I hope they're planning a season 3 because I still like it despite the pacing issues.

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Oh boy time to watch another episode of Ove-

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Nah, a movie is the most we're getting.
Lizardman arc was really meh and they wasted 5 episodes on it too. At least we got Shalchair.

Blame the nip that wrote that, not the nip that had to animate that

>Maruyama just wanted lizard sex to be animated
>the best animated scene so far is lizard sex

Is he our /guy/?

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Would Ainz have offed Sebas if he objected to killing the girl? It feels like he was trying to get Sebas to question his decisions and think for himself, just like he did with Cocytus in the battle against the lizards

Which is highly implied he did.
And he wont off any one for acting the way they are supposed to.
By supposed to I mean acting out a mix of themselves and their creators personality.

I hate how the season 2 is covering the WORST arcs in the series.
Here's hoping for a season 3 and 4 for SPLAT

The absolute madmen

How is Sebas such a chad? He literally just starts being relevant as a character and immediately gets the best girl. Meanwhile Ainz is stuck with two used up cock-crazed succubi. It's not fair.

>Season 2 covers shit volumes
>gets shit views for it
>Madhouse is convinced not to do a S3
>tfw we will NEVER see Mr. Skeltal spook 200k soldiers

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>literal whore
>best girl


She's still cute

Rape doesn't count as used goods

Just finished episode 10. That was a fucking good episode.

I can't wait until episode 11. Until then, time to continue reading the LN!

I hope you enjoyed the episode, user~

>Game praised by its freedom in customization
>MC travels around with companions
>As MC saves certain locations they become allied to him
>Conjuration is a very popular, if not the most popular form of magic
>MC freely teleports everywhere
>World was once ruled by Dragons, which are the most powerful race.
>There`s a Mage`s Guild
>There`s a dude literally named Khajit
>First novel came out 1 year after Skyrim lauched

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What was up with Ainz in the beginning there? He seemed chuuni.

How so? You're going to have to elaborate, user.

Still the best Overlord doujin prove me wrong

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He was raising his voice when he got excited and did a bunch of poses. I thought he was supposed to be stone faced?

I really don't understand how Naberal is so popular. Same with Yuri. They're both SO FUCKING BLAND!

Here's the best Meido ranking

Lupusregina = Solution Epsilon > Entoma > CZ > POWER GAP >>>>>> Yuri Alpha > Narberal Gamma

Poses? Like when he teleported away?

I don't think it's chuuni desu to pretend to be in character when
a) he actually IS that character, and
b) he has to fit in with that character

>Ainz doesnt watch

>I really don't understand how Naberal is so popular.

She got more exposure because Ainz selected her to be Momon's pack mule. Being an icy Japanese woman gives her a unique personality in Nazarick.

>Same with Yuri.

Yuri is popular? She has underrated looks, is the least monstrous of the Pleiades and is good aligned. I would have thought Lupu is more popular

even modded skyrim doesnt have a pinch of the complexety of any VN MMO, no game does because VN MMOs are FAKE

>being an icy Japanese woman gives her a unique personality in Nazarick?

It just makes her come across as an unlikeable cunt.

They knew there wouldn't be a Season 3 so they went full ham.

Is the English localization of volume seven stalled or something? Amazon has gone dark on me after volume 6 a couple months ago.

get the fan xlations boot

I'm not sure to be honest, on one side he seemed to just want to imitate his creator so it shouldn't bother him at all.
On the other he actually got pretty damn involved with her, to the point of daring to "betray" Ainz and damage his relationship with a pleiad.
Honestly she's just a random ass woman he picked on the street, she was so irrelevant the author had to come up with that weird link with the dead wizard(female) out of nowhere.
Thank God he silently wrote her out of the plot.

Because he was not Ainz, it was Pandoras actor, Ainz came to the mansion only after it was certain that sebas did not betrayed Nazarick

Nothing wrong with used goods so long as you can get them refurbished. 6

Was he afraid if sebas? Isn't he stronger than him?

speed[watcher/reader] and/or brainlet confirmed.

I just downloaded the books, i am reading the first chapter but I am watching the anime as well, suck my dick anyways

It was entertaining enough. Also the entire thing was worth it for this moment:

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No, it was because he still does not know who used the world item on shalltear, it was a precaution in case it was a trap, that is why victim is also there, to blow up the potential ambushing party

You were given plenty of information, use yer noodle. Demiurge INSISTED on setting up that whole scheme with PA due to the possibility of Sebas being mind-controlled/betraying Nazerick.
Papa Bones went along with it to ease their concerns and worries, since they've been extra cautious since the shalltear incident and the guardians biggest desire is to serve/protect the supreme beings. Now open your mouth cause i have to pee.

Also, Sebas is pretty strong. Not as strong as Shalltear but it would still be able to cause problems if not handled properly.

From what I understood Ainz is the sort of character that is good at PvE but trash at PvP.
He's not objectively weaker than Sebas but Sebas would probably wreck his shit if he didn't use gatcha items.

Ainz is shit at everything

Is Sebas the ultimate cuck of overlord? At this point I doubt JUSTniv can even compare.

Prostrate yourself and APOLOGIZE with your wallet and purchase many a collectible from this anime.

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I mean Sebas is banging a 10/10 blonde chick. I wouldn't exactly call that cuckoldry

He'd bang your boyfriend without a shred of effort, user

>he's the best sucker
Sasuga Ainz-sama!

