What do you do !? Rin is Crying

What do you do !? Rin is Crying.

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give her a big hug.

Have her please old men.

Please her for free

Little Redman already does it.

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Show her some nice wedding photos. That ought to cheer her up.

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refer her to a proctologist for her leaky bum

Beat her in a fight.

This amount of blood never kills her

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Is this what periods are like?

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We rape her

Call her a Rhino.

I kill her dad, rape her sister, steal her servant, and break her magic wand.


>VN full of top tier waifus
>prefer shitty tsundere

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ignore her because fate is trash

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Nobody prefers Illya though

They prefer her over Rin, at least.

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Just becase she is popular doesnt mean she is a best girl, user. This is 2018 & we all knew 97% of people have shit taste nowadays.

punch her in the gut again

I fuck her like a Jackhammer.

Tell her I hope she is reincarnated in a better franchise.

Honestly I dislike most girls in it. The ones I do like all have big shit I hate about them, though in Saber's case in particular its purely shallow appearance.