Ryuuou no Oshigoto

Can we just pretend this episode never happened?

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What a worthless fucking episode. They better pull something good in the next one to unfuck themselves or I might honestly consider dropping it out of spite.

Is ai a fucking ninja?

>Still watching this garbage after that disastrous episode

Lolis need swiftness to avoid predators

>NTR sister
>kill Ai

What a ride

I still expect a happy end with marriage and sex


Can't have a make up episode without a fight dude.

What's the mother going to do when she finds out that Ryouu abused her mentally and sexually?

Ai has a big butt. most of the anons here can't deal with it so they're lashing out on the episode.

Ai has become 2 digit age and her husband divorced her for that.

No you can't. I'm enjoying your suffering too much.

I hope it continues, just to twist the knife.


Ryuuou is a cunt. No wonder Cakea rejects him.

Guys... Ai is dead, LONG LIVE AI!

Maybe Ginko too

And this is why MCs should never be the source of the late episode drama.

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>takes swimsuit Ginko on a deito and pussies out from a kiss
>fails at fulfilling Ai's birthday wish of him winning
>yells at boarding loli who cooks you food and kicks her out because he sucks at shogi

Can't wait for next episode where he punches Char in the face and slams Red Ai in the face with a shogi board

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Does that means he's moving on to Char?

>>takes swimsuit Ginko
She literally forced him to accompany her and stole his newly bought parka.

Ryuuo is a loser. No wonder he's still a virgin. Both Ai and Ai deserves better.

Nah, just immense schadenfreude. Ai-fags are the worst and they deserve to suffer.

Just wait for the next episode ginkotard.

>stole his newly bought parka
It's worth at least twice as much now that there's the scent of wet JC woven into the fabric.

>implying she's ever giving it back

Gunko is fucking shit and so are you

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Your tears are delicious.

Save it for if she wins.

Who /meijin/ here?

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Ginko winning is just like Kuroneko all over again, except this time the degenerates are BTFO.

Not shit
>Ai's bodyguard
>Pudding girl


Ginko is the Kuroneko of Ryuuou ginkotard.

I don't give a flip who wins.

You waifu warriors have made these threads insufferable for months.

No, it's needed so we can have healing soon. You need some darkness with the light, you need to know the darks are to truly appreciate the lights. I'm waiting on the lights now.

>Kuroneko of Ryuuou
So you're agreeing that she's better than the main heroine.

>chess anime is getting attention

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Not really, she's even worse than Kirino and that's something, while Ai is much better than Kuroneko AND a loli at the same time.

>Gunko is fucking shit
That's rather a rude way to refer to the dragon king, as shitty as he may be.

It'd cause a lot of ruptured buttholes for paedophiles on Sup Forums. But ultimately, no-one outside Sup Forums would care since the normalfag choice.

This. Most people wouldn't bat an eye if she won. Only unironic pedos would be buttblasted

And I don't see you contributing to make them any better. Kill yourself.

Is this worth watching if you know absolutely nothing about Shogi?


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No, you have to buy an authentic shogi set from Japan and become a ranked player before you can even THINK about watching it.
Don't let me see you in these threads again, bucko.

Why does she look so huggable?

Elementary schoolers are the best.

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My daughteru Ai is so fucking adorable

>Vol 8 spoiler
>Machi win the Ryuu bowl
>Ai is dead again
What went wrong bros?

In due time, mon frere.


The bear miko?

Nobody deserves Ai, she's just to good for this world.

It's not a real spoiler you fags, the real one is


>It was interesting, but Ai have not advanced anything in this volume
yeah Ai is dead, Machi is best girl now

Seems like the author got married to a shop employee who is his fan and promoted Ryuuou LN.

What. Fukken source

2ch spoiler thread so I guess it was written in the afterword.

Sounds like a bad idea.

Yeah, marrying is never a good idea

Underrated post.

It's an even worse idea if the person your marrying is a fan.

Taken from magn's server.

>So to sum it up, some details about V8 which have surfaced in 2ch:
> Machi wins the title match against Ryou and defends her title.
> The match this time is based on the 39th Joryuu Meijin title match between Kana Satomi and Hatsumi Ueda, particularly the fifth game. (Kifu: live.shogi.or.jp/joryumeijin/kifu/39/joryumeijin201302270101.html)
> Kansousen implies Ten-chan will be the one to face up againstGinkofor the Joou title match.
> In regards to Yaichi, Machi admits that she doesn't have any desire to monopolize him like Ai, nor is she a stubborn and dishonest girl like Ginko; she is simply content with being able to stay close to Yaichi and support him.
> The author mentions in the afterword that he's getting married with a bookstore staff who is a fan of his works.

Unless your wife is a loli.

This sounds like one of the most retarded things to do.

No, it's ruined.

What happens when they grow up?

>Marries the first hoe that sucks up to him and claims that she's a fan
>"You're the author of that thing with all the shogi and little girls right? Huge fan by the way."

>basically no loli fanservice whatsoever
>goes all out with Ginko, puts most hardcore ecchi to shame with its details
Can we pretend this Ginko-fag anime adaptation never happened?

>she is simply content with being able to stay close to Yaichi and support him.
Best girl confirmed

>Machi admits
Surely you can trust the girl that decided to become a shogi reporter just so that she could watch all his games from up close and follow him before and after matches under the pretense of doing her job. What could possibly go wrong?
Nevermind that when Yaichi asked her to help his disciples and show them the ropes of being a female pro she refused, leaned close to him and whispered that she wants him to look only at her.

Knew moralfaggotry can't be defeated.


>no loli fanservice
>literally episode one and seven
Why would you do this user? Going on the Internet and lying.

>Machi > Lolis

True main heroine takes the stage!

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>episode one and seven
That shows nothing at all.
Even that naked Ai was just comical, nothing more, we never saw anything of her body's definition, unlike Ginko that they put extreme detail into lewding and showing off her body, so fuck off.

I can't believe Ai is fuckind dead

I've watched all episodes and I still don't know jackshit about Shogi. I just here for the loli, believe it or not

>just here for the loli
Wrong show then.

>fuck off
Hi LaRDass. We didn't miss you. Go join your lolis in death.

Who is machi

Newfag detected. announcer bitch/moves recorder

Wait, the big boob one or the glasses one

>random namecalling because you know that I'm right
You can just keep it to yourself. Facts are, we got all the heavy lewdness going for Ginko again, and yet nothing of the lolis.

that piece of shit doesn deserve the loli

That's what happens when there's a loli in a non-lolicon series.

>that piece of shit doesn deserve the Ryuo

but this is a loli series with the bookcover of shogi?
i literally know shit about shogi and this still entertains me

>loli series
But not lolicon that's for sure.

hi ed baker

>punches Char in the face

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>chess anime
This is a loli anime with a hint of chess.

So the girl went in knowing that the man is very likely a lolicon himself? There's a bunch of bits in the novels that had me thinking "Only an actual lolicon would come up with this".

>This is a loli anime
I wish.

>the man is very likely a lolicon himself
If that were true, Ai would win, or get the lewd bits.

You're right.

But she does? As much as the guy could legally write anyway.

>This is a loli anime
Then why is best girl a cake?

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>As much as the guy could legally write
You are retarded.