Kase-san OVA new PV

New preview just dropped, voiced this time, and it's looking pretty good.
After the failures of Netsuzou Trap and Citrus, will a fluffy feel-good romance finally save yuri?

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I'm a dumb who forgot the link: youtu.be/k94x6pAb_k0

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Fuck off. It's legit been the best yuri anime we've gotten in years.

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But it doesn't sell and it's all rape and autism
After valkyrie drive, sakura trick, NTR and Citrus it's high time we got an actual yuri romance about two girls who just get together and be in love

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Fuck how long will the OVA be if it has that bed scene?
Fuck off with this yuribait


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It should be a long one, hoping for an hour

Kase-san's voice is on point, the other lesbian could be a bit more bubbly, melancholic_piano.midi can go fuck itself.

So, did it ever get confirmed or not if Kase-san had an ex-girlfriend?

Or rather, has the series does any kind of love triangle nonsense so far?

I think she did but it wouldn't result in stupid drama

I think it fits pretty well.
Yamada is still supposed to be a mature girl with a good head on her shoulders.

What are you basing that on?
And it having drama isn't the issue, the issue is it having ex's and love triangle shit.

>wouldn't result in stupid drama
Holy shit that's a first for a yuri manga

I read it a while back but it was implied, or even outright said, that Kase dated one of her clubmates
And love triangle shit IS the drama, and they won't go for it.
Manga is feel-good nice yuri, the drama is from Yamada getting conflicted feelings at first but it's all good character building instead of overblown autism like citrus

I mean, he's basing his statement on literally nothing. Because he has no way of knowing what the author would or would not do.

You're a fucking retard. Like, literally can't even understand English levels of stupid.
>And love triangle shit IS the drama
You understand this statement makes zero sense at all, right?

Re-read the post you're replying to.

>Kase-san OVA after that music video
Who do I thank for such wonders?

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Kase never dated anyone, it was all simply Yamada fretting over false rumors

Seems like they kept Kase-san's perverted side.

This. She had her eyes on Yamada the whole time, anyway.

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>>Kase-san OVA after that music video
>Who do I thank for such wonders?

Pony Canyon?

They're probably gauging the success in order to determine a full TV series later down the road,

Yuri will be saved once they adapt Ganma.

I do not expect amazing sales from an anime but it would definitely be a big boost for the already popular manga.

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Huh. I wonder what exactly this OVA is going to try to do?

Before this PV, I'd have bet anything on it adapting the first volume as a nice self-contained story with the clear climax of the marathon and Yamada and Kase starting to go out, but the narration starts with them already together, and we've got scenes from all over. The phone call and Kase being commandeered by her track friends from Bento in Volume 2, sexytimes and Yamada running for the train from Volume 3, what looks like the kiss from either Hydrangea or the very finale, and then Yamada showing Kase her place in Tokyo - not to mention the fact that Inoue-senpai is cast even though she wasn't shown. Is it going to be some kind of major recut or else a vignette collection? There's no way a normal length OVA could get through that much material.

>Yuri will be saved once they adapt Ganma.

But that ended prematurely

>tfw Kase-san will never feed you gumdrops mouth to mouth

So basically the OVA will encompass everything. Is the manga ending?

The manga ended a while ago
Its sequel is ongoing, which I doubt we'll see any of in this OVA

Yamada is just too cute.

When is it releasing?


The PV ends with a date

Yes, she does.

An adaption can have anime original material.

I would not surprised if this also have a showing in this year's Anime Expo

No, she doesn't.

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Yes, because people will just take your word for it over the internet. Post the page showing it or something.

I wish the manga had a real translator instead of that retard Goggled user.

Literally "translated" with text hookers and Google translate.
People have looked over it before and there's at least and error per page.

>bringing up scanlation drama that isn’t even from Sup Forums
Fuck off. If you want to complain, go to wherever they are. Sup Forums isn’t the board to talk about Commie, Daiz, or any other group/person in the English anime community.

Bringing to to people's attention how bad the scanlation for a certain manga is, is absolutely related to Sup Forums and valid discussion.

It's not even "drama", either. It's just stating facts.

>That deep breathing in the bed
Kase-san is an adorable pervert.

>but were're both girls: the movie: the game

Kase-san is so ugly.

You shut your whore mouth.


How do I start reading this? A while back I looked it up but it only gave me the college sequel to read and I couldn't find the original. Spoonfeed please.

