The episode all the hawawas have been waiting for is fast approaching. OH what's this?
Sumire is crying!
So the writer for Boruto came out and admitted he made this episode because of all the support sumires team has gotten in america. How does it make you hawawas feel that you guys made him make a episode about sumires team?
Also new preview pics are out.

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Kodachi didn't say shit about writing the episode he was just promoting. He's not listed as a writer for this one you dumbass.

General threads aren't allowed on Sup Forums.
>kills your series

nothing personal, borufags

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Please kill yourself.

You can really feel the tension

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BnHA hasn't had a good arc since the AfO vs All Might fight.

At least Naruto managed to make it past 200 chapters before falling off.

at least BNHA has good arcs. every single arc in borutrash has been utter garbage and you have almost 50 episodes now.

you do know you can like both right

Is it really possible to meme Sumire to relevancy?

Hell, even Hanabi is her sensei

why is she hawawa'ing?
was she selected as leader of the team?

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By default. She's the strongest of the three despite working alone

>Is it really possible to meme Sumire to relevancy?

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The moment of truth is almost here, will Team 15 leave the main cast? or will they stay?

I'm more interested to see if we'll finally have a KonoHana moment.

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When will Ichiraku-chan get her arc? Do we even know her name? Ichiraku-chan is fucking GOAT and was my early Naruto ship. I really want an episode dedicated to her.

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how the fuck can you not know Ayame's name?
did you even watch the OG series?

Would that be part of Hiashi's plan?.

Konohamaru is a Sarutobi, I guess Hiashi wouldn't mind joining forces with another prestigious clan.

Konohamaru hasn't really done anything yet to warrant any personal prestige. He'll have to seriously step up if he wants to be Hokage after Naruto.

He killed one of the pain bodies.

Best couple.

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But Hanabi is head of the Hyuga clan now right?
She needs to keep the bloodline pure.

Are they purposely writing naruto as a shit dad?

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This pacing is going to fucking kill me and the show.

Sumire is better solo
Namida and Wasabi are just heavyweights for her
But I'm sure that Sumire will jump her exam because she already has the level confirmed by Naruto himself
Sumire is going to be sent directly for a secret mission to obverve the laboratory to collect information
she is very strong for that it's easy for her
to fool people
for Namida and Wasabi their exam will be a failure but they will decide to comeback stronger next time but they will not go
give up because it's the universe boruto / Naruto and Sumire will wait for them

>to obverve the laboratory to collect information
>she is very strong for that it's easy for her

Autism, the post.

yeah. narduto never had a dad so he doesnt know how

So... how will Sumire's absence from the Chunin-Exams be explained during the movie arc, if it is?

I love sumire. We need more episodes with her.

Deku is a faggot and his series sucks.

Hawawa a shit

Your mom a shit.

The forced borusara shipping really needs to stop.

This episode was pretty damn boring imo. A monkey frees all of the animals from the zoo, so Team 15 has to get them. Sumire feels like she has to tell Wasabi and Namida about her secret (her role in Ghost Incident). Hanabi and Sai go over Sumire's role on the team. Sai tells Hanabi to keep watching over Sumire, because they are uncertain if Nue has fully been controlled yet. Hanabi doesn't participate since the animal list doesn't have any dangerous creatures on there, so she leaves it to the Genin alone. In the end, the group fight, reunite, and strengthen their bond as they work together to catch all of the animals. Sumire tells her teammates the truth about her, but they already knew and don't really care either way. Hanabi showed up and congratulated the team on capturing the animals. It turns out the monkey escaped again and stole their food. The best part for me was when Sarada yelled at Boruto for getting them lost on a mission because he misplaced the map.

I give it a 3/10. Last episode was much better. This one was pathetic by comparison. We also didn't get much of Hanabi here.

Why is Hanabi such a lazy sensei?

Just watched the episode Hanabi is hot.

>The best part for me was when Sarada yelled at Boruto for getting them lost on a mission because he misplaced the map
>Last episode was much better. This one was pathetic by comparison
Damn dude what's wrong with you? Very bad bait or a Saradafag.

Not him but the episode is pretty boring. The drama was extremely forced. Wasabi needs to quit being a cunt and Namida needs to stop being a doormat.

uh so why was Sarada yelling at Boruto the best part for you? That was probably the worst of the episode.

What's wrong with me for liking a team that actually got by through hard work despite overwhelming obstacles, all being failures to some degree but have succeeded through persistence, and even got recognized by Naruto as such? Even Udon's snot jutsu was very effective despite it looking goofy.

This team is nowhere as interesting. Crybaby with a powerful sound jutsu that can knock stuff out and cause explosions. Tomboy that uses scrolls to transform her body into cats. Sumire, who was much more interesting when she was her true self, and not that persona she put on for the class. And Hanabi who is a prodigy, but we didn't see do anything in this episode.

I am not a Saradafag, but I found Sarada's interaction with Boruto to be much better than Team 15's boring animal adventure mission.

It was hilarious to me because Boruto thinks he is top dog on his team, capable of resolving missions more quickly. But it turns out it is HIS fault that the team couldn't complete their mission as quickly as otherwise. Also, Mitsuki, who usually sides with Boruto, openly admitted that Boruto was in the wrong and they should have left the map to Sarada.

Damn man you really have shit taste. Wasabi's cat jutsu or Namida's voice are a thousand times better then Udon's fucking snot jutsu which is a joke. Let's not even start with Denki the worst character of the boruto anime and how can you even think that Sarada being a bitch is better then Sumire telling the truth about herself to her friends? You are a either a Saradafag or have very shitty taste.

Kids have to learn somewhere and she's still the head of a clan

And how is any of that good? They have been doing the same ever since they became genins. Sarada gets angry at Boruto and Mitsuki becomes her pet. We even had anons complaining about it.


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>This team is nowhere as interesting.
Stopped reading right there.


Let's summarize both teams.

Team 15
Hanabi - Hinata's sister. Boruto's aunt. Hyuga Clan heir and prodigy. Powerful Byakugan and taijutsu. Hasn't done shit in this episode.

Sumire - Her dad created a superweapon. She puts on a fake nervous persona for class while she tries to use superweapon. Caught and then released. Still uses fake persona. Uses Nue and Suiton bullets for fighting.

Wasabi - Easygoing tomboy. No significant character development or growth. Revealed 38 episodes in that she uses a scroll to transform into a cat. Apparently can use different cat transformations as seen in this episode.

Namida - Literal crybaby. Very submissive personality but is quick to anger. Cries like a baby and launches a soundwave that can knock characters out.

Team 15:

Udon - Konohamaru's friend. The studious and level-headed member of their trio. Very goofy looking. Serious as an adult. Was a failure as a kid but became a powerful Jonin. Uses snot for a powerful Suiton jutsu that didn't look cool but was still effective - a metaphor for how his team should be.

Denki - Geeky character who isn't good in the physical ninja arts such as ninjutsu or taijutsu. Very adapt at using technology, math, and science. Heir to his father's company on the condition that he becomes a good shinobi.
Has confidence and self-esteem issues, but steps up to the plate when it counts.

Metal Lee - Rock Lee's son. Powerful taijutsu but has strong social anxiety and confidence issues. Very determined and passionate like his father.

Iwabe - Older than the other genin. Really good at physical ninja activities but not that intelligent. Very passionate and driven to make something out of himself. Failed the graduation exam for a few years and had to watch his entire class graduate without him. Has self-esteem issues and fears of being left behind and abandoned again.

Tell me. Which team is better now? At least I judge characters by their merits and not their gender.

Team 15

>fake persona
It's her actual persona now because she's legitimately is comfortable with it

I meant to say Team 5 for the second team. You still get the picture.

You have to understand the context. Boruto was determined to become a better shinobi and complete missions in Episode 42. The Chunin Exams are coming up soon. Teams are pressured to perform their absolute best so they can be selected. Boruto wants to complete missions very quickly and is pissed when he is assigned low-ranking ones. Turns out Boruto causes the fuck-ups on his team and can't even perform the low-ranked missions he bitched out perfectly. He thinks highly of himself and has a massive superiority complex, yet he is the weakest link on Team 7. Boruto is making his team look far worse than Teams 5 and 15, which have done very well despite their relative modesty. That's the comedic part.


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>Wasabi goes cat form and says she will mark the wolf for Namida
>immediately imagine her pissing on the wolf like Kiba's dog would do

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Nice how you summarize more for the faggot team but leave out most about the girls team. About how Sumire was conflicted about the whole deal with Nue bombing and actually wanted to stay friends with everyone which is not a fake persona or about how Namida almost didn't become a ninja and Wasabi worried about her or Hanabi helping Boruto to test his eye and afterwards comfort him or asking Sai for advice on Sumire.

I leave out more because Team 15 LITERALLY HAS NO FUCKING CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. Two characters are one-dimensional archetypes. The third got development in one arc and I mentioned it properly, but her character doesn't extend much beyond her revenge arc and her persona that she apparently took on. The fourth is a sensei that barely got any screentime in this series, is known more for who she is related to than her accomplishments, and hasn't done jackshit in the episode her team starred in. Hanabi did more in her fight with Boruto than she ever did here. She is powerful even for a prodigy like Boruto and is very easygoing compared to her sister.

Namida's parents are off-screen characters and don't really apply here. It's clear that she wants to be a ninja and stay with Wasabi, but why mention it. Every character that is a shinobi is there because they want to be, especially in this series in which shinobi are a dying breed and aren't as necessary anymore. Wasabi was worried because they are friends - nothing more, nothing less. Hanabi's conversation with Sai has nothing to do with her character, but rather her role as Sumire's assigned superior.

Tell me which team

The team was just a bit late jesus. You make it look like Boruto's team completely fucked up or something. It's clear that you try to make it sound deeper but all it really was just SP making Sarada act like Sakura and ship her with Boruto which got even confirmed when Mitsuki and Sumire said that they get along with they really don't at all

So basically its confirmed next ep that team sumire doesnt get approved to take the chunin exams.

>Konohamaru getting wasted with Hanabi


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Team 15 is better you faggot. You are so mad about them i can feel it from her. Hanabi alone is better then any of the others just deny it more.

>Team 15 is better
I listed out the on-screen achievements/feats, personalities, and archetypes of both teams (including the sensei). Team 5 is clearly superior to Team 15 in character development.

Team 15 is only getting preferential treatment due to their gender (most people on here are male) and Hanabi's bust.

>ywn be this delusional

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Smooth Live Jazz

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BoruSumifags btfo

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And i say MitsuSumi would make a great couple as well!

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>t-they get along believe us!
This is exactly what people mean when they say Borusara is forced. How many times did something like this happen now?

What do they actually mean when they say BoruSara get along? To me it always looks like Salad is serous about shitting on Bort and Bort looks annoyed by it.

Yeah, giving away both of his heirs to other clans is a really good idea to wipe out the clan that put his brother and nephew into slavery.

Sarada is supposed to be tsundere about Boruto but SP isn't good at showing it that's why it looks so weird.

I like the faggot team better because they have an actual good dynamic even though Denki is a worthless pussy and Udon's fighting style is the stupidest thing I've ever seen.

They have a great understanding of one another despite the bickering on screen. They've known each other since childhood.

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When does this filler episodes gonna finish?

two weeks from now when Sauce gets back

>Filler episodes

There is no filler in Boruto. Everything is canon.

Denki is actually very courageous when he steps up to the plate. He went into a building set on fire to save Iwabe and to prevent Iwabe from killing himself recklessly. Hell, Denki went from getting scared shitless over Iwabe to actually trying to save his ass. Denki's innate courage and determination were hinted as far back as Episode 1. He isn't a coward.

>Udon's fighting style is the stupidest thing I've ever seen.

Udon's motif is that a ninja doesn't have to be cool-looking to be good. You can be goofy, look ridiculous, get mocked at, be treated like less than the filth on the floor, and you can still be a good ninja. That snot jutsu is absolutely gross aesthetically, but from a practical standpoint it is very effective and did its job. That's Udon right there. A ninja should do the job they are assigned to the best of their ability, and not care whether they look cool or goofy.

>come into thread expecting cute pics of Namida
>user sperging out because of girls


are you fucking retarded?

Sumire is a yandere. She will kill Salad if she tries to make any moves on Boruto.

What BoruSaras see: "They get along deep down guys really!"

What BoruSumis see: Sumire at a distance coming to terms with her own feelings.

Kodachi and SP are madmen on a mission.

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>What BoruSumis see: Sumire at a distance coming to terms with her own feelings.

This is obvious filler, so not canon

Is Hanabi going to get MONKEY'D?

>inside Sumire's head: "heh that bitch will never get Boruto-kun's dick"

Edgy Hawawa needs to come back.

Hanabi taking advantage of a drunk Konohamaru to extract his thoroughbred seed WHEN?

Sai confirmed that Gozu Tenno isn't broken.

Well we knew that; Nue's symbol is still on her palm

This scene can be interpreted in many ways depending on who you ask. At this point we already know Sumire's confession to Sarada in the manga. Her subtle expression here either confirms what we already know about that very confession, and her coming to terms with how she feels, she sees Sarada's obvious-but-not-so-obvious affection for Bort, or both. Either way, they're madmen for this one because they know this shipping war is going to make them the big bucks.

>Also, Mitsuki, who usually sides with Boruto, openly admitted that Boruto was in the wrong
But that's nothing new. Ever since they became a team Mitsuki has been licking Sarada's butt

Yea for real. Her being a shy nervous wreck all the time is annoying. The best part of the episode was her dropping the act when Namida was in danger and showing the composure and leadership that got her elected class rep.

I like the idea of Konohamaru and Hanabi. He was always like a little brother to Naruto or a big brother to Boruto so him becoming part of the family is nice.

>Her being a shy nervous wreck all the time is annoying
Hawawa without hawawa is not hawawa.

Was anyone expecting her to mark it with paper bombs?

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Team 15 is trash and so was this episode, Sumirefags need to face reality. Sumire is the only decent member of the team and even she has taken a wrong turn after the Ghost arc, and the only reason this episode even exists is because she has a lot of fans. The other two need to disappear. Hanabae is nice, though.

This. Wasabi and Namida need to go. We have better characters like sexy Udon and the next hokage Denki with his hacker skills. I'm already writing my fancfiction with Udon killing Madara with his snot jutsu.

I swear her bust size changes every scene.
We need a beach episode. For purely scientific reasons, of course.

I wanted her to spit on it.

It's time.

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>so him becoming part of the family is nice.
Being related to a previous Hokage will also help him when he will be considered for the position.
May the nepotism in Naruto never die