Why has KyoAni failed to replicate the magic of K-On?

Why has KyoAni failed to replicate the magic of K-On?

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But they have. It's called a silent voice.


>male MC


I agree that is one of their best works, but it's not really similar to K-On at all outside of the direction


Cause now they are busy making stupid melodrama trash and fujoshit shows. They should just make an anime about some underground idol world or something


because you are suppose to learn from mistakes

i would tell you to kys but you are already dead inside

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So much this, I loathe VEG with all my soul.

You can't replicate perfection.

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enkou slut

I'm a kyoanifag but Koe was a shell of the source. The only thing they did right was cutting the movie arc. It was gorgeous but it cut out so much character development that I had a hard time even rooting for Shouko. The story required time investment into the characters that you just couldn't get with a movie-length period of time. It really needed to be a series.

personally i think they're at their best when they expand upon the source material (lucky star, k-on, nichijou). i guess it's harder to do that with light novel adaptations.

Cause they became obsessed with this LN competition thing

Once you make the greatest anime ever you can only go down. K-On! is a masterpiece.

k-on already was a failure after Haruhi

Hibike is more magical than k-on

Anything that's similar to K-On would just be worse K-On, it would have to be LEAGUES better than K-On to recapture the magic since the idea isn't new anymore.

It's the same reason there's a billion FPS games but only a few of them are successful

Agree, you're not gonna be able to fit 7 volumes into 2 hours so just focus on some key scenes and cut the rest. Less is more and it's a shame that they didn't take more risks with it.

They can't replicate anything as shitty

Fuck no.

literally their very next show.

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Fun fact: K-ON is 80% original content

I guess that's why Tamako Market is so meh

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They didn't make Uni K-On.

All we have left is Bang Dream.

Wrong opinion