Märchen Mädchen


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She's a girl

Living in a dorky world

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Another 2 weeks without Hazuki wheeeeeeeee
Maybe the animation will finally be good after this break

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This show doesn't contain enough naked Hazuki

More like Hashit

This will prove useful.

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You mean 1 more week? I thought it was returning on the 22nd.

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I miss Häzuki

Hazuki eats ass

She should eat her sistër's äss.

In a perfect world Hazuki would have gotten with her sister, and not that literal who she calls a friend.

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Somehow the designs feel like they're a step down from Henneko. All the girls were super cure back then. Now it's just Hazuki, but even she is forgettable compared to her predecessors.

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anime's fault

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Yes, it's the only reason I picked it up

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Some wrote that "Fairy tale of the Easter Bunny of magic"

Or her möther.

>No Shizuka in next match
How will Hazuki survive it

She will sodomize her opponent.

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That's very nice of her.

Why must Häzuki be so fucking gay?

Because gäy is gööd.

Hazuki doesn't seems to be powerful enough to dominate Freedom-chan

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I'd like a taste of freedom, if you catch my drift.

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Hadzuki being forcibly Freedomed is my fetish.

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I want to be Häzükis opponent!

m-my heart pls 18-chan stop ;_______;

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2D is cuter. Maybe you should let your heart just kill you.

living is truly a pain ;___;

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Did you watch the live streaming event last week?

Häzuki I'm gay

Look at this cutie it's Hazuki the girl of the dead anime.

I miss Hæzüki.

nope. I don't actually follow her work here. Don't know the franchise at all, I just enjoy her pics
That said, I was watching her chocolate/valentine acting thing last night (minute 34).
So cute, schoolgirl aura and everything

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>Don't know the franchise at all
Wait I meant I only watch the anime* haha

>yet another week without hazuki

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Häzuki's pizookie.


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where is hazuki?

In Hæll.


How about a Hazukiss.

I can't wait till this little bitch finally gets her shit slapped.

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Calm down you dÿke.


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I really like Mai.

>liking the literal Sad

Hazuki my diki