greatness of Adventure.

>Takeru is Yamato's hope
>Hikari is Taichi's light

why did the director force this pedo incest shit?


It's an inside joke that everyone but Kakudo was in on.

I'm hoping for Wargreymon/Holydramon Double Dragon team up. This is all I want. Please, Toei, just give me this.

Yes, I did.

>muh Leomon but pic related gets always forgotten

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That's because they always insist on reminding us of Leomon at every opportunity. Wizarmon don't have nearly as high a fatality rate.

>One of the most iconic death's in digimon

what drugs are you on mate

I'm on a fatal dose of autism.

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I never saw S1's ending. I think Columbine happened and that took that slot for the day.
Damn you dylan


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I'm still crying to this day.

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No, but only pic related made me cry

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Sup Forumsmon

You'd need one for every board at least.

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Well we ever get sequel to adventures 1 that we deserve?

no, but you should watch the movies if you haven't already

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Don't know if I cried as a kid. But after a rewatch when I was older, yes.

Thinking back, there were so many moments that made me cry. I didn't expect this many feels - I thought it was going to be just a stupid show from when I was kid. But it's incredible how much I could relate to those people.

Poor Yamato; he just didn't want to be alone.

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