This is Violet. She wants to know what love is. Can you please teach her?

This is Violet. She wants to know what love is. Can you please teach her?

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Love is a chemical reaction that compels animals to reproduce.
Next question.


Okay, I am going to have to see her toes first

We are not talking about that fake love here.

Viretto please stop crying.

I think... it goes something like


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Read some Lovecraft, Violet. That man is such a poet.

There will be a doujinshi about that. I saw a few post.

Having selfless, and yet, selfish feelings towards someone else. You WANT to be together with somebody, but you want to ease the load of that somebody. Whatever's bothering them, you want to take care of that for them. You want to have them an easy, carefree life, even if that means you have to do some things that are morally gray. You're okay with shouldering their burdens.

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I can

>fake love
Any philosophical meaning humans attach to love is fake.

thanks captain

Is it good?


There's full version already.

I need the OST for this show. now.

Love is a trap designed to expand capitalism

Sure just let me unbutton my pants.

ewww,Violet is ugly.

love comes from the soul user

You don't need to believe in the concept of a soul to attach value to love.

But Violet doesn't have a soul. How can she love?

blandest beta waifubait ever

Souls aren't real either.


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That guy's just a shitty cynic. Nihilism is there to be as a stepping stone. It's designed to break men, to provide them with distress. It's to make you grow up, and ultimately realize all of the freedom you have. Limitless freedom. But so many people don't see that. So many people choose to remain in that wallowing stage like some angsty teen; it disgusts me.


New Ishidate interview in Newtype confirms three movies. 1 recap and 2 continuation based on parts of novel and original stuff in cooperation with author, directed respectively by Fujita, Kigami and Ishidate.

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Love is delusion.

Love is destructive

Freeing yourself from the delusion of emotion is true freedom. Anything less is self-induced mental slavery.

i want to rape Violet and tell she i love her

sauce me

Source and I fucking hate recap

See you at the afterlife, pal.

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New Hibike Asuka recap movie just sold over 5k BDs, so KyoAni does not

Love is blind.

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>old men

I'll take what I can get, but there better be some good vanilla shit with Giruberto after the show is done airing.

No, i don't want her become even more broken.

I don't really care how much it's sold. Recap is just a lazy way to milk the story.

Apparently there is Evan Call interview as well released by Lantis

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Where the fuck are you getting those from?


Source on the three movies claim? Not shitposting, genuinly want to know.


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I saw megax retweeted that. Nothing on movie yet.

Came here to post this. Good to see someone else is on the same wavelength.

Love has nothing to do with animal reproduction. What you're probably thinking of is pheromones.

14 y/o

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I wish I know myself, sorry.

>people don't remember YTMND anymore
Can't say I'm surprised.

Enjoyment is an emotion you know. By watching anime and enjoying it you are giving in to emotion. The way to live a satisfying life is to do whatever makes you happy. Trying to live as a robot will simply make you bored, angry and depressed. You should embrace emotion rather than discard it


Someone call ambulance!

Something about jim carrey headbanging inside a car.

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Violet, love is when Shirase tells Hinata's bad friends to piss of in latest episode of SoraYori (AOTS).

reminder that violet wants to know what is love

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Does she also want to feel what love is?
How do we show it to her?

No, Violet isn't ugly.

Love comes from the penis, user.

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