What is this anime about again?

What is this anime about again?

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Something about eggs and I SAY CRYYYYYYYYYYY

Shitposting mostly.

A good boy saves two civilisations but then an autist blames all the war crimes on him in order to cuck him.

Super Robot vs Real robot led by autistic savant. Until everything went to shit in second cour.

Something about a weapon to surpass metal gear



Defeating chuuni powers with applied physics.

Finding love in a hopeless place.

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A local princess ruins everything.


Fujoshit relationship is better than straight

Guillotine gorilla

Let's maintain peace by blaming everything from the beginning to the person who only do terrible things halfway to hide the fact that Martians are racist to Earthlings which caused the war.

Second cour is a mistake.

Slaine suffering

What did he do?

Screwing over our guy Slaine.

Unironically this.

Being cucked HARD

Making eggs

Everybody Dies, Deus Ex Edition

>expect her to become God-Empress of humanity
>becomes cuck queen instead
Fucking japan!

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i just watched ep one of baccano and it was fucking confusing, so when does it get good? I have no problem with watching any number of episodes as long as it ends good and clean

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Best /m/ anime