Fuck I forgot about that too

dont let it happen again

When are we gonna see Ainz big skeletal dick?

>skeletal dick
He's not a whale in a literal sense.

he turns into a humie in vol13 using wish upon a star. confirmed leak

He's basically a D&D wizard isn't he? Can't he just polymorph himself?
Doesn't the million miles wide Nazarick treasury have a "potion of become human" or some shit in there?
Honestly it seems like something he could do without much trouble at all from what we know of his resources and capabilities, I'm surprised he never seriously considers it. Does he like living as a skeleton?

He said he can't, only with [Wish] and he's keeping it for emergencies.

I would have immediately turned into a human and shored up my defenses while ordering demiurge to find gorgeous female humans and demihumans to be my sex slaves. The orgies would be daily and the new worlds' drugs plentiful.

Please use the full names of spells and items, in order to garner the proper respect within the confines of this Overlord thread.

This season should have been 26 episodes. Whoever decided to make it 13 episodes should be kicked out of the industry.

Agreed. they should have went out back where the money trees grow and plucked enough ripe money out of the money trees to fund a second cour of this second season anime.
The punishment should be being drawn and quartered. I'm with you fellow anonymous poster. I'm. With. You.

I don't understand this shot, or the one after it.
What is the crest on the fallen curtain?
Is it even important?

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Stop speedwatching and read the thread.

We've been over this over a dozen times at this point, just read the LN or read the whole thread.

its a nazi flag the animators wanted to hide as an easter egg


The user is actually correct. It not being a 24 episode season will hurt the sales more simply because they're covering the worst ARC. So this season is going to sell like shit, which will hurt the novel sales as well. So don't expect a season three anytime soon.

Fuck off maybe? Only one source of [Wish] was described in anime and LN so far. There's no ambiguity here.

youre speaking as if that is an objective fact. Demiurge would turn your ballbag into a mincemeat pie for insolence like that.

>which will hurt the novel sales as well
Wrong, the sales were actually boosted.

no need to get EXTREMELY pissed about it mate, just was a friendly reminder. Please calm down

I'm not your mate, pal!

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And if there is a season 3 people will hate about the vol 7 arc. How its the worst arc how edgy everything is ect. Humiefags will go full nazi at that time, just for that i want season 3 to happen the discussion here will be hilarious.

I want to fuck Solution

This, S3 had so much potential. Just don't hand it off to some C team on chink new year please.

What is sex with Tuare like?

Sweet and gentle and loose

ask any fat, old man you can find

like fucking two pieces of saran wrap

I feel kinda stupid for not noticing Ainz was a little different at the beginning. Watching it again, PA does get weirdly loud for no reason and he talks a bit more flamboyantly than Ainz does. Plus that teleport.

>next episodes local jobbers steal a tenga from dragonic butler

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my sides

Just finished the manga and holy pacing crist.
Does the original novels handle the pacing better?

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>like fucking two pieces of saran wrap
I tried it, didn't feel good, as if you were wearing a condom.
Also I think I'm allergic to it, it started to itch.


Nips loves this scene and lizard arc, seriously

Is there someone in need of services?

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Pretty much, yes.

I read Vol 1 and the only benefit was extra info on what Ainz thought on certain occasions and a few character interactions that didn't advance the plot.

Knowing this i will just wait until S2 ends and read from where it stops.

You fuckers that demand secondaries to read have nothing to back up your sense of superiority

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And how long is this season? 13 episodes?


>good at PvE but trash at PvP
Nah. He is an excellent support due to his staggering versatility.
His main way of fighting is through summons, which was blocked during the fight with Chair.

Due to the settings that were changed in the first book, Albedo wishes that Ainz would use his previous alias, Momonga.

I was a little bit annoyed that they didn't phrase it well, either. It could have been another yandere shot with Albedo saying "This is annoying... I wish to hear the name 'Momonga' once again.". I guess that Renner wasted it with her shot, and it seems only one yandere action per episode.

The novels you can read at your own pace.
Anime has it hard because there's an incoming deadline that has to be met, with adapting the script and such. It's a huge problem.
Usually, they make the anime to get interest in the light novels and manga, and when people watch the anime and then read the LN/Manga they get upset because it's not like the anime, and then bitch about it. Truly stressful.

What can't we have nice things?!

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>only benefit was extra info
>wait until S2 ends and read from where it stops.
>demand secondaries to read
>nothing to back up your sense of superiority
My sides, please post more!

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>tfw completely missed PA being Ainz in Vol. 6
>tfw feel like a brainlet now

user, please. It's not just in regards to the alias, it's because she fucking hates the guild and doesn't understand why Ainz is going around flashing the name of the people who abandoned the NPCs, and, more importantly (to Albedo, anyway), Momonga himself. Basically she's just pissed that they hurt her lover's feelings. Albedo is a very defensive girl.

>one of the only OL doujins with good art and has impreg
>It's cuck trash
Why must they ruin everything

I wouldve been fine with it. But it had to be Zack of all things. Retarded things like this make me unable to fap.

yeah, it went from "oh hey maybe it was PA kek" to 'Yeah that was obviously PA, man sabas is a idiot"

Mark my words, the whole fight will be 60 seconds.
10 seconds flashback for each character, and 2 seconds of receiving the dragonic cock

Obviously Demiurge knew. But did Cocytus or Solution know too?