The Disappearance of Haruhi is the best anime movie in the world...

The Disappearance of Haruhi is the best anime movie in the world. I’ve seen countless anime movies in my time from oldschool dad rock movies like Akira, EoE, Mononoke etc all the way up to millennial NGNL zero and the Haruhi movie alwase manages to just be better and it’s as simple as that.

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Where do I subscribe, OP

The second best movie is Rebellion.

It's a shit movie because it wouldn't make sense without watching or reading the anime/light novels. It's great as a part of the series though.

Whereas all the others you've listed are stand alone.

Akira doesn't make any fucking sense and EoE without at least watching Death and Rebirth doesn't make sense either.

This, it's just Ghibli that makes the most consistently good standalone movies.

>oldschool dad rock movies like Akira, EoE, Mononoke
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>movie is shit because you need to watch something else before
What kind of retarded logic is this, it's a continuation to the anime, of course you need to watch the anime first.

I didn't say the movie is shit, I said it is a 'shit movie' as in, as a standalone movie it doesn't work. Don't be a fucking retard.

Makes no sense, you are talking about movies like something that it obligatory has to be stand-alone for some reason. Disappearence is not a shit stand-alone movie or a good one because it's not a stand-alone movie in the first place

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>Best girl lost

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Jin Roh was better I am not gonna argue about which was funner but it was a nice touch (the haruhi movie but so utterly forgettable) Doesn't matter how great something is if it can't hold your mind.

Outdated user. It’s sad but true.

The jokes on you because I actually watched the Haruhi movie before the anime and I’m 100% not joking. I still enjoyed it.

Did she win in her own mango series?

Akira should've been a series taking directly from the manga. Still I liked it, but

But she finally felt happy in the end and that's all that matters

The movie not being a standalone product doesn't make it shit, but obviously it does make it less accessible than a standard film


Rebellion > End of Evangelion > Disappearance > Every Ghibli film > Akira (it is extremely overrated)

Nah, I kinda get it. I'm not sure I agree with it, but that user has a point. All of the praise it gets is from people who knew information outside of the film by watching the series or reading the novels.

Haruhi is winning even in her spin-off

True. The book was already great, and the Kyoani touch was perfect. Lots of subtext you notice on second watch. Also very comfy.

This is unironically one of my favorite movies of all time

Fun things are fun!

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around a month ago there was a jap hashtag trending that tranalates to "cropping the image just below eyes makes it sexier".

I guess it creates an ahegao-like effect

>Be 32 years old now
>Stable job
>Still think back to the days when Haruhi first aired, living in my parents basement, talking on Sup Forums about it daily, watch favorite episodes almost each night before sleeping, laying in bed, watching it on my modded xbox with xbmc, watch stupid videos of stupid people doing the opening dance and laughing about in on Sup Forums, read the novels, listen to the character songs etc. etc.

I fucking miss those careless days. And I fucking miss Haruhi.

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is that even truly confirmed in the LNs? I haven't read them all yet but Haruhi seems to get less focus as time goes on and even though disappearance appears to be about Kyon rejecting Yuki in favor of Haruhi she's only in like three scenes while the last major dramatic scene is between Yuki and Kyon.

Haruhi lost focus but then got it back in the last two books.

Kyon saw the future when crossing from that alternate dimension (forgot the details, it's been a long time), in it he saw him an Haruhi going to university together and it's implied they are a couple at that point.

Agreed. Watched this 10 times and every rewatch is a treat

This is probably right.

Ojamajo Doremi Motto Movie

But of course it does, you need to watch the show to understand the movie. It's like criticizing the third entry in a trilogy because you didn't watch the other two

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Watching the camrip with faggots here was fun.

Remember how good it was even though the video was shit? I stayed up all night downloading it then watched it. Didn't go to sleep til noon.

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thats pretty aesthetic desu

Since that rip came out I have had 3 laptops. On every one I kept a copy of the disappearance, just in case. I have the original Bandai NA BD too. Best anime film of all time.