Name 1 (one) better scene to come out of the fate series

name 1 (one) better scene to come out of the fate series

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this schlock is really the best they could manage

Saber is cute!

When archer and berserk face each other for the first time (Zero)

The biggest shame is how Artoria learned nothing from listening to Gilgamesh, Iskandar, and Kisitsugu and stayed true to her extremely flawed lawfag ideals.

when saber was flipping around and slicing the tentacles because it was actually badass and I don't care about your shit VN

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Does the VN explain why gil is so overpowered?

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Is this a Prisma Illya webm dump thread?

This. You'd think in a world where historical legends can meet, they would have incredible conversations. The fact that a hack like Urobutcher had to do it just makes Nasu look like an even bigger hack.

Shit, even fucking Drifters did this aspect better than anything from fate.

dude video games and conquering

She got mindbroken into changing her wish to let someone else be king.

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Put Caster Gil in there instead of Archer Gil and this scene would have been top Kino

Yes, actually. The age of the hero has a big influence on its power, and Gil is the original hero.

Rider's death.
The only good character got the send-off he deserved.

Why did he use Ea on Broskander? I was looking forward to a 300-style barrage of swords raining on them but he ended the entire fight in literally 1 minute.

This was true kino

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Gilgamesh versus Enkidu in Strange Fake.


>be original hero
>get absolutely embarrassed by japanese ginger no-name faker who pleases everyone to his own detriment

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The original hero also has more hubris than any other epic hero.

nah gil is just a jobbing cunt and Nasu had to make his antagonists retarded in order for the protagonists to believably win

It was expected to be an asspull since the antagonist is overwhelmingly strong. Reminds me of Jotaro vs Dio.

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He's the King of Heroes. The first myth, the first legend. Literally has "all the treasures of the world".
I think he's 1/2 god or 1/3 god. Read the Epic of Gilgamesh. It's pretty awesome.
>be king of everything
>use jus primae noctis to sleep with literally every woman in the kingdom
>(basically the king gets to fuck the bride on their wedding night to "bless" the marriage and since they're purityfags, he takes all the cherries)
>all the people in his country go "gods, help us! Our god-king is a dick!"
>First the gods are all, "lol Enkidu"
>But Enkidu is a bro
>Gods are like, "Inanna, go fuck him." because she's the goddess of sex. (also war)
>She's all, "fuck me!" to Gilgamesh, who is total trollface
>"lolnope. You turn your lovers into animals after you have your way with them. Why would I want that to happen to me?"
>she goes to the other gods and is all "kill him or I will raise all the dead and they'll eat the living."
>the send the Bull of Heaven to kill him
>(the chains he uses on Berserker are the heavenly chains used to keep the bull from trampling the world and literally cannot be broken except Berserker breaks them)
>Gilgamesh kills the Bull and then slaps Inanna with the bull's ass.
>much lulz were had
>goes on a quest for immortality
>finds it, realizes he doesn't want it
>gives immortality to a snake
>that's why it sheds its skin

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Pic related

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He is 2/3 God 1/3 Human.
He is Sumerian, the de facto Oldest Civilisation on the planet,
clocking in at 8000 BCE

I never got how Saber and Iris are best friends in Zero, but Saber doesn't know who Ilya is in the VN.

I dont remember ever actually meeting Ilya in Zero

>>goes on a quest for immortality
>>finds it, realizes he doesn't want it
>>gives immortality to a snake
>>that's why it sheds its skin
Sure thing Gil

I can't remember if Iris ever told Saber where she lived or the fact she had a daughter, but Ilya bares a striking resemblance to her and uses the exact same magic as Iris.

Well he did go back to get some more immortality but just didn't use it.

Saber sees Kiritsugu and Ilya playing in the snow.

I only watched zero. Was there really no better scene in other series or is this just a meme?

If he could pull that shit off Shirou never would have won by countering with UBW. He can only fire so many weapons from his gate at once.

In the anime. That never occurred in the LN
So do ALL the homunculi created by the Einzberns

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There's a few scenes in the LN that are awesome:

The Saber Lancer fight in the beginning

Irisviel versus Kotomine was really well written

The Scene where Kayneth is all "lol I'm gonna job Kiritsugu" and Kiritsugu drops the building on him

The scene where Kiritsugu jobs Kayneth and kills Lancer

The scene where Caster helps his Master make a meat-piano is suitably disgusting.

The LN aren't bad.

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>tfw anime-original is the best

Is there a Fate anime original? I was under the impression that every Fate anime was an adaptation of some kind.

Was pretty awesome.

As was Nine Bullet Revolver.

And Shirou vs Alter.

The last 2 days of HF were absolutely insane.

Closest thing is Last Encore. Even though its based on Extra, the story itself is original

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I saw that image before ever getting involved in Fate. When I finally got around to watching Zero and saw this scene, I was not disappointed.

Fate Stay Night game
>fate route
>ubw route
>heaven's feel route
Fate Zero light novel
>takes place before Fate Stay Night

and all the /extra and /apocrypha and /encore and all of that are derivatives.

He literally never ever tries on unworthy opponent (aka. 90% of the people he faces in battle) that's why Shirou hot him and why he jobbed to Lancelot in a Dogfight match. Iskandar was different. He amused Gil enough to be rewarded with the "honor" of witnessing the King of Heroes true might.

Btw. LNfags what happens to the weapons thrown by GoB? Do they come back into the vault after a while? Are they lost forever?

Kiritsugu is a mage killer. He doesn't play by the rules.

Wouldn't you ask the VNfags first? Why would you ask a secondary?

This scene is so fucking overrated. Like Fate/Zero in general.

If we're talking anime only it's probably way up there. Though I would say the best part of Fate/Zero is the very final scene with Shirou and Kiritsugu. It always gives me chills.

Also, am I alone in thinking the new HF movie is by far the best Fate anime? In terms of directing and craftsmanship, it far eclipses all the other ones.

I think the speculation is when they "vanish" they're sent back to the vault.
The exception is when Lancelot gets his filthy mongrel hands on them; as he takes "ownership" of them when he uses his NP.
Naturally, stealing from the King of Heroes is unforgivable.

This scene still kills me

>Also, am I alone in thinking the new HF movie is by far the best Fate anime? In terms of directing and craftsmanship, it far eclipses all the other ones.
Definitely not. They went all out for best girl, and it shows.

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It has been seen however that Gil can willingly give items out of GoB to people and they become permenant

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It's the hallmark of what makes Fate a fun series. It's heroic spirits who how they lived their lives and the philosophies they gain from it life experience clash with other heroic spirits and their philosophies. It's a nice refresher from edgy Magus's running around and killing each other for a wish.

It's also the reason I can't come to hate Fate/Grand Order despite how awful it is, because of how it's fun watching heroes of fictional and nonfictional legend going at each other in the story mode.

Animated only, or open to every Fate moment?

Banquet of Kings is pretty low tier in the grand scheme of Fate moments, to the point where even the recent LE episode has more impact if you played Extra

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>Enkidufag exists

Its less Enkidufagging and more Ea; Sword of Rupture hitting Ea; Sword of Creation fagging

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It's too bad the VN has only one good route and the rest is shit.
It doesn't help that you have to trudge through 2/3 of shit to get to the real meat.

Velox was awesome.

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Not even the best scene in Zero.

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I remember the omake crossover with Nanoha (pic unrelated). According to that Mid-Childan Elite mages should be on par with low-to-mid tier Servants isn't?

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