Are there any children's anime as shocking to modern/foreign sensibility as Maicchingu Machiko-sensei...

Are there any children's anime as shocking to modern/foreign sensibility as Maicchingu Machiko-sensei? Closest I can think of is Esper Mami and it still doesn't come all that close.

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It's only shocking when it's a man with a loli, ss is "nice".

I watched an episode of this on Crunchyroll a few weeks ago and I was totally blown away by how the entire show consists of Machiko getting catcalled, followed around all day and felt up. It's bizarre and fucked up how it's all played for laughs. This is supposed to be Japan in its heyday, like shieeeet man

I'll admit it was funny and I laughed tons, but it has aged poorly and I know it's wrong to do women like this. At the same time this show appeals to so many sensibilities of mine. This pervert exhibition fully indulges my innermost desires and throws my appetite for sex into overdrive. I haven't fucked anything in a year. That's how dry I am.

Btw, young boy/older female and manlet/tall girl best combination


It's only Americans that ever get triggered by this stuff.

I wouldn't say I was shocked but sexual harassment isn't as palpable a punchline the tenth time in a row.


Found the American SJW

Bullshit. I'm Canadian and I felt uncomfortable watching this.

What exactly are you ree'ing at?

The entire show is about a hot school teacher. It's really no surprise that the thread discussion is going to be about how Japan views sex and the western perception. They'd never make a cartoon about this sort of thing in America and throw it on TV. By all means, let's talk about it.

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Canadia's just a part of the US. Like Scotland's just a part of England.

I remember watching a really old anime that had a recurrent joke of a female teacher wanting to fuck her student, like trying to grope her and stuff like that.
I remember there was a scene about her giving him a candy that painted his tounge green and then flashing her green panties (trying to fantasize that he licked her panties) or something like that.

Can't remember the name of it thought.

That sounds awesome

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I remember my grandparents had cable with countless amounts of channels. I found it amusing to see the shit you can find. I remember I reached a channel with literally soft core hentai.
I returned to the channel rarely, and oftentimes played normal stuff like sports anime. I am unaware if Japan literally airs hentai but I really doubt it. Eventually the channel was unavailable.

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Fanservice from old shows that were the good shit. Fanservice today is a lot more soft and controlled.

I can't really explain it but something about fanservice in older anime makes me so much harder than fanservice from a typical anime today. It's not just the fact that you see naked breasts more often either, stuff like pic related makes me diamond.

If only I wasn't on NoFap.

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tried to watch the first episode, how can you endure the voice acting??

Sounds like nice boner fuel.

How much ss does this have?

No shit, they want fanservice on prime time TV. In oldie times it was on VHS or movies.

It's the nonchalance.

yes, i prefer old fanservice too.

also girls are drawn much more realistically in old anime.


>Esper Mami
how many naked paintings does her dad need of her?

>I was totally blown away by how the entire show consists of Machiko getting catcalled, followed around all day and felt up.

sounds like your everyday life in Britain or Germany

Most of Dragon Ball humor consists of perverted gags.

Dragon Ball has NTR too

>"ara ara, boys will be boys, I'm glad to know he's growing up to be a healthy man"
>the west
Where did we go wrong?

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Man, you need to relax a bit. Every normal guy knows that groping girls is fun like hell. We don't do it because it's usually not an appropriate thing to do, but you're clearly sound too stiff about it.

>Whole anime consists of Machiko being stripped naked, her students nake sure is in front crowds
We'll never get something this awesome again

t.soyboy raised by women

>ITT: people reply after reading only half this post.

All anime is for children.

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The west gave too many rights to women and the right to choose her own man.

Thanks for reminding me this show existed. Never watched it but I saved a bunch of pictures of the female, shes very cute.

How many pictures of naked anime girls do you need, user?

For one, there used to be loli fanservice back then.
Now, extinct.

Go back to redit, faggot.

>tfw can't even joke around about and post loli or else someone will yell pedo

>he's growing up to be a healthy salaryman who's got no time to get a girlfriend or simply forgets about 3d women at all since women are also working tons and only interested in wealthy men

ftfy, japan


without the video or pic it has less effect

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fucking tezuka

Unless it’s on AT-X or on BD.

It’s the person, not the nation.

fanservice was way funnier back then

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Give into your innermost desires and become the grotesque pervert you so despise. You just have to let go of your need for external validation.

pic mildly related

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Picked the fuck up

>soyboy gotta respect wimminz fag
>I haven't fucked anything in a year

A mystery for the ages
protip femisnism is bullshit women want men to be manly

This. It was played for laughs back then, like Benny Hill, but at some point they decided to remove the humor and all that was left was the creepy perversion.

>this series has 8 fucking live action movies
What the fuck how
Has anyone seen them? Are they porn or something

Would you randomly grope a woman in front of her boyfriend?

it's Let's Nupu Nupu?

No? What does that have to do with anything you idiot.
Im not saying you should emulate this anime but if you get triggered by it you are obviously a fag

Good art but that translation needs work.

CCS's got some shit in it.

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Id fire that teacher, piece of shit guy
>hurr I know nothing about how children work despite working with them durr

Good to know I'm not only one .


Yeah that's the one. Holy shit it's been ages since i watched it. Thanks man.
Here is the scene in question, thought my memory was wrong, the teacher was a nurse and the candy was shaved ice.

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Go back to Redit


>no fap
Kill yourself idiot

why esper mami? that one is just a magical girl show

could some one rip episodes 46-75 off CR?

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Women love the attention though.

No, they're right. The people replying "SJW" are fully aware of how hypocritical the most outspoken grandstanders are

That was something. The only good skit was the one with the nurse though. The rest ranged from passable to uninteresting.

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It could be a bit awkward to the average person, but it's nothing compared to shit like that Fate spinoff Prisma/Illya whatever the fuck.

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I don't know how so many people fell for this, the Crunchyroll part is a dead giveaway on top of the rest of it.

>sakura's aunt wanted to bang her mom
>tomoyo wants to bang sakura oh by the way tomoyo is actually her cousin
Ah, yeah, it did.

I want to be shota and rape them

ooooooh i know why

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Seriously what the fuck was up with that? thats not normal


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Gooks back then were a blatant kind of perverted.

>back then

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>This is supposed to be Japan in its heyday
No it isn't you dumb nigger. It's a fucking cartoon.

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I want to commit a crime.

I remember people saying Esper Mami ended up doing something that's controversial, but I don't remember what?

This is fucked up. I'd be traumatized if a loli pulled this on me

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Japan =\= anime

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I remember of some episodes of Lupin the third part 2 where there was multiple appearances of hitler, especially a happy smiling hitler.
And i guess it was broadcasted for children since there was an episode to remind children to brush their teeth

The original Lupin manga was seinen. I think the anime and movies are marketed to different age groups depending on what it is though.

Yeah i heard that. I wanted to read the scans of the manga, but didn't find a lot of chapters so i gave up.

>ironically getting triggered by such a non-controversial adherence

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Which episode?

The teacher gets molested in every episode. The grade school girls too in a lot of episodes, but not the fat one.

That doesn't answer my question.

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if you're an sjw, yes, otherwise, no