Why are so many shows have scene where in a school and it's halfway and one side is all windows and it's before sunset...

Why are so many shows have scene where in a school and it's halfway and one side is all windows and it's before sunset and the sun is shining thru the windows and nobody is at the school but like 6 people then somebody gets raped and all the girls wear stupid skirts.

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It's because anime is an incredibly cliched medium and there are like 5 types of characters and shows just repeated over and over again

I have no idea what you're saying and I don't want to re-read that run on sentence. But that is a damn cute kitten.

Maybe all the characters go to the same school.

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I think he's asking why there are so many shows set in schools where it's 5 or 6 o'clock in a hallway and the sun is coming through windows on one side of a hallway

buts its not rape if their pupils turned into heart shaped

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school time outside of classes is literally the last time most japs were happy . I wish I was joking

I dont even have any idea how Japanese university students life looks like.

You've been poisoned by western media if you think skirts are unappealing.

Fuck anime, I want that cat.

Why do we have so many illiterate newfags on Sup Forums these days?

because schools occur at regular times and so do rapes.

The japanese keep to their schedules.


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Are there Azunyan versions of these cats?

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I had that in some classrooms , that time of day makes me suicidal , but there was no rape , I think


>all the girls wear stupid skirts.
I fucking wish girls wore skirts where I live.

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Some wore dresses short ones too , short shorts sith thighthights , but not all the time , no skirts as far as i can remember

Maybe people should stop using skirts as a excuse as to why they got raped

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Most women i know sould enjoy it

I think he's referring to the ludicrously short skirts that only cover anything completely still.