It didn't age well

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So is your mom

This movie was literally the best movie I've ever watched. Can Sup Forums explain why they hated it without mentioning the fact that it got popular?

fuck off hipster, not liking shit just cuz it was popular

this movie is amazing

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I think it will desu even shinkai's older movies aged well
remember 5cm/s is over a decade old

>kids never used their phones to try calling each other
>neither of them ever checked the date

neither did you and the fact this movie is so focused on bubbly teen love probably adds insult to injury.

Finds a way.

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Find it only above average. The relationship between the 2 main characters lacks screen time for better development. The final arc is rather cheesy and the climax doesn't feel very impactful.

People are just swinging the pendulum to the other extreme since a lot of people think it's the best thing ever.

>This movie was literally the best movie I've ever watched.
The absolute state of nu-Sup Forums

I think it will, for one thing the nips had a blast with the local TV broadcast even though it's been 2 years since it first came out
For another, the movie kinda deals with themes like urban flight and natural disasters (i.e. 2011 earthquake-tsunami) that are very familiar to the nip audience

>kids never used their phones to try calling each other
Taki did
They didn't really need to call each other when they wrote long autistic diaries on their phones for each other

They did try calling each other. I can't explain the date thing but I'll be looking for that when I rewatch it after final exams

>I can't explain the date thing

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>you can deeply fall in love with a person by just reading brief diary entries
>you never check the calendar
>you never notice a technological divide

I thought the most important thing was their respective names? That's why Taki forgot Mitsuha's name and vise versa. How does the date factor in?

One was in Tokyo and one was in an extremely rural area.

Feel free to recommend anything better.

I think it's supposed to be the memories of their experience in general

>you can deeply fall in love with a person by just reading brief diary entries
They also literally lived each other's lives and got to fondle their respective genitals
>you never notice a technological divide
C'mon this is Japan, they still use flip phones and fax machines
>never check the calendar
Well you got me there

Good looking movie, but the plot convenience killed it for me.

Good point. I guess that is how Taki forgot about the meteor instance all together.

What plot convenience? Explain

It's alright but I do think it is pretty overhyped for what it is.

What this user said. Also, I'm the type of guy that likes gritty anime such as Eva. I knows it's kinda ironic since anime itself is escapism but I assume most people here think alike. Nothing wrong with liking that movie. It's not for bitter neckbeards, though.

I didn't like the Zen Zen Zen Se song at all when I first heard it but it gradually grew on me and now I like it a lot. Funny how that happens

>tfw no Mitsuha gf

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are there any new romance movies that are good? or was this the last one?

Sup Forums hated this movie? i think it was a great movie

fuck who cares if it is popular or whatever

Amnesia in the characters felt cheap, time travel aspect felt lazy, and the girl convincing her dad was so impossible that they off-screened it. Even Shinkai admitted the movie was far from perfect.

>didn't age well
>2 years

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What's her name again, Sup Forums?
I still have my old pics saved damn, time flew by so fast

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Also this

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it was totally plausible, the dad figured out without even being told that someone else was in Mitsuha's body, he knows about da majic

The father at one point asks Mitsuha "who she is", implying that the father knows about the family's history of body swapping. The father also mentions that he failed to save his wife, further implying that he and his wife were in the same situation as Taki and Mitsuha. There's a very good chance he realized this is that's how she convinced her dad to do the evac.

>Amnesia in the characters felt cheap, time travel aspect felt lazy
That's not so much plot convenience as you finding the overall story unsatisfactory
This is like complaining about Stuart Little talking when that movie is about a talking mouse to begin with

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>>you can deeply fall in love with a person by just reading brief diary entries
>They also literally lived each other's lives and got to fondle their respective genitals
The problem with this argument is that taki lived as taki-in-mitsuha. He still didn't know the personality and what is in the mind of the girl. It's still his lived experience except in a woman's body.

The diary entries were fairly detailed. They also get to know the personality of the other person based on what they did in the other body. I.E. Mitsuha is a kind and caring person for helping Taki's female boss sew her uniform up.

The problem isn't that you CAN'T fall in love that way, the problem is that it was fucking montaged. I don't know if Shinkai wanted the movie to be a romance, but if he did, he failed on the spot at that point.

>This movie was literally the best movie I've ever watched
Watch more movies.

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Sup Forums loves this movie. There were non-stop threads full of people gushing about it and comparing how many times they'd seen it, for weeks/months.

It's pretty much just a shitty animu remake of The Lake House.

The Lake House is about a million times worse than Your Name.

When compared to Koe no Katachi, this was more exciting and had a more interesting plot, even with the discrepancies in it. On the other hand, Koe no Katachi had Yuzuru Nishimiya in it, so it's really hard to pick between them which was better.

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> Extremely rural area
Are you ameriburg?


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Already a thing.愛-奉文-x-聖子

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Keit-Ai did nothing wrong!

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It had some really bad writing and it got so popular, because it knew how to manipulate the feels of emotionalfags.

Good for an anime movie. In all honesty anime just doesn't stack up to live action in a film format IMO.

Just rewatched it for the first time since seeing it in theater last year. Only complaint is that the body swapping, the main part where the couple are supposed to fall for each other, didn't last long enough. It was hard to believe in their feelings without assuming a ton of stuff happened off screen. What was there was still enjoyable.

People jizz all over that movie.
I saw it. It was nice, but it really REALLY feel like a 12 episode series that was cancelled. The remaining work repacked into a movie. Really, it even have the intro AND ending theme of the series IN the movie.

Your Name would have worked WAY better as a series. With more slice of life and character development.

>no retarded animu tropes and "kyaah, I have tits!"
>the couple is actually shown falling in love instead of the movie telling you that they are
It's no masterpiece, but I'd rather rewatch TLH than Your Name.

It's just a pretty good movie. That's about it. I doubt I'd watch it again, and the only thing I'd even remember about it a couple years later would be it's overblown popularity and reception.

I agree with this 100%, 12 episodes would have fit much better than 5

Only thing Shinkai has ever made that is worth a damn, and it has nothing to do with the fact that it has a happy ending.

It was a good, saying it's a masterpiece is a bit exaggerated, but it was definitely better than a lot of the other trash I've seen.

I love my wife!

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This meme didn't age well.

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and it looks garbage

5cm/s had simpler issues to tackle than this, it stands to reason it would stand the test of time better.

The Director said it was good but it wasn't his best work and that he didn't deserve an Oscar nor all the accolades.

After watching it I agree with him.

Long haired Mitsuha or short haired Mitsuha?

Short hair no doubt

long haired mitsuha was a much more memorable design, especially cake form

It's not even close.

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youd have to be pretty autistic for a plot hole like that to ruin an entire experience

I always assumed that it was because when they were in each other's body, it was like a dream. Usually you can't remember everything in a dream, not even the minimal details like the date. That's why the memories started to fade away.

A reason why the Asian demographic loved the film is because it conveys how there is more to discover beyond your natural safe zone (space) and that your special someone/soulmate exists out there and you're both waiting for each other (time). When those converge towards a finale that starts a new beginning for the two characters, it really hits hard at the audience. That's how I interpret it from different people who I watched the film with.