Stephen Hawking just fucking died

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Sup Forums

yer on Sup Forums dude, plus there are a billion threads on all the other boards bout it.

Literally who

It’s not like he contributed to the anime industry.

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Go after him then.
>thread died for this

Saying you're not a fan of Hawking is like saying you like kicking puppies.


What would his favorite anime have been?

Probably Gantz.

QUICK: Post Hawkings waifu

>It’s not like he contributed to the anime industry

That has made him a very great man indeed.

If a gay porn actor got a sticky why wouldn't this wheelchair man get one too?
Everybody likes anime characters on wheelchairs.

>Everybody likes anime characters on wheelchairs.
I think I agree.

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Who will voice him in the upcoming biopic?


Nah, it would be one that takes Science more seriously.
I can't think of any right now, but FullMetalAlchemist would be a close contender. It's about a bunch of Atheist using Alchemy to fight against religious people.

>he fucked more girls than anyone on Sup Forums

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I don't get what the big deal was with this guy, what did he even do?

Quantum physics will make my waifu real one day. Maybe.

He was the inventor of Power Drifting, and thus ultimately responsible for Initial D.

I think he's the guy who invented oxygen.

Impossible, I've fucked a lot of 2D flat chested cute girls.

Invented the Havoc Physics engine.

What kind of OP skill will he get in his isekai life?

I hope he's working from heaven to make anime real for those of us still alive. ;_;7

We know it’s really off topic but come on.

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Thought that was Kamogawa. It's why he keeps telling his boxers to use it, advertising the effects of his patent.

He created Sup Forums and sold it to Hiro before it got killed.

He must have watched anime at some point in his life, which was his favourite?

Summoning black holes but they would be hyper realistic and pretty much instantly kill everyone, including himself.

He mankai-ed once too many

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literally who

But he did said that one of his favorite hobbies was watching anime.
He said he liked magical girls, specially pleiades and YuYuYu.

Definitely not trash like Steins;Gate. Probably a K-On man.

Famous rap artist

He mentioned Nanoha's A's too.

Just offhand...
his research is so encompassing and influential to science that every scientific plot device writers come up with likely would be explained/derived from work, or fields of work he has been influential in.

So any space show

Who is his waifu


It was about time. What did he do again?

So when is he going to show up as a Fate Servant?

That bisexual (not gay) porn actor was one of the nicest public figure in the world, and was also relevant in the development of the internet culture. Hawking was a very private man who didn't like publicity much, and he was wary of the effect of internet (and was right about it).

Sticky should be on Sup Forums only.

Because the aniki was a huge meme and you clearly don't know that being a massive newfag crossboarder

Did you forget that /sci/ exists?

he was on some dope af history channel specials

Literally the second Einstein who help define our modern science despite being crippled since 21 and supposed to have died back when he was 25. There are others like him in the world, but he laid a strong foundation for the other (currently) blossoming scientist to continue his work.

Also black holes emit radiation and some light.

>Taking down Billy's RIP message to make room for some irrelevant vegetable
Nothing he researched affected anything relevant

He was my favorite anime character


fuck off

You would have saved that thread if you cared.

>he didn't watch Steins;Gate
jesus christ how new can you be?!

>fan of Hawking
I bet you don't even know all of his songs by heart.

>As part of another longstanding scientific dispute, Hawking had emphatically argued, and bet, that the Higgs boson would never be found.[
>The particle was proposed to exist as part of the Higgs field theory by Peter Higgs in 1964. Hawking and Higgs engaged in a heated and public debate over the matter in 2002 and again in 2008, with Higgs criticising Hawking's work and complaining that Hawking's "celebrity status gives him instant credibility that others do not have."
>The particle was discovered in July 2012 .
Completely btfo.