NHK ni Youkoso!

>There are people on this website that have not yet seen Welcome to the NHK

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*Or read the Novel

I have seen it, read the novel and the manga. The two after words in the novel are the saddest thing I've ever read

Fuck, I really should go and read the novel already.

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>those people who watch the anime and cry 'tfw no misaki gf'
just imagine being that stupid

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What if I want a Misaki gf in order to teach her to stop being such a bitch?

Who wants to rewatch their own life?

are you trying to create a suicide pact pyramid scheme?

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Hey! Maybe I want a misaki gf because I'm into broken girls?

Right? Misses the entire point. Nobody is going to come save you and even if someone tried, you'd still be a piece of shit. The only way to change is to force yourself to change.

I tried to but it was kinda boring.

I dropped out of college since 2 years ago, shut myself inhouse and become a crypto NEET to sustain my pathetic life.

So yeah, I don't want to watch Welcome to the NHK cause I will become more sad and depressing. I'm not going to be an hero.

It's not like Misaki's goal was saving Satou either, she just wanted someone who was more pitiable, someone she can look down to feel better about herself. If anything, she probably made his situation worse by damaging his already marginal trust in people generally. The only person who genuinely tried to help Satou was Yamazaki but then again his methods were too harsh for a weak-minded individual like Satou. On the topic, I just fucking hate this little shit, pic related. Which kind of idiot would give a hikki access to a MMORPG?

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reminder the author is now in a meditation cult and sells mind-misakis
>most important step to attract the person like Misaki
so even he is now saying getting a misaki is the correct thing to do

That's fucking hilarious.

Hypnotism gets me hard.

What's next, a tulpa? Though this guy is pretty interesting to read about it.

>What's next, a tulpa?
listen to the sample it pretty much is, talking about imagining your ideal misaki sitting beside you and feeling the love she's sending you and stuff

That's some interesting stuff. Thanks, user.

>watch NHK six years ago
>ha, this is funny

>open volume one yesterday
>oh my god, I need to change

sometimes you need a Misaki gf when you're life is in the shitter.

You retard, Misaki isn't going to save you. Noone is going to save you.

lads how do I change my Hikkikomori ways?
I know its wrong how I am just floundering about my life
but the next day comes and I just feel no motivation and have no energy to change

>watching NHK

You mean reading right? You can't be this much of a newfag.

Eat better food, exercise in the morning, keep your room clean; you'll start feeling much better over the course of a couple months.

you start by recognizing change happens in small incremental steps

Nigger I added "*or the novel" below. I read it first, now I'm 22 episodes into the show. I can't post about the novel upfront, this is Sup Forums not /lit/.

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>exercise cures depression!
Every time.

I'll give it a whirl guys
actually been lifting for a few montths. its about the only thing I actually do

>light novel
You better be joking nigga

>I work out at home and am fit
>everything is kept clean
>haven't gone outside in years

My point exactly. I can't put this on lit. I have to put it here and talk about the animu instead.

Yeah. Its fucked up to end the story with that at the end. It makes me believe that satou relapsed.

>i want a single pill cure to depression!
every time

>exercise cures depression!
exercise doesn't help
>shut up you needy fuck

What’s the problem? She had her own cute mannerisms.

i downloaded it some years ago but the files were corrupt and didn't bother with it since