Is Kirito the most shitty MC ever made?

Is Kirito the most shitty MC ever made?

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No, that's Sieg.

No, thats Haseo

He's actually a little above average as far as LN MCs go

what's with all the heretics?

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Onii-chan is the best. Just the best

Who is the middle guy?

Why the hate on SAO ? leggit question here

>Says edgy shit to show how "passionate" he is
>Never backs up his words unless he's in his special snowflake form based off the monsters he claimed to hate

Kirito is shit, but at least he's consistent. This edgelord however...

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Yes, he is a OP guy but has no inner conflict that makes his development or situation interesting. As a person he is cringey AF

Onii-sama is fine. The other 2 are garbage tho.

You need to have seen at least 300 anime to post on Sup Forums

His true name is Jesus, but he also goes by Kira

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Enjoy your stay

The games tend to get less hate at least

Most don't hate SAO, but just hate how it's a massive waste of potential.

>Trailers and PVs hype it up to be the next coming of .hack
>First 9 episodes are legitimately fun to watch
>The MMO itself is unique, cool battle mechanics, tower system, etc.

>Suddenly the series shifts from a half-assed harem to a jammed in romance plot
>The plot continues on into a shitty love triangle with his fucking sister
>The main character shifts into a fairyshit MMO that's not even as in depth as SAO
>Fairyshit MMO becomes the main MMO instead of SAO
>Season 2 was even more awful and filled with SJW bullshit

So many minor things that went wrong, but those are some major points.

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I'm okay with overpowered and broken MCs. Even if they themselves are underdeveloped, they serve as a vehicle for all the other characters. Seeing the supporting cast strive towards the ideal that the MC sets forth makes for good entertainment.

That's why SAO sucks though. The supporting cast is so bland that Kirito's edgelord persona dominates the plot. It's boring.

>That's why SAO sucks though. The supporting cast is so bland that Kirito's edgelord persona dominates the plot. It's boring.
Honestly this. I wouldn't mind the handful of hiccups SAO had if it had a strong cast. Most of the cast start off with a engaging background before devolving into harem girl/best friend category.

No not at all, but I could see how you might think that if SAO is one of the only anime you've ever watched.

>filled with SJW bullshit
How the fuck is Gun Gale filled with SJW bullshit? Because it goes over post-traumatic stress disorder? Because that's the only thing even remotely "SJW" about it and it isn't preachy about its presentation. Sure you may argue that Sinon's story is rushed or lacks detail, but you have to be a fucking idiot to claim it's "SJW" just because of the PTSD angle.

animeonlys need not apply to snk discussion

*blocks your path*

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Maybe he's referring to the fact that the men in GGO all check Sinon and Kirito out? Not that that makes him any less retarded, but I GUESS you could see that as SJW shit if you're a retard.

He's not that bad considering how many more shitty MCs has isekai produced in recent years.

You do realize for all intents and purpose SAO is a Isekai and worst, its was the start of the Isekai wave since as most of them, it also started as a WN.

I guess a lot of hate for SAO comes from being one of the reasons Isekai is currently popular.

>SAO is an isekai
>Every plot point has major ties to real life / the real world
You can't just go and hate on a series that you know absolutely nothing about.

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I'll reply to the obvious bait thread, but no he's not. Shinji, Yukiteru, and Subaru are all vastly below Kirito. At least he has values, consistency, and can actually get shit done himself.

the typical shonen hero is the underdog. The one that gets told he has no talent and that he's dumb, he can't get the girl either. But because he never gives up and because of the help of his friends he keeps getting stronger and stronger till he's literally the strongest being in the world where the series takes place and the viewer/reader doesn't care because they think he earned it. Shonen are a literal formula with all of the most well accepted cliches in order to reach the biggest audience possible. Kirito on the other hand is the complete opposite and that's why a lot of you don't like him.

He's even worse in the fucking manga.

>Every plot point has major ties to real life / the real world
That applies to Digimon too and I'm pretty sure that's an isekai.

I was genuinely going to respond to this post, but you deleting the previous one because you made it seem almost like shonen protags are better than Kirito, despite the formula, is so fucking embarrassing, that I'm just going to post a screenshot of both of your post.

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It is, also .hack is one ... the term means "in another world" that is what SAO did.

Its not being a Isekai is by itself bad, its just most use it for cheat abilities and incredible lazy work building as well our old time favorite of people that cannot write ... power levels.


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Oh right, the timeskip Eren is a thing now. I had no fucking clue since I dropped it after the Queen Historia arc or whatever it's called.

By SAO standards hes only above average.

He gets worked over in a duel during Progressive. It was only then that i realized that. Everyone hypes up Kirito to be something, but in reality he really isn't much. At the same time though, he pretty much forces himself to live up to the reputation.


That won't stop me from watching Alicization. Love or hate him, the first episode is going to cause a shitstorm.

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I'm not bored enough to slog over the worst SAO arc, but even then im willing to bet that Alice is best girl for Kirito.

I stopped watching the second season half way through, with the end of the GGO arc. Probably would not watch a S3.

Isekai is a shit concept in general. Stop sending japanese highschoolers into fantasy universes, learn to develop main characters from within them.

Bought the new game on a whim and him and his crew make it a whole lot less enjoyable. I went into the game blind without knowing shit about it but it could have been so much better.
>could have made it an actual multiplayer game instead of just coop during already completed boss fights
>should have kept characters from the series game time down to a minimum instead of making them part of the story
>better custumization instead of just the shows characters clothes with recolor
More shit but I'm not on Sup Forums so I'll refrain from talking more about the game but man is kirito so bland.
>I stopped watching the second season half way through, with the end of the GGO arc.
Are you me?

I like how he cucked a guy for every arc.

>You will never glop Asuna with Kirito.

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>you will never glop Kirito in front of Asuna
Feels bad man

I refuse. No.
I'm drawing the line in the sand, No.
N O means NO.

Unfortunately not. SAO lowered the bar for all MMO/isekai LNs that followed so now you have even worse MCs.

he's just a real angry dude tho

How would Sup Forums know? Nobody here actually watched more than 5 minutes, right?

Hi, Conrad.

I made it to the episode where the weapon shopkeeper falls in love with him over the course of a single episode after he broke her shit and demanded she go on a life-threatening adventure instead of paying. That was the last straw.


You should watch SOA:Abridged. It's the entire Aincrad arc (ep1-12) in half the time with everything being better despite all the characters being horrible sociopaths.

I tried, not even making fun of it can detract the fact that the story is embarrassingly bad, all it does is bring it into focus.

>first episode is going to cause a shitstorm.
What happened? I don't read the LN.

3 episodes rule, nigga. Are you new?

Well to each his own, I enjoyed the making fun of it, it made it enjoyable to me.

MC would become 100 times better if it was a girl.

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I thought he was then I watched Death March.

>What is 1/2 Prince

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Did it ever get continued?

Dunno, I haven't read it since the reveal where it turns out even the fucking god AI of the world loves her.

There's some sort of sequel in the future with Prince's daughter but it's so-so.

Wait, her real daugher or an in-MMO daughter?

Real daughter

Naah its pretty good. He went full terrorist on Marley's ass.

Kirito is boring but he can't be the worst.

Yes, but Asuna will replace him when she gets her inevitable spinoff

SAO Abridged is almost as long as the the first season and loses its funny value past episode 6 and just becomes tryhard cynicism/shittier Konosuba.

You can't fix Sword Art Online. It's literally as bad as Hitler and Stalin and all attempts turn it into mediocre seasonal rather than memorable trainwreck

It becomes better just because it has Kayaba have an actual reason for the death game. The crafting sequence in episode 7 is pretty funny too.

She's garbage but unlike Kirito, Asuna is fixable garbage. Kirito is such an abomination the author created that shitty anti self-insert from Accel World.

>Harem protag
>Self insert
Shirou is infinitely worse

Kayaba is still a dull/boring villain even with logical reasons. That's why trying to fix garbage is meaningless; making it slightly more coherent yet overall they are still a shit villain means what fixes you made were meaningless and the prose you wrote is merely unremarkable forgettable trash.

The moral is to never fix your mistakes unless they are drastic improvements. Going from trainwreck to Sacred Seven or Active Raid is not real improvement; the series is still garbage but duller rather than anger inducing

Haven’t read the last 10 chapters have you

Everyone knows a slap on titan is the superior abridged series anyway.

Kirito is just inoffensively bland. He's just there and he exists so that the series can exist.
Pic related is an example of a protagonist that's actually a contender for worst ever.

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