So let me get this straight

So let me get this straight.
This 90 pound 5" girl is actually the king of England, who with the help of a wizard, managed to impregnate her sister who also had a son.
But the son also happens to be female?
And the king of england also fell in love with some ugly Japanese ginger kid?
Surely this can't be right.

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What does it matter? The girls in Fate are cute, the writing is great, and the animations (anime adaption) are beautiful.

>the writing is great
Good one man

It'd be strange if your clone was a different gender.

>accidentally commit regicide if I get her pregnant

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Explain how Fate writing is bad.


This retarded premise made me give up anything fate related.

She weights 90 pounds = problems in childbirth.

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hand in your badge


in fate she didn't give birth to mordred, crazy magic was used out of jealousy to make baby. no sex or consent.

Nope looks right to me, remember exam on Thursday and 1 page of notes.

I just finished Fate route for the first time funnily enough. It actually kind of annoyed me dialog kept referring to her as being relatively muscular when she just had a normal little girl body.

>if I pull your ahoge, will you die?

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It would be extremely kawaii

if shirou is some "ugly japanese ginger" kid then why is he such a puss magnet?

Shirou managed to accidentally acquire a harem, it must just be his cooking skills.

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Bitches love the firecrotch

I'll help him with that.

What else did you expect? Fateshit is for otaku pandering waifufags.

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Come on, you could have jammed at least a few more buzzwords in there.

Hit a nerve?

only for some of the animes

Yes, and this is emperor Nero. One of the most infamous characters in history.
You also forgot that some people argue Mordred had an adulterous relationship with the King’s wife

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>5 inch tall girl

Thats bullshit, but I believe it

Wrong game

does Saber snore?

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She got a D, thx Merlin

Nothing but guys getting fucked in the ass by Saber.

That's actually how Alters happen.

>This 90 pound 5" girl

Most of that stuff is non canon and any anime plot can be described in bad ways like that

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>90 pounds
>5 feet

>the writing is great
Let's not get crazy.

yes but not as loud as her moan

I saw some pictures where she fell in love with a horse and thought that was the plot?

>It actually kind of annoyed me dialog kept referring to her as being relatively muscular when she just had a normal little girl body.
Blame Takeuchi, the guy has issues drawing women with any muscle definition despite having no real problems with it on guys.
There's maybe one current TM artist who can do it for some reason (Shinjiro), even Koyama draws the so-called strongest warrior of Celtic myth like a busty stick.

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