>it's all rape and autism
Just the way I like my yuri.

god yuri is so boring, why is there no more cute acchi kocchi or momokuri romcoms

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Looks like you know how it should be done. So go fucking do it. Translate, proofread, typeset. People are gonna love you for it.

The fact they didn't the manga didn't go for the incest end didn't sit well with me.

>how it should be done
You mean without blatant mistranslations?
Yeah, pretty sure everyone knows it should be done that way.

So has this like 0% chance to become a regular 12 episode show if it starts like an OVA?

There isn't even enough source material for a 1 cour.

Asagao to kase-san is the first manga
You read yamada to kase-san which is the sequel

Yeah, because there's no material.

The fuck are yall on about there's 28 chapters or so, they could easily make a one-cour out of it

Netsuzou Trap had like what? 15-20 chapters when it was made? Never mind the quality of the show but I think Kase-san definitely has enough material for a one-cour

I guess a cour of half-length episodes could work.

What is the yuri about pissing that's about to air next season called again?

4 volumes and little more can make one cour without original material.

Or a cour of 10 full length episodes

I don't think there's been a season announced for the Spyce yet.

Why is this lesbian so thirsty?

What's the point of this post? They start dating fairly quickly and the fact that they're both girls doesn't get too much attention. It's pretty much entirely them being deredere for each other.

Can you really blame her?

Running tends to do that.

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I literally don't get the deal with "indirect kissing", It's so stupid it hurts. What's so unique about ones mouth that makes sharing a bottle so precious?

Because it represents that you're close enough to feel comfortable sharing food or drinks but not close enough to kiss.

Although in this case it doesn't apply because they've already kissed several times, but they didn't get flustered either. Kase just gives a knowing glance because she's a pervert who's conscious of stuff like that.

You sound autistic

I want to be that bottle.

We all do.

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I am looking forward to seeing this page animated.

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Goddamn it I want it as a full cour, the manga is the perfect lenght for it. But I'll take whatever this turns out to be.

Wasn't the college senpai not actually her ex, just someone else who liked Kase? I forget but I remember it being wrapped up in only a couple of chapters with Asegao being all like "I won't lose" or something.

Glad I'm not the only one, the whole series was setting up the incest and then almost at the drop of a hat, the two of them got paired off with other randomers. The lightning(?) hero at least had some development with the one sister, but the other love interest came out of nowhere. Felt really rushed.

They were just friends and had a little rivalry going after Kase was picked over her to run at a race, which motivated the senpai to become a better runner and train a lot with Kase
She was just teasing Yamada when they met because she was curious what kind of person Kase's girlfriend would be but that was resolved right away
In the end the drama only came from Yamada's friend telling her a false rumor and that potato believing it as always


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I love yuri but I back this statement hard.
I think Tsuredure Children is the closest we’ve been in awhile.

Light Bright, I think it was. She was basically Green Lantern. I think an omake revealed that the leader had a long time crush on the younger sister because of her heroics, but it never showed because she was always serious and stoic.

I have no idea what's actually going to be animated based on the trailer but I feel pretty safe saying not the thing I want to see.

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why they animate any nudity?

>Asegao isn't Yamada's name

Wow, I feel dumb.

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Just have read up to vol. 2, but I really like it. Hope we get to see Yamada sees Kase's breasts for the first time

I doubt we'll see much of Kase's glorious Kases, this seems more on the cute and fluffy side

Well we saw Yamada getting pomfed in the PV so who knows. I just really like the scene due to the fact that the surprise hits you just like it does her.

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>Release date is 6/9


I want to smell the lemongrass.

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There's something incredibly dorky about fixating on the specific herb scent and I have a big stupid grin on my face because of it.

Yuri dorks on the front page!

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I hope we see a lot of delicious brown Kase.

>doesn't sell
Okay, sure. That's why there are like 9 volumes of the manga. But yeah, it's not popular and doesn't sell at all.

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I hope we get a lot of Kase, period. How long is the ova supposed to be anyway?

>So, did it ever get confirmed or not if Kase-san had an ex-girlfriend?

Her friend is a model. If I remember correctly, Kase-san was in a photo shoot with her once and they made it like Kaze-san was her boyfriend and the other girl kinda didn't dispel the fact that people were thinking they were dating, or something like that.

>Shitty gyaru/autistic characters that only function with uke/seme dynamics


the anime is tanking hard tho
thank god for that too, maybe we can finally stop with the edgelord "yuri" shows about autistic bitches raping